WWE/TNA: Is Sting Coming To The WWE or Staying with TNA?

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The multiple-time WCW champion is the only legend of the modern era NEVER to have worked for Vince McMahon.

But with WrestleMania in WCW’s previous home of Atlanta this year, it is thought McMahon wants Sting to be a part of the show and inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The grappler — real name Steve Borden — is currently a free agent after his TNA contract came to an end late last year. He had been a main event star for Dixie Carter’s group since 2003.

WWE’s Jim Ross this week blogged: “We’re getting lots of emails and tweets regarding Sting these days. Has he left TNA? I actually don’t know the answer to that one but suspect that Sting is still officially with TNA.

“Nonetheless many fans hope that he is inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame in Atlanta at WrestleMania 27.

“Theoretically, if Sting were not working for another wrestling company, it would be a splendid idea. It still might be but that’s not for me to speculate on.

“Sting was the first and only WCW star that Ted Turner’s people ‘made’ in Atlanta that never wrestled for WWE as best that I recall.”

However, The Stinger’s old boss Eric Bischoff — now a key member of the TNA roster — told Monday Night Mayhem that his friend will most likely stick with the place he knows best.

Bischoff said: “If I had to guess, and if he is going to sign another agreement, which I’m not sure he is going to do at this stage of his career, my bet would be that he is going to sign with TNA.

“I’m not sure what Sting’s motivations are at this point.

“I know physically he’s told me on more than one occasion that it’s getting harder and harder to deliver the type of performances that he wants to deliver in the ring for his fans. That’s got to be a big part of his consideration.

“Realistically, if he would go to the WWE, there would be some additional pressure, much more than in TNA, to perform in the ring, and that would be a hard thing for him to do at this point in his career.”

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