WWE: CM Punk Achieves Another Big Milestone in WWE History

After celebrating one full calendar year as the reigning WWE Champion on November 19, CM Punk has achieved another major milestone in WWE Championship history as, as of this coming Monday, Punk will have surpassed the late, great “Macho Man” Randy Savage to become the seventh longest reigning WWE Champion in history. Monday, November 26 will mark CM Punk’s 372nd day as the WWE Champion, beating out Randy Savage, who held the title for 371 days from March 27, 1988 to April 2, 1989. It will not be long before Punk achieves his next milestone as, ten days from today, Punk will surpass his longtime rival, John Cena, and have the sixth longest reign of all-time with 381 days as champion. With four weeks still remaining until the WWE TLC pay-per-view, it seems very likely that Punk will be earning this honor as well. To see where CM Punk stands in WWE Title history, here is the top 10 longest reigning WWE Champions of all-time (as of November 26, 2012):

  1. Bruno Sammartino: 2,803 days (117 days short of an 8-year reign)
  2. Bob Backlund: 2,135 days (55 days short of a 6-year reign)
  3. Hulk Hogan: 1,474 days (4 years, 2 weeks)
  4. Bruno Sammartino (second reign): 1,237 days (3 years, 142 days)
  5. Pedro Morales: 1,027 days (68 days short of a 3-year reign)
  6. John Cena (third reign): 380 days (1 year, 2 weeks, and 1 day)
  7. CM Punk (second reign): 372 days (1 year, 1 week, and counting)
  8. Randy Savage: 371 days (1 year, 6 days)
  9. Billy Graham: 296 days (69 days short of a one-year reign)
  10. Ultimate Warrior: 293 days (66 days short of a one-year reign)

How long do you think CM Punk will hold the WWE Title? Post your comments in the box below.

Cassidy is a long-time wrestling fan, having watched professional wrestling from the age of 6. Strictly a fan of the WWE, Cassidy has been contributing to Wrestling 101 as a writer and editor for more than 5 years, specializing in WWE show reports. When he is not watching wrestling, Cassidy spends his free time gaming, as well as watching and uploading YouTube videos.


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