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Del Rio fuera de combate.

Six nights before Vengeance, the 960th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW was a history-making RAW SuperShow as, for the first time in the near nineteen year history of Monday Night RAW, the Monday night juggernaut will emanate from Mexico as the Palacio de los Deportes (Sports Palace) in Mexico City, Mexico hosts RAW SuperShow. After being publicly fired by the new Interim RAW General Manager, John Laurinaitis, on last week’s RAW, Hall of Famer “Good ‘Ol J.R.” Jim Ross would return to RAW, not as a commentator, but as a competitor as J.R. will get his shot at vengeance as the legendary announcer teams with the #1 Contender for the WWE Title, John Cena, to face J.R.’s constant tormentor, Michael Cole, and WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio!

Match Results

  • 6-Man Tag: Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes, & Christian def. Randy Orton, Sheamus, & John Morrison by Mark Henry pinning John Morrison following the World’s Strongest Slam.
  • Eve def. Natalya by pin following the Evesault.
  • CM Punk (with Triple H) def. The Miz (with R-Truth) by roll-up.
  • Zack Ryder def. Jack Swagger by pin following the Rough Ryder Leg Lariat.
  • Non-Title: Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero & Jack Swagger) def. Mason Ryan (with Zack Ryder) by DQ after Mason Ryan ignores the referee’s five-count.
  • John Cena & Jim Ross def. Alberto Del Rio & Michael Cole by Michael Cole submitting to the ankle lock by Jim Ross. As a result, John Cena gets to pick the stipulation for the WWE Title match at Vengeance.

Detailed Results

One week after the shocking announcement was made that he would be in charge of RAW as the Interim General Manager, the first RAW from Mexico kicks off with the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and new Interim RAW General Manager John Laurinaitis. The GM starts off by ridiculing the Mexican crowd, making the mock announcement that Rey Mysterio would be returning, adding that Rey will be “returning” to San Diego for some more rehab and will not be on RAW. Laurinaitis continues that, while the WWE Board of Directors continues the search for a permanent General Manager of RAW, he will do everything he can to instill “integrity” and “honor” into RAW. The GM continues that he may make some “mistakes”, admitting that he made a mistake last week when he fired Jim Ross, resulting in outrage from the WWE fans via Twitter. Laurinaitis then states that he listened to the fans before welcoming “Good ‘Ol J.R.” Jim Ross back to Monday Night RAW, much to the chagrin of RAW commentator Michael Cole!

As Jim Ross heads to the announce table, Interim GM John Laurinaitis calls the Hall of Famer into the ring where he awkwardly hugs the legendary commentator. Laurinaitis then apologizes for firing J.R. last week before mocking the Hall of Famer. The GM then shows a WWE.com exclusive video from last week that depicts Michael Cole and Alberto Del Rio’s reactions to J.R. getting fired. In the video, Michael Cole and Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, sing a cruel goodbye to the fired commentator. Laurinaitis then announces that the main event will see Michael Cole team with WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio to face the team of Jim Ross and John Cena! What will happen when Jim Ross gets his hands on his tormenter, Michael Cole?

It was announced during the RAW SuperShow that, after being assaulted and bagged by Cody Rhodes last week on the RAW SuperShow before being cost the World Heavyweight Title by Rhodes on SmackDown, “The Viper” gets his shot at revenge when Randy Orton goes one-on-one with Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes in a non-title match at Vengeance.

After being assaulted and bagged by Cody Rhodes last week on RAW before being cost the World Heavyweight Title by Rhodes on SmackDown, “The Viper” Randy Orton teamed with “The Great White” Sheamus and “The Prince of Parkour” John Morrison to face the team of World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry, Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, & Christian in a 6-Man Tag Match. During the match, Randy Orton delivers a clothesline to Cody Rhodes on the outside, which led to Rhodes fleeing from ringside with Orton not far behind, leaving the match down to Sheamus and John Morrison facing Mark Henry and Christian. Later on in the match, a brawl between Sheamus and Christian broke out on the outside of the ring and continued throughout the crowd, leaving John Morrison alone with Mark Henry. This proved to be the beginning of the end for the team as “The World’s Strongest Champion” plants Morrison with the World’s Strongest Slam en route to picking up the win for his team. Can Mark Henry even deliver the World’s Strongest Slam to “The World’s Largest Athlete” when he defends the World Heavyweight Title against Big Show this Sunday at Vengeance?

Backstage, WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio and his personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, confront Interim RAW General Manager John Laurinaitis over having to team with Michael Cole to face John Cena & Jim Ross. The GM responds by adding the stipulation to the main event that whichever team wins will get to select the stipulation for the WWE Title match this Sunday at Vengeance!

It was revealed during the RAW SuperShow that, this Sunday at Vengeance, “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix will defend the Divas Title against two-time Divas Champion Eve.

Six nights before she challenges Beth Phoenix for the Divas Title at Vengeance, Eve, with Kelly Kelly in her corner, went one-on-one with Natalya, with Divas Champion Beth Phoenix in her corner. In the end, it was Eve hitting the Evesault on Natalya en route to picking up the win. Can Eve take the Divas Title from Beth Phoenix this Sunday at Vengeance or will Beth Phoenix overpower the two-time champion?

Six nights before he teams with WWE COO Triple H to face The Miz & R-Truth at Vengeance, “The Voice of the Voiceless” CM Punk went one-on-one with The Miz, with R-Truth in his corner. After some bold words from The Miz & R-Truth before the match regarding their Vengeance match, WWE COO Triple H makes his way to ringside to be in the corner of CM Punk! After frequent distractions from R-Truth during the match, Truth would get physically involved on the outside of the ring, smashing CM Punk in the head with a water bottle behind the referee’s back. Having seen enough, Triple H makes his way around the ring in pursuit of R-Truth, who hides behind Interim RAW General Manager John Laurinaitis as Laurinaitis, along with four suited men, comes out, claiming that there is an “immigration problem” that he needs to talk with Triple H about! Laurinaitis shows Triple H some papers before telling the COO that he cannot legally be in Mexico and he has got to leave! Triple H reluctantly leaves, but not before decking R-Truth, who was mocking Triple H’s immigration issues.

With Triple H being escorted out of the arena and, presumably, out of Mexico due to immigration issues, the match between CM Punk and The Miz continues with R-Truth still in the corner of The Miz. During the match, CM Punk was setting up for the GTS, but interference from R-Truth prevents it. However, the resilient Punk knocks Truth off of the apron before fighting out of the Skull Crushing Finale and sending Miz into Truth before rolling Miz up for the win. After the match, R-Truth attacks CM Punk as The Miz joins in as both men take turn delivering vicious shots to one of their Vengeance opponents. However, a group of referees come out, prompting Miz & Truth to surrender, allowing the referees to escort them from the ring, but R-Truth rushes back to the ring to hit the Shut Up on Punk! As Miz urges most of the referees to work on escorting R-Truth to the back, Miz then gets a hold of Punk, delivering the Skull Crushing Finale to a helpless Punk. What will happen this Sunday at Vengeance when CM Punk teams with WWE COO Triple H to face The Miz & R-Truth?

Before Jack Swagger competed on the RAW SuperShow, his manager, Vickie Guerrero, claims that she is considered a “goddess” of Mexico and she is the “Angelina Jolie of Mexico City”, adding that she is more than just a “pretty face”. Vickie then reveals that Interim GM John Laurinaitis has granted Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler a shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles when they challenge Air Boom for the gold at Vengeance.

Before he and Dolph Ziggler challenge Air Boom for the WWE Tag Team Titles at Vengeance, “The All-American American” Jack Swagger, with Vickie Guerrero & United States Champion Dolph Ziggler in his corner, went one-on-one with “The Long Island Iced Z” Zack Ryder. In the end, it was Zack Ryder hitting the Rough Ryder Leg Lariat on Jack Swagger en route to picking up a big win. After the match, Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger exit the ring, looking to make Zack Ryder pay for his victory, but Mason Ryan comes out, making Swagger & Ziggler think twice about it. As Dolph & Swagger look to make a hasty retreat, Mason Ryan reminds Dolph Ziggler that they have match before Dolph reluctantly heads back to the ring.

Moments after his tag team partner, Jack Swagger, was defeated by Zack Ryder, United States Champion Dolph Ziggler, with Swagger & Vickie in his corner, went one-on-one with the monstrous Mason Ryan, with Zack Ryder in his corner, in a non-title match. During the match, Vickie Guerrero got in between Mason Ryan and Dolph Ziggler on the outside as Vickie delivers a slap to the face of Ryan. This enrages Mason Ryan, who stomps away at Dolph Ziggler in the ring to the point of a disqualification. After the match, Mason Ryan takes Jack Swagger out of the ring before Ryan delivers a huge powerslam to the United States Champion!

Backstage, John Cena confronts a worried Jim Ross and, after assuring the Hall of Famer that they will be alright, J.R. lets Cena know that he would like to get his hands on Michael Cole in the match, calling Cole a “sniveling, rodent-like, smarmy, arrogant, pathetic, little son of a bitch”! Back at ringside, Michael Cole responds, saying he is going to take J.R., who he calls a “self-pitying windbag”, and put him out of his misery, adding that his wife is Mexican, so they have to cheer for him.

Then it was time for the unorthodox main event as, six nights before he challenges Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Title at Vengeance, John Cena teams with Hall of Famer “Good ‘Ol J.R.” Jim Ross to face the team of WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio and the thorn in J.R.’s side, Michael Cole with the winning team getting to pick the stipulation for the WWE Title match at Vengeance. Throughout the match, Michael Cole would lay cheap shots on John Cena, but later in the match, Cena would set Alberto Del Rio up for the Attitude Adjustment, but Del Rio desperately tags in Michael Cole. Cole immediately tries to beg for mercy from Cena, but Cena refuses to show any, delivering the Attitude Adjustment to Cole. Cena then started to lock in the STF on Cole, but Cena tags in Jim Ross instead as J.R. locks in the ankle lock on Michael Cole, forcing Cole to tap out to pick up the win for his team! After the match, Del Rio tries to get the jump on Cena, but Cena fights back, delivering the Attitude Adjustment to the WWE Champion on the floor. Cena then proceeds to clothesline Del Rio before grabbing the steel steps and delivering a shot the face of the WWE Champion. Cena then counts to ten before announcing that the match he chooses for Vengeance will be a Last Man Standing Match, where the only way to win is to beat your opponent so badly that he is unable to answer the referee’s ten count! Having competed, and won, countless Last Man Standing Matches, does John Cena have Alberto Del Rio’s number, as well as the WWE Title, this Sunday at Vengeance or will the opportunistic WWE Champion find a way to win?

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