Wrestling 101: About Us

Wrestling 101 launched on 26th October 2003 and is related to the Talk Wrestling Online (TWO) website. The majority of the content from TWO has been transferred here. The reason for this was to provide more features for the content writers with specialised sections for each wrestling scene (UK, US, International and Video Games).

In November 2010 Wrestling 101 had a major redesign with a whole new site created! We will be covering WWE, TNA as well as certain niche promotions/stories that you may find interesting from around the world. You can still view our previous site HERE.

As you will notice Wrestling 101 is still very much linked with its sister site Talk Wrestling Online, as it still provides all the interactive features such as the forums, chatrooms and games.

The aim for Wrestling 101 is to provide quality articles, news and reviews about WWE and TNA.

We hope to offer you a great place to come and read the latest wrestling news, views and reviews in a fun and friendly environment.