Wrestling 101: Interviews

?? Interview: Chris Jericho

Interview: Chris Jericho

Josh talks childhood heroes, whether CM Punk will return to wrestling and who he'd like to work with when he returns to WWE plus much more with Chris Jericho...

?? Interview: Bret Hart

Interview: Bret Hart

Josh caught up with 'The Excellence of Execution' to talk about SummerSlam 92', his relationship with Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart plus much more...

?? Interview: Al Snow

Interview: Al Snow

Josh caught up with Snow to talk about his relationship with 'Head', WWE and his thoughts on the first British Bootcamp winner Rockstar Spud...

?? Interview: Matt Hardy

Interview: Matt Hardy

Matt talks about his influences growing up, the TLC matches and up and coming tag teams to be on the lookout for plus much more...

?? Interview: Brodus Clay

Interview: Brodus Clay

Brodus talks about his WWE highlights, what Vince McMahon is like as a boss, his recent WWE release, his future plans and much more...

?? Interview: Ezekiel Jackson

Interview: Ezekiel Jackson

Josh caught up with Jackson to talk about working with The Rock and CM Punk, his WrestleMania moments, his release from the company and much more.

?? Interview: Martin Stone

Interview: Martin Stone

Josh caught up with Martin Stone, aka Danny Burch in NXT to talk about his time in NXT, the amount of British trainers at the WWE Developmental Centre and more.

?? Interview: Vader

Interview: Vader

Vader talks about starting out in American Football, working with the likes of Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker, the WWE Hall of Fame and more.

?? Interview: Tommy Dreamer

Interview: Tommy Dreamer

We caught up with the 'Innovator of Violence' to talk about his House of Hardcore promotion, hiring CM Punk, being snubbed by Bob Backlund plus much more.

?? Sid Vicious Interview

Sid Vicious Interview

We caught up with Sid to talk about being part of the Four Horsemen, wrestling The Undertaker at WrestleMania, the Sex Pistols plus much more.

?? Kelly Kelly Interview

Kelly Kelly Interview

We caught up with Kelly Kelly to talk about where the second Kelly came from, working with Tommy Dreamer and much more.