WWE: Bella Twins on Their Way Out of the WWE?

Posted on 11th April 2012 by

Among rumors of upcoming releases, PWInsider.com (via The Bleacher Report’s Chris Humphrey) is reporting that The Bella Twins, Brie Bella & Nikki Bella (Brianna Garcia & Stephanie Garcia) are not looking to re-sign with the WWE once their contracts expire on April 30 and they have already given their notice to the WWE that they are leaving. There is no word on why The Bellas are leaving the company, but there does not appear to be any bad blood between the twins and the WWE. The departure of The Bella Twins is a bit of a surprise as Vince McMahon is reportedly very supportive of The Bella Twins, backed up by the fact that The Bellas have recently went over Divas Champion Beth Phoenix. The departure will also cripple an already weakened Divas division, a division which Vince McMahon has been very critical of in recent months, which may explain the lack of Diva involvement on WWE programming as of late.

The Bella Twins have been a part of the WWE since 2007 when they joined WWE developmental territory, FCW. The Bellas debuted in late 2008 and, during their career, Brie Bella is a one-time Divas Champion.

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