WWE Friday Night SmackDown August 26, 2011 Results

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The 627th edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown came to you from the Scotiabank Saddledome in the historic wrestling city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where greats such as The Hart Family and Chris Jericho learned and honed their craft. Speaking of The Hart Family, SmackDown would have a very special guest as seven-time World Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart fills in for Theodore Long as the General Manager of SmackDown for one night only! After Mark Henry sent Sheamus crashing through the ringside barricade at SummerSlam, the hard-hitting rematch would take place on SmackDown as “The Great White” Sheamus goes one-on-one with the new #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title, “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry.

Match Results

  • Christian def. Daniel Bryan by pin following the Killswitch.
  • Sin Cara def. Heath Slater by pin following the Senton & Lionsault.
  • Non-Title: Randy Orton def. Ted DiBiase (with Cody Rhodes) by pin following the RKO.
  • Non-Title: Kelly Kelly def. Tamina by pin following the K2.
  • Ezekiel Jackson def. The Great Khali (with Jinder Mahal) by submission to the Torture Rack.
  • SummerSlam Rematch: Sheamus def. Mark Henry by count-out following the Brogue Kick on the outside of the ring.

Detailed Results

With SmackDown in Calgary, the show kicks off with the proudest son of Calgary as seven-time World Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart kicks off the show. Bret reveals that the Chief Operating Officer of the WWE, Triple H, has appointed him as the SmackDown General Manager for the night in Theodore Long’s absence. The Hall of Famer then hypes Super SmackDown Live, a special live presentation of SmackDown featuring the Superstars of both SmackDown and RAW that will take place this coming Tuesday night at 8/7c on Syfy. “The Hitman” then makes the big announcement that, on Super SmackDown Live, “The World’s Strongest Man” and #1 Contender, Mark Henry, will challenge Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Title!


Before the guest GM could proceed, Bret was interrupted by the former World Heavyweight Champion, Christian, who tells the Hall of Famer that it was not his “fault” that he lost at SummerSlam, because it was the fault of Bret’s friend, Edge. Christian continues that, what Edge had to say to him at SummerSlam “distracted” him, causing him to lose the title. Christian then reminds the guest GM that, as the former champion, he gets one more match for the World Heavyweight Title and he wants it this Tuesday night at Super SmackDown Live. Bret responds by telling Christian that he did not listen very well to what Edge had to say before telling the former champion that Christian needs to stop being a “crybaby”, because he is becoming an “embarrassment” to his family, his friends, the WWE, the World Heavyweight Championship, and even Canada. The Hall of Famer tells Christian to “grow a pair” and work his way back to the top. Christian then tells Bret that guys like Bret and Edge are unable to cope with the fact that, when their career is over, that it’s “really over”. Christian then says that he is the only Canadian who is “still relevant”. Christian then hands Bret a “legal document” from his legal team stating that no Superstar can get a shot at the World Heavyweight Title before he does. The guest GM then states that you can’t argue with the “law” before granting Christian his match for the World Heavyweight Title on Super SmackDown Live this Tuesday night, but the Hall of Famer adds that, for someone with so many “excuses”, the rematch will take place inside of a Steel Cage!


This brings out the new #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title Mark Henry and, as Christian exits the ring, Mark Henry confronts the guest General Manager. The #1 Contender tells Bret that he has had to deal with “disrespect” for fifteen years in the WWE before telling Bret that he “earned” his title opportunity last week, adding that, if he doesn’t get his title shot, someone is going to get “hurt”. Mark Henry then demands that he faces the winner of the Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Title next week before threatening the Hall of Famer, saying that he cannot be held “responsible” for what happens when he gets angry. Bret asks if Henry is trying to “intimidate” him, but Henry says that he does not have to intimidate anybody.


Mark Henry’s opponent in the main event, Sheamus, then comes out to tell Mark Henry a story about a man who owned a “big, black bull” who scared the other farm animals away, forcing the man to have the bull “castrated”. Sheamus then tells Mark Henry to not make him do the same thing to Mark Henry before Sheamus enters the ring and the two powerhouses collide with Sheamus knocking Mark Henry out of the ring, leading to Mark Henry opting to wait for the main event. What will happen when Sheamus and Mark Henry go one-on-one in a SummerSlam rematch in the main event of SmackDown?


Four nights before he gets his rematch for the World Heavyweight Title against champion, Randy Orton, in a Steel Cage Match on Super SmackDown Live, the former World Heavyweight Champion, Christian, went one-on-one with “Mr. Money-in-the-Bank” Daniel Bryan in the opening match of the night. In the end, it was Christian hitting the Killswitch on Daniel Bryan en route to picking up the win. Can Christian achieve similar success this Tuesday night on Super SmackDown Live when he challenges Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Title in a Steel Cage Match?


Before facing a local competitor on SmackDown, Wade Barrett states that he has orchestrated attacks on everybody from John Cena to WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon to WWE legends and has shaken the WWE to its foundation on more than one occasion. Barrett continues that it is an “insult” to have to face the unnamed opponent across the ring from him. Barrett then walks out on the match, refusing to compete!


It was announced during SmackDown that, this Tuesday night on Super SmackDown Live, WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio will go one-on-one with the man who attacked him last week, “The International Sensation” Sin Cara, in a non-title match.


Before facing WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio on Super SmackDown Live this Tuesday night, “The International Sensation” Sin Cara went one-on-one with Heath Slater. In the end, it was Sin Cara hitting the springboard senton and following it up with the Lionsault en route to picking up the win over Heath Slater. How will Sin Cara fare against WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio this Tuesday night on Super SmackDown Live?


After delivering an RKO to his former protégé last week, World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton went one-on-one with Ted DiBiase, with Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes in his corner. During the match, Cody Rhodes got on the ring apron in an attempt to distract Randy Orton, but Orton knocked the Intercontinental Champion off of the apron before heading to the outside where Orton looked set to deliver the RKO on the arena floor. However, Ted DiBiase hit a baseball slide on Orton, gaining the advantage over Orton in the match. In the end, it was Randy Orton hitting the RKO on Ted DiBiase en route to picking up the win. After the match, Cody Rhodes helped Ted DiBiase to his feet only for the Intercontinental Champion to hit Cross Rhodes on DiBiase before placing a paper bag over DiBiase’s head! Is the partnership between Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase over or was this a “lesson” from Cody Rhodes to Ted DiBiase?


The Divas were in action on SmackDown as Divas Champion Kelly Kelly went one-on-one with second-generation Diva, Tamina, in a non-title match. In the end, it was Kelly Kelly hitting the K2 on Tamina en route to picking up the win.


After The Great Khali eliminated Ezekiel Jackson from the #1 Contender’s Battle Royal last week, Ezekiel Jackson went one-on-one with “The Punjabi Nightmare” The Great Khali, with Jinder Mahal in his corner. During the match, Jinder Mahal tried a cheap shot on Ezekiel Jackson behind the referee’s back, but the shot had little effect, but as Ezekiel prepared to deliver a shot to Mahal, Khali would inadvertently strike his handler. This allowed Ezekiel Jackson to achieve the unreal feat of lifting Khali up in the Torture Rack, forcing “The Punjabi Nightmare” to tap out!


Then it was time for the main event as, after being slammed through the ringside barricade at SummerSlam, “The Great White” Sheamus went one-on-one with the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title, Mark Henry, in a SummerSlam rematch. During the hard-hitting match, both behemoths found themselves on the outside of the ring and, after slinging Sheamus into the ringside barricade, Mark Henry took apart the announce table with the intention of sending Sheamus through it. However, Sheamus fought out of Henry’s grip and delivered the Brogue Kick to Mark Henry, sending Henry careening over the announce table! Sheamus then got back into the ring, but Mark Henry was not as fortunate as the referee reached his ten-count before Henry could recover, making it a count-out win for Sheamus. After the match was over, an irate Mark Henry tipped over the announce table before trying to get back into the ring, but Sheamus knocked Mark Henry back to the floor. However, when Sheamus tried to dive onto Mark Henry, Henry caught Sheamus and looked set on ramming Sheamus into the ring post, but Sheamus was able to fight out, sending Henry into the steel steps. As the brawl continued, Sheamus disassembled the steel steps and tried to hurl the heavy weapon at Mark Henry, but Henry narrowly dodges. This allows Mark Henry the opportunity to knock Sheamus down before “The World’s Strongest Man” hoists Sheamus up and delivers the World’s Strongest Slam to Sheamus onto the bottom half of the steel steps! What kind of condition is Sheamus in following this attack by Mark Henry? Will Sheamus continue to try and stop Mark Henry’s path of destruction?

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