WWE RAW Results: September 16, 2013


Enough is Enough.

One night after Night of Champions, the 1060th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, OH. At Night of Champions, a new “face of the WWE” was established as, with no interference permitted per the orders of WWE COO Triple H, Daniel Bryan would defeat Randy Orton to become the brand new WWE Champion! After his hand-picked champion lost the gold in his first title defense, how will Triple H respond to Randy Orton losing the WWE Championship to Daniel Bryan? Also, after Triple H abruptly fired Cody Rhodes a couple of weeks ago on RAW, Triple H’s wife Stephanie McMahon has invited Cody’s father, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes to RAW for a “business proposal”! What will the Executive Vice President of Creative have in store for the Hall of Famer?

Match Results

  • Non-Title: Dolph Ziggler def. Dean Ambrose by pin following the Zig Zag.
  • Fandango def. R-Truth by pin following the leg drop off of the top rope.
  • 6-Diva Tag: Naomi, Cameron, & Brie Bella def. Layla, Aksana, & Alicia Fox by Brie Bella pinning Aksana following the facebuster.
  • Rob Van Dam def. Damien Sandow by pin following the Five-Star Frog Splash.
  • Randy Orton and The Miz fight to a Double Count-Out.
  • #1 Contenders Triple Threat Tag Match: Jimmy & Jey Uso def. The Real Americans and Tons of Funk by Jey Uso pinning Jack Swagger following the Superfly Splash to become the new #1 Contenders for the WWE Tag Team Titles.
  • Daniel Bryan def. Roman Reigns (with Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins) by DQ after Randy Orton interferes.

Detailed Results

One night after defeating Randy Orton to become the brand new WWE Champion at Night of Champions, RAW kicks off with the new “face of the WWE”, Daniel Bryan! The new champion says he has a lot of things to say, but the best way to sum it up is with one word as Bryan chants “yes” along with the WWE fans. Daniel Bryan is then interrupted by WWE COO Triple H, who marches down to the ring with a purpose, telling the new champion to not get too excited, saying that the “gorilla” in the room is the “fast-count” that everyone is talking about. The COO says that Daniel Bryan’s title victory was “tainted” before Triple H brings the referee who was in charge of the match at Night of Champions, Scott Armstrong, to the ring. Triple H first shows two examples of how Scott Armstrong normally counts pinfalls before showing the alleged fast-count from the end of the match and even shows the two counts side-by-side. Triple H asks for an explanation and Armstrong admits that it was a fast count, saying that he made a “mistake”. Triple H says that a fast-count like that does not just “happen” and in the fifteen years that he has known Armstrong, the senior referee has never made a mistake and he feels like Armstrong is not telling the truth. Triple H then spots Armstrong mouthing the words “they got us, Daniel” to the new champion, which outrages and confuses Daniel Bryan. The COO then dismisses Scott Armstrong, saying he will deal with him later.

Triple H then tells Daniel Bryan that he is “ashamed” of Bryan, saying Bryan embarrassed himself and the WWE, accusing Bryan of entering into a “conspiracy” with a WWE referee. Daniel Bryan shouts that he did no such thing, but Triple H says that Daniel Bryan is lying to him. Triple H then makes the shocking announcement that he is stripping Daniel Bryan of the WWE Championship! As a furious Daniel Bryan protests, Triple H says that, as of now, there is no WWE Champion and Bryan needs to do the right thing by handing the title over to him! Daniel Bryan refuses, so Triple H tells him to hand over the WWE Title belt or he will take it away from him. As things begin to get even more heated, an angry Randy Orton marches to the ring, but Triple H tells both Orton and Bryan to calm down. Triple H again tells Daniel Bryan to give him the WWE Title belt or he will take it from him. Daniel Bryan looks at the belt that represents the culmination of years of hard-work and shouts “no” at the COO. Triple H then tries to grab the belt out of Daniel Bryan’s grasp and the tug-of-war allows Randy Orton the opportunity to strike with the RKO as Triple H rips the belt out of Bryan’s hands! Triple H then walks out of the ring with the WWE Championship as Orton stands over the now former champion.

Backstage, a furious Randy Orton demands that Triple H give him back his WWE Title, but Stephanie McMahon breaks up the shouting match, telling Orton that, until Orton can become the ruthless “bastard” that he used to be, they may have to find a new “face of the WWE”!

In a non-title rematch from Night of Champions, “The Show-Off” Dolph Ziggler would go one-on-one with United States Champion Dean Ambrose. In the end, it was Dolph Ziggler hitting the Zig Zag en route to pinning the United States Champion for the win.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon orders Big Show to remain in her office unless she calls for him, saying that Big Show is going to stay out of trouble.

“The Lord of Dance” was in action on RAW as Fandango, with Summer Rae in his corner, would go one-on-one with R-Truth. In the end, it was Fandango hitting the leg drop off of the top rope to pick up the win over R-Truth.

Two weeks after his son, Cody Rhodes, was unceremoniously fired by WWE COO Triple H, “The American Dream” would appear on RAW as WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes would hear a “business proposal” from Stephanie McMahon. Dusty says that he is not there as “The American Dream” tonight, saying that he has had to fight to survive hardships to provide for his two sons. Dusty continues, saying that Triple H claims that Cody Rhodes getting fired is what is “best for business”, saying that the “greatest gift” is your family. Dusty then says that the Rhodes family is a family of success, saying that, before Cody was even 22 years old, Cody was a two-time Intercontinental Champion. The Hall of Famer then says that he is not on RAW of his own will, he is there to hear the “business proposal” of Stephanie McMahon, calling Stephanie down to the ring. Stephanie makes her way to the ring, telling Dusty that she is sorry if Cody’s firing put a damper on Cody’s wedding. Stephanie continues, saying that she is under a lot of pressure to succeed. Stephanie then says that she is offering Cody Rhodes his job back and Dusty is content with this decision, but before the Hall of Famer can exit the ring, Stephanie gives the proud father an impossible decision. Stephanie tells Dusty that he has to choose between his two sons, either Cody Rhodes gets his job back or Dustin Rhodes gets his job back! Dusty says that he is not going to make that decision, but Stephanie presses the issue, saying that she knows that Dusty blames himself for Dustin’s “transgressions” and now he has the opportunity to make things right. Dusty turns the questioning around on Stephanie, asking if, when Stephanie gets up in the morning, does she line her three children up and tell one of them that they are her favorite and tell the other two to go back to bed without breakfast. Stephanie then cuts Dusty off, saying that Dusty is making it all about him, claiming that the Hall of Famer is putting himself first just like he always does. Stephanie then says that she hopes that Cody & Dustin can forgive him. Dusty then gets in the face of the Executive Vice President, telling Stephanie that she can go “straight to hell”!

Things then take an even darker turn as The Shield make their way through the crowd and to the ring at the behest of Stephanie. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, & Roman Reigns surround the ring, ready to do Stephanie’s bidding, but for some reason, Stephanie calls for Big Show to come out to even things out. With Big Show in the ring and The Shield on the apron, Stephanie gives Dusty the choice, either the Hall of Famer can be dismantled by The Shield or he can be knocked out by Big Show! Rhodes refuses to make the ridiculous decision, so Stephanie makes it for him, ordering Big Show to knock the Hall of Famer out! When Big Show refuses to harm the legend, Stephanie orders The Shield to do the damage, but while Ambrose, Rollins, & Reigns would have no problem tearing apart the former World Champion, Big Show would have none of it as “The World’s Largest Athlete” steps forward, telling The Shield that they better not put his hands on Dusty. However, Roman Reigns slides to the outside of the ring, retrieving three steel chairs for The Shield to use as weapons. An emotional Big Show then hugs Dusty Rhodes, telling the Hall of Famer that he is sorry, but he does not have a choice. Then, to avoid a much more heinous beatdown, Big Show decides to knock Dusty Rhodes out with the Knockout Punch, catching the Hall of Famer as he falls and laying him down in the ring as WWE doctors tend to Dusty Rhodes, who remains motionless as Big Show breaks down in tears next to “The American Dream”. EMT’s then join the doctors in the ring and, together, they put Dusty Rhodes on a stretcher and wheel him to an awaiting ambulance as Big Show climbs into the ambulance to ride with Dusty to the hospital.

With Divas Champion AJ Lee and Natalya guests on commentary, Naomi, Cameron, & Brie Bella, with Jo-Jo and Eva Marie in their corner, would face Layla, Aksana, & Alicia Fox in a 6-Diva Tag Match. In the end, Brie Bella hits the facebuster on Aksana en route to picking up the win for the Total Divas team. The tension then switches to ringside where Natalya is nose-to-nose with the Divas Champion.

After crushing World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio with the Van Terminator after Del Rio escaped with the title via disqualification at Night of Champions, “Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam, with Ricardo Rodriguez in his corner, would go one-on-one with “Mr. Money-in-the-Bank” Damien Sandow. In the end, it was Rob Van Dam hitting the Five-Star Frog Splash on Damien Sandow en route to picking up the win.

Backstage, WWE COO Triple H is with referee Scott Armstrong in his office, saying that it is a “problem” that there is no WWE Champion right now and that WWE referees need to have “integrity”. Triple H then says that Armstrong has been in the WWE for twenty years, but he has got to let Armstrong go, assuring the senior official that he going to take care of Armstrong.

Furious over not being handed the WWE Championship, former WWE Champion Randy Orton would go one-on-one with Cleveland’s own The Miz. Before the match begins, The Miz greets his mother and father at ringside, but the heartless Randy Orton attacks The Miz from behind, tossing Miz into the steel steps and pummeling Miz with right hands. Referees would then break it up, trying to help The Miz to the back, but Miz would refuse medical attention, insisting that he compete, so the referee starts the match. The match would spill to the outside where Randy Orton would continue to assault The Miz, even after the match was ruled a double count-out. After the match, Orton would toss Miz over the announce table before dragging Miz right in front of his parents, but Miz would fight back, sending Orton over the barricade. However, Orton would regain the advantage in the fight and, while he looks in the faces of The Miz’s mother and father, Orton continue to pummel and beat their son, drilling Miz with a suspended DDT on the arena floor. Orton then rolls The Miz back into the ring before Orton grabs a steel chair, glancing at The Miz’s parents before sliding into the ring with the chair, wrapping the chair around the skull of Miz. Then, as his mother and father watch helplessly, Randy Orton backs up and drops a knee on the steel chair, crushing the skull of The Miz.

After Ryback saved Paul Heyman from absolute destruction at the hands of CM Punk at Night of Champions, Curtis Axel wheels Heyman out in a wheelchair, who is joined by Ryback. Paul Heyman declares that he is the “best in the world”, proudly stating that he pinned CM Punk and, every time he says it, it will be the truth. Heyman continues to crow, saying that he is the “winner” and Punk is the “loser”. Heyman then says that there was no “master plan”, saying that Punk beat him so bad at Night of Champions that he is confined to a wheelchair. Heyman continues, saying that it is a “miracle” that he is not a “vegetable” in some retirement home and that is because one man stood up while all others sat down. Heyman then vows that he will continue to “torment” CM Punk and all of the fans because of Ryback, saying that he owes his life to Ryback. Ryback then says that, if there is one thing that he cannot stand, it is a “bully”, saying that he does not like anything about CM Punk and he is there to “stop” Punk. Ryback then tells Heyman that, as long as he is around, Punk will never harm Heyman. Heyman then kisses Ryback on the cheek before Ryback rolls Heyman to the back!

In a #1 Contenders Triple Threat Tag Match, The Real Americans, Tons of Funk, and Jimmy & Jey Uso would face off to determine the new #1 Contenders for the WWE Tag Team Titles. In the end, it was Jey Uso hitting the Superfly Splash on Jack Swagger en route to picking up for Jimmy & Jey Uso, who become the new #1 Contenders for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

After having the WWE Title ripped away from him and vacated earlier in the night, Daniel Bryan would go one-on-one with The Shield’s Roman Reigns, with Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins in his corner. Before the match begins, Randy Orton comes out, as well, joining Ambrose & Rollins at ringside. During the match, Daniel Bryan would take out Seth Rollins with a baseball slide to the outside, followed shortly by Dean Ambrose, who is knocked off of the apron. Daniel Bryan then locks the Yes Lock in on Roman Reigns, but Randy Orton attacks Bryan for the disqualification. After the match, Bryan tries to lock Orton in the Yes Lock, but The Shield gets involved, beating Daniel Bryan down in a four-on-one attack. With ill intent, Randy Orton retrieves a steel chair, prepared to do to Daniel Bryan what he did to The Miz earlier in the night. Before Orton could deal the death blow to Daniel Bryan’s career, a slew of WWE Superstars rush to Daniel Bryan’s aid as Rob Van Dam, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder, Justin Gabriel, The Usos, and The Prime Time Players head to the ring, colliding with The Shield! While Roman Reigns manages to take Kofi Kingston out with the Spear, an all-out brawl ensues as Dolph Ziggler hits Dean Ambrose with the Famouser, followed by a straight kick to the face from Rob Van Dam! The Usos then take Roman Reigns out with a double superkick to the face. With the Superstars in support, Daniel Bryan sizes Seth Rollins up, taking Rollins out with the running knee! Daniel Bryan and the Superstars then celebrate, holding Bryan up and chanting “yes” along with the crowd in attendance.

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