Sting to WWE: 8 Reasons It Needs to Happen Now!


The IWC thrives on rumors. One rumor that seems to pop up every year is the possibility that Steve Borden, AKA Sting will finally sign a WWE contract. Well people, it’s that time again.


Chances are, you know that Sting has been released from his TNA contract – well, according to the storyline at least. If you’re real rasslin’ savvy, then you know that since dropping out of the Impact Wrestling picture, Stinger has been the focal point of heavy speculation telling us both sides, he and WWE, are sitting at the negotiation table with open ears.

He could end up headlining this year’s TNA Lockdown pay per view for all I know. Having said that, here are a few reasons I think Sting to WWE is best for business, and ultimately best for all us knucklehead wrestling fans.

1. The Timing is Right

Things are crazy in the wrestling world right now. TNA is in the middle of a revolution that sees it moving forward without the face of the company for the first time ever, and elevating new stars in place of former cornerstones. The WWE is in the midst of renovations as well. Batista’s back. CM Punk is possibly out. Hogan is reportedly slithering somewhere in the mix. Both companies have been shaking the crap out of the dice, but this would easily be the biggest shake up of them all.

2. It’s a Wrap in TNA

I think TNA is consistently the best wrestling product on the scene. I think Sting has been valuable to the TNA brand since his first run with the promotion. But as much as it pains me to say it, I think the ship on Sting and TNA needs to have sailed its last tour. I wouldn’t mind seeing him come back to get a proper send off, but dude has done all he possibly can for that company. For once, I’m hoping Sting doesn’t resign with TNA.

3. Sting vs. Undertaker

I’ve heard about it. You may have seen it. What’s that? The yearning the Internet Wrestling Community has for a one on one encounter between Sting and the Undertaker – at Wrestlemania, no less. It’s not a dream match on the level of HBK vs. AJ Styles or Goldberg vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, IMO, but I guess it’s pretty darn compelling. With Wrestlemania 30 coming up in less than two months, there’s ample time to make this mark’s drippy dream a reality.

4. Talent Enhancement

Sting and Undertaker doesn’t have to take place at the 30th anniversary event. Heck, these guys need not even feud or have a match at all. I think there are quite a few superstars who can benefit tremendously by receiving a rub from Sting. Given the proper booking, of course, just think of the heights guys like Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, or Bray Wyatt could be elevated to after being put over by the Icon. And for an established guy like Randy Orton, it could be an opportunity to add one more legend to the list.

5. He ‘Still Got it!’

Hear me out now … I’m not suggesting that Steve-O is anything near the Sting we saw pass the torch to AJ Styles at Bound for Glory in 2009. Awesome match, by the way. What I’m saying is that this dude still has some wrestling in him. Performances such as the No DQ match with Bully Ray at last year’s Slammiversary and even the recent loss to Magnus illustrate that he can go in the right situation. I think Daniel Bryan, Christian, and John Cena are among the guys who could get a serviceable match out of a 54 year old Stinger.

6. WCW Brand Needs an Ambassador

I often joke about Vince McMahon being the devil, but it’s obvious that he has a certain respect for WCW and the fight they bought that nearly put him out of business. From the looks of it, WCW will be a core part of the upcoming WWE Network as the Monday Night Wars, pay per views, and other content highlighting the rival promotion will be available. Guys like Booker T, DDP, and Ric Flair are around, but who better to represent WCW in WWE than Sting, the face of WCW?

7. A Legacy is at Stake

I’m one of those fans who believes that no matter what they do, the legacies of greats like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Kurt Angle can never be tarnished. While I feel the same is true for Sting, I believe his legacy can actually benefit by making the move to WWE. Face it IWC, as much as some of you guys loath the corporate giant for its brand of family-friendly entertainment, the WWE is the face of wrestling, the top of the mountain. Finishing up with the promotion the world recognizes as the very pulse of the industry would be the bee’s knees of an accomplishment for a guy who rode on the rival ship for the bulk of his career.

8. It Would Be Awesome!

I would totally be okay if Sting resurfaced in TNA. But I’ll be uber ecstatic if he pops up in a WWE ring – dare I say, “marking out”? Honestly, I’m very anxious to see what type of reaction he gets from the fans, what he has to say about finally coming aboard, and what role he plays in the WWE Universe overall. Would he treated like the wrestling royalty he is, or fed to homegrown talent to feed Vince’s ego? Whatever run he goes on will likely be short considering all things, but I think the very reality of Sting in WWE has an excitement around it you can almost touch.

After nearly three decades in the business, there is a great chance that Sting will decide to call it quits. Heaven knows that spending time with family and enjoying the fruits of your labor beats taking bumps in the ring and dealing with backstage politics any day. But like athletes in the pro sports world, many of these guys get that itch. They crave for the pops from the crowd, the interaction with the boys in the back, and all that comes with lacing up those boots. If we’re lucky, Sting will use that passion to make one last high profile stop before riding off into the sunset for good.

Contel Bradford

Contel Bradford

Contel Bradford is a seasoned freelance journalist, and author of numerous novels and short stories. A fanatic of more than 30 years, he's been following pro wrestling since the good old days of WWF and the territory system. Today, he's all out goober for TNA, WWE, ROH, TCW, and whatever other promotions he can stumble on. Although he's often watching wrestling while working, he spends his limited free time gaming, indulging in spiritual enlightenment, and chilling with his lady.
Contel Bradford


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  • James Jones

    I don’t know man. Can we really trust Vince not to put Sting in a GM contract on a pole match with Brad Maddox? A triple threat dance-off with Fandago and the Great Khali? Could be cool or could be a disaster!

    • Shawn Bronald

      I’ve heard that Sting would have some sort of ‘creative control’ for his character written into his contract. At his age and with his legacy, I don’t think this is too crazy. For the most part, I’ve heard Vince actually respects Sting and his character and wouldn’t even consider tarnishing either. DDP, Goldberg and even Booker T were a different story. When Vince sees Sting, he sees dollar signs, especially when the Network is involved. To tear down a 55 year old legend would be in poor taste and actually do a disservice to WWE and it’s Network. Finally, when you consider Sting’s strong friendship with Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels, I can’t imagine Triple H allowing any kind of shenanigans to take place.

      • James Jones

        You make some very good points bro. As the article pointed out I certainly think Sting has a lot to offer with the WWE Network on the horizon. I certainly hope you’re right about Vince and Triple H because doing anything to tarnish his name would be very poor taste.

  • Kalib James

    At this point I’m just anxious to see what happens. Some people are already talking like its a done deal. I think that’s just crazy. Would it be cool? Heck yeah. Will it really happen? I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Silent Bob

    I really hope we see Sting in the WWE – firstly because Iit would be the final chapter in an amazing career, secondly so he can get into the hall of fame, but mostly for that 1 WM moment, and to stand tall infront of a WM crowd must be the pinical of wresting success.
    Also – I would expect people may even start watching RAW again, even if it was just for that one storyline!

    • Kalib James

      it would be awesome! but I tell ya, if he doesn’t show up on the Raw after Wrestlemania 30, I don’t think he’s coming at all.

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