Wrestling 101: Wrestling Chatroom

Would you like to chat to wrestling fans in real time? Now you can with the Talk Wrestling Online chatroom, talk about WWE, TNA or the latest wrestling news or rumours. There are even flash games available to play inside!

You can either login as a guest (just tick the guest box and enter a name) or you can register on the Talk Wrestling Online Forums to have a permanent username in the chatroom.

Please remember – NEVER give out personal information in the chatrooms or arrange to meet someone offline!

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  • No Swearing (or any inappropriate chat)
  • No Spoilers- Any discussion of WWE or TNA programming that has not AIRED IN THE UK is considered a spoiler! WWE PPVs and Raw are aired live, Smackdown on Friday nights and TNA Impact/PPVs five days after airing in the US. Please do NOT discuss anything that has not yet aired in the UK!
  • No Role-playing
  • No Flooding
  • No Fighting/Being Abusive
  • No excessive use of caps
  • Please note that any decisions on bans or kicks are final.