WWE Spoilers: Complete List of 2012 Slammy Award Winners

Between the Slammy Awards edition of RAW last night and the WWE.com Slammy Awards handed out on Sunday, there were a total of twelve Slammy Awards this year. The following is the complete and detailed list of the 2012 Slammy Award Winners:

  • Superstar of the Year: John Cena (Other Nominees- CM Punk, Sheamus, & Big Show)
  • Newcomer of the Year: Ryback (Other Nominees- Brodus Clay, Damien Sandow, & Antonio Cesaro)
  • Match of the Year: Triple H vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania (Other Nominees- Sheamus vs. Big Show, John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar, & The Rock vs. John Cena)
  • Trending Now Award: Ryback for #FeedMeMore (Other Nominees- #WWWYKI, #LittleJimmy, & #PeoplePower)
  • Comeback of the Year: Jerry “The King” Lawler (Other Nominees- Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, & D-Generation X)
  • Kiss of the Year: AJ Lee & John Cena (Other Nominees- AJ & CM Punk, AJ & Daniel Bryan, and AJ & Kane)
  • “Tell Me I Did NOT Just See That” Award: Kofi Kingston (Other Nominees- CM Punk, Brad Maddox, & Daniel Bryan)
  • LOL Moment of the Year: The Rock (Other Nominees- Randy Orton, Vickie Guerrero, & Team Hell No)
  • Diva of the Year: AJ Lee (Other Nominees- Eve, Layla, & Kaitlyn)
  • Betrayal of the Year: Big Show (Other Nominees- AJ Lee, Eve, & Daniel Bryan)
  • Upset of the Year: Daniel Bryan (Other Nominees- Justin Gabriel, Santino Marella, & Dolph Ziggler)
  • Feat of Strength of the Year: Sheamus (Other Nominees- Ryback, Big Show, & Antonio Cesaro)
  • Facial Hair of the Year: Daniel Bryan (Other Nominees- CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, & Damien Sandow)
  • Crowd Chant of the Year: Ryback for “Feed Me More” (Other Nominees- “Hoeski”, “Cody’s Mustache”, & “YES! YES! YES!”)
  • YouTube Show of the Year: Zack Ryder for Z! Long Island True Story (Other Nominees- WWE Download, Are You Serious?, & Santino’s Foreign Exchange)
  • Exclusive Video of the Year: Jerry “The King” Lawler (Other Nominees- Eve, Daniel Bryan, and CM Punk & Paul Heyman)
  • Tweet of the Year: Daniel Bryan (Other Nominees- CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, & The Great Khali)
  • Top Social Media Ambassador: Charlie Sheen (Other Nominees- The Muppets, Mike Tyson, & Arnold Schwarzenegger)
  • Insult of the Year: John Cena (Other Nominees- CM Punk, Sheamus, & The Rock)
  • Best Dancer of the Year: Brodus Clay (Other Nominees- R-Truth, Rosa Mendes, & The Great Khali)

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