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T3C: WWE Wrestlemania XX Ė This one just has to work!

13 March 2004

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Would you fancy being Vince McMahon at the moment? Okay the billion dollars is a big incentive, being married to Linda and having Steph as a daughter is a bit off-putting, and having Triple H as a son-in-law isnít too tempting, but thereís another disadvantage Ė promoting Wrestlemania XX. Would you fancy having the pressure of staging the biggest wrestling PPV of all time resting heavily on your shoulders? No, nor would I.

Wrestlemania XX has to work; itís as simple as that. Expectations have never been so high for such an event and if this one bombs or doesnít get the high buy-rate Vince has spent a fortune hoping for, then WWE is in more trouble than we thought.

Itís time to preview this massive card, will this be the night Benoit wins the big one? Can Eddie hold onto his title and just what will the Undertaker look like? So many questions to answer, so letís start with the inter-promotional matches.




The Undertaker

Undi first appeared at Wrestlemania VII beating Jimmy Snuka. Heís appeared at eleven Wrestlemaniaís, all in-ring performances and thatís more than anyone else on this card and heís never lost at Wrestlemania. It is however his first Wrestlemania at Madison Square Garden, he missed Wrestlemania X due to his Ďdeathí at the Royal Rumble.

This is the first time Undertaker has met an opponent heís already beaten at Wrestlemania, having met Kane at Wrestlemania XIV. Despite all his appearances, beating such legends as King Kong Bundy, Giant Gonzalez and The Big Bossman, The Undertaker has only ever had one title match and one main event. That was Wrestlemania XIII when he took the title from Sid.

Greatest moments at Wrestlemania? Winning the title, though his victory over Triple H at WrestlemaniaXVII must come close.

Worst moments at Wrestlemania? That terrible match against Giant Gonzalez at Wreslemania IX and hanging the Big Bossman at Wrestlemania XV.


Kane first appeared at Wrestlemania XIV losing to The Undertaker. Overall heís appeared at five Wrestlemaniaís winning three times and losing twice. His only title victory was when he won the Hardcore Title at Wrestlemania XVIII against Big Show and Raven. He has been rather rough on Pete Rose though!

Greatest moments at Wrestlemania? That title win and beating Triple H at Wrestlemania XV.

Worst moment at Wrestlemania? Losing to Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania XVIII and having Chyna turn on him at Wrestlemania XV.

The storyline

The feud between these two brothers has been raging for over six years. Kane made his first appearance at the WWF PPV Bad Blood, costing Undertaker his Hell in a Cell match against Shawn Michaels.

Theyíve met time after time but with Undertaker on Smackdown and Kane on Raw, they havenít met for ages. This feud began at Survivor series when Kane interfered in the Buried Alive match between Undertaker and Mr McMahon. Kane buried his brother alive and he hasnít been seen since. But since the Royal Rumble, strange things have been happening, The Undertaker is on his way back and the Deadman is about to rise!

The Preview

Go on admit it, youíre more interested in the ring entrance than the match arenít you? What will the Undertaker look like now heís back in his original gimmick? Will Paul Bearer waddle alongside him?

Iíve wanted Mark Calloway to repeat his deadman gimmick for years. I never did quite understand the biker routine. This is a man who goes round in a hearse and buries people alive not someone who spends his Sundays changing the oil on his bike!

Of course weíve all seen Undertaker v Kane a million times but this is the first time theyíve met since Kane got rid of the mask. Perhaps brother Undertaker can ask him where all the scars went to? I feel a bit sorry for Kane you know. Heís nowhere near as frightening as he was when that mask went for good. He hasnít really trashed someone for ages, his title push disappeared faster than one of the Undertakerís caskets and if Shane McMahon can push him to the limit, what will the Deadman do?

The build-up has been all right I suppose but definitely nothing new. All this spooky stuff is so old-hat, itís certainly not easy building up a match when one of the participants is still dead!

I canít see Kane taking away The Undertakerís unbeaten record at Wrestlemania. Will it be a good match? Well, if the Deadman is back, that means a slower Undertaker with plenty of lying flat on his back then suddenly rising up again apparently unhurt. That means whatever Kane does isnít going to finish him off. I may not have liked the new Undertaker gimmick but he has had some decent brawls in recent years. The Deadman gimmick is a spectacle befitting this great event, but be honest, you enjoyed his entrances more than the matches didnít you?

I believe Undertaker will win, still not sure if Paul Bearer will return and perhaps Kane can take some time off and come back fresh in a few months time, perhaps even to Smackdown?


Tito Santana, Bobby Heenan, Greg Valentine and Sgt. Slaughter in the Hall of Fame? What is this? Is it an award for achievement or just a list of people who Vince still talks to and could do with a big meal? Hogan, Bret Hart, Randy Savage? No way!




This is his Wrestlemania debut, though his arrival in the WWE was plugged so much at last yearís event, it almost felt like he was there.

Brock Lesnar

Lesnar has only ever appeared at one Wrestlemania, winning the WWE Title from Kurt Angle last year.

Greatest Wrestlemania moment? Winning the title last year

Worst Wrestlemania moment? Almost breaking his neck last year, youíre not RVD Brock!

The storyline

At times many people felt that Lesnar v Goldberg could be the match that ends the Brand Extension. When the pair had their first verbal encounter at the Survivor Series, both were champions. But then Goldberg lost his title and the possibility of a champion v champion match at Wrestlemania faded away. Lesnar cost Goldberg his chance of winning the Rumble and that made a match a certainty. At No Way Out, Goldberg ensured that Lesnar lost his WWE Title. With Lesnar invading Raw and Austin becoming Special Referee, the match looks certain to be an interesting one.

The Preview

So Goldberg finally makes it to Wrestlemania but with his future in the company so uncertain I donít see it being a winning one. In many ways, this is almost a look-alike match. Goldberg in WCW resembled Austin, Lesnar in WWE resembled Goldberg.

Will Goldberg get the F5?Of course the big news is that looks like being Lesnarís last match in WWE as well, something Iíll discuss more shortly. How does Vince feel about this? If heís really cheesed off about Lesnar then perhaps Goldberg will have a winning exit. However I feel Vince will be thanking Lesnar for all heís done for the company and give him a good send-off. Besides why upset the guy, heís young and in a few years time he might want to come back, then again if he does go to the NFL he wouldnít leave it poor if heís a success.

I donít see this being too long a match, thatís not really Goldbergís style, is it? Austin had to be at Wrestlemania somewhere and the fact he took an F-5 on Raw a couple of weeks ago means he could be fairly active in this match. But is he getting too much attention here? Is it not a question of whether Goldberg or Lesnar will win but in fact, a question of what will Austin do?

The talk is that Austin will turn on Goldberg, setting up a possible feud if Goldberg does end up staying on with the company. I certainly wouldnít be surprised if that happened.

The build-up has been passable, again itís been mainly a case of just one of the participants doing all the work. Goldberg not being on Raw these past few weeks hasnít helped this match.

Donít expect a classic but this should be interesting and at least give Austin something to do. Prediction: Lesnar wins thanks to Austin. Then what happens to Austin? Donít turn him heel Vince it never works does it?


So Vince is losing Goldberg and Lesnar! The departure of Goldberg has been expected for a while so I doubt heís been in the WWEís future plans. Lesnar however is a different story. If he leaves thereís a massive gap in the Smackdown roster. Look at the heels on that show, take away the cruiserweights and you have Angle, Big Show, Rhyno, A-Train and not much more. Considering Angleís only been a heel for a few weeks just imagine what would happen if he were still a face. I bet Vince wishes heíd kept Cena as a heel now. So what does he do? Will Edge come back to Smackdown as a heel? Edge v Eddie or Cena wouldnít be bad. Or perhaps he could transfer someone over from Raw? How about having Booker T join up with Theodore Long then move to Smackdown along with Jazz? Or perhaps the Undertaker really should visit the dark side??



Sable has never lost at Wrestlemania. At Wrestlemania XIV she tagged with her then husband Marc Mero to beat Goldust and Luna and at Wrestlemania XV beat Tori to successfully defend her womenís title.

None of the other participants in this match have had a match at Wrestlemania

The Storyline

Pretty simple (thatís not a comment about any of the Divaís by the way), Torrie and Sable appear in Playboy, Stacy and Jackie get a bit jealous and we end up with a card filler at Wrestlemania but one that will definitely keep the guys awake and get the girls down the gym the next morning.

The Preview

Why donít they just have an extended advert for the latest edition of Playboy? Well actually it looks as if they have. Only Sable has any wrestling ability but that was a few years ago. Iím not even sure about the face/heel situation here. Sable has been a heel since returning to WWE but since this Playboy shoot seems to be more face now. Jackie and Stacy seem to be the jealous ones so should be the heels, but that doesnít look to be the case anyway. Hey wait a minute! Why am I getting so philosophical about a match that will last about five minutes and just end up with loads of flesh being exposed! And havenít we all seen it before anyway? In terms of Torrie and Sable, weíve definitely seen it ALL!

Whoíll win? Iíll go for Sable and Torrie seeing theyíre the ones with something to promote. We get to see Jackie and Stacy in their underwear (again) and I suppose Sable and Torrie will follow suit anyway!


Wouldnít it be great to see Hogan turn up on Sunday? It wonít happen of course but he should be there. Wrestlemania transformed wrestling and so did Hogan, even if heís not a great wrestler. Go on Vince, get that olive branch out and chuck it in Bret Hartís direction too.




Triple H

Vinceís son-in-law has appeared at the last eight Wrestlemaniaís. Heís won five and lost three.

He was the first heel to ever enter Wrestlemania as champion and leave as champion when he won the Four Corners match at Wrestlemania 2000.

Triple H has never lost a title match at Wrestlemania. He beat Owen Hart for the European title at Wrestlemania XIV, retained his WWF Title at Wrestlemania 2000, won the Undisputed title from Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania XVIII and retained his World Heavyweight Title against Booker T at Wrestlemania XIX.

But it hasnít always been a great event for Hunter. His Wrestlemania debut was against the returning Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania XII and he lost in a couple of minutes. He also lost to Kane at Wrestlemania XV and to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania XVII

Greatest Wrestlemania moments? Winning the Undisputed title against Jericho at Wrestlemania XVIII, Motorhead playing his theme tune at Wrestlemania XVII

Worst Wrestlemania moments? That squash loss to the Warrior!

Shawn Michaels

Shawn has appeared at 11 Wrestlemaniaís, ten as a wrestler and one (Wrestlemania XV) as the President of the WWF.

Heís the only wrestler on this card who appeared at Wrestlemania V, VI and X. Of his ten matches at Wrestlemania heís won just four!

He took part in the first Ladder match at Wrestlemania (WM 10) and the first 60 minute Iron Man Match (WM 12). Heís been in three main events, losing WWF Title matches twice.

Greatest Wrestlemania moments? Winning the WWF Title at WM12 against Bret Hart, the ladder match at WM 10

Worst Wrestlemania moments? Losing to Diesel at WM 11 when everyone thought heíd win the belt, losing the WWF Title to Austin at WM14 and getting hit by Mike Tyson

Chris Benoit

Heís appeared at Wrestlemania three times, in theory heís won one and lost three.  His first appearance was at WM16 in a triple threat match with Jericho and Angle for Angleís European and IC belts. He pinned Jericho to win the IC Belt but was pinned by Jericho for the European title. He lost to Angle at WM17 and last year tagged with Rhyno losing a tag title triple threat match to Team Angle.

Greatest Wrestlemania moment: Winning IC belt at WM16

Worst Wrestlemania moment: Losing to Angle at WM17

The Storyline

Well Triple H and Shawn Michaels have been feuding forever. They were together in D-Generation X but when Michaels lost his WWF Title at WM XIV and was injured, Triple H took over as leader. On his return Triple H turned on Michaels when it looked as if DX was going to be reformed. Itís been non-stop war ever since. Benoit won the Rumble and decided it was the World Heavyweight Title he wanted at Wrestlemania, that upset Michaels who felt he deserved yet another shot at the belt, hence the triple threat.

The Preview

I hate triple threat matches, Ask Kurt Angle heíll tell you why. At WM16 he lost two titles without getting pinned. This title match has more to do with mistrust and egos than anything else. Vince doesnít trust Benoit to carry a main event at Wrestlemania in a singles match with Triple H and Michaels just has to be in the main event at Wrestlemania XX, I wouldnít be surprised if it was in his contract!

As for Triple H, he barely wrestles these days unless itís on a PPV and against someone who heís friends with. Trouble is I see him retaining the belt this Sunday and repeating his feat of WM2000 and going into the card as a heel champ and leaving with the belt the same way.

Will Benoit make Triple H or HBK tap?We all know the next PPV is Backlash and it just happens to be in Benoitís hometown. Benoit gets screwed at Wrestlemania and wins the belt at Backlash, it just looks a little bit too obvious doesnít it. Triple H probably starts having problems with Orton, while Michaels feuds with Benoit. Go on Vince, surprise me!

It should be a great match, Benoit and Michaels never disappoint and surely theyíll carry Triple H to his best performance in ages. I go for Triple H to retain the title probably by pinning Michaels to end that war forever.


You know how they have that segment at the Oscars when they pay tribute to all the greats who have died in the last year? How about doing the same for all the Wrestlemania legends who have passed away? Andre, Rick Rude, Hercules, Mr Perfect, Owen Hart, thatís five for starters. Just a shame itís an even longer list than that though.



The Rock

The Rock has appeared at the last seven Wrestlemaniaís. He may be away most of the time but he always comes back for this one. He has four wins and three defeats.

He made his Wrestlemania debut at WM13 as Rocky Mavia retaining his IC title against The Sultan (aka Rikishi). The following year he beat Ken Shamrock but then lost at Wrestlemania three years on the trot.

The Rock has never won a WWF title match at Wrestlemania. He lost to Austin at WM15 and 17 and the Four Corners match at WM2000 when Vince turned on him.

He has however won at the last two Wrestlemaniaís beating Hogan at WM18 and Austin last year.

Greatest Wrestlemania moments: Beating Hogan at WM18 and laying the peopleís elbow on Stephanie McMahon at WM2000 (well I liked it)

Worst Wrestlemania moments: Losing those title matches, particularly to Austin at WM 17 when Austin joined forces with Mr McMahon.

Mick Foley

Mick has appeared at five Wrestlemaniaís winning two and losing two, in his other appearance he was guest referee of the Shane v Vince match at WM18. He first appeared at WM13 as Mankind losing a tag title match alongside Vader to Owen Hart and the British Bulldog. At WM14 he was Cactus Jack and with Chainsaw Charlie (Terry Funk) won the tag titles from the New Age Outlaws in a Dumpster rules match. At WM 15 as Mankind he beat Big Show and then he made a return to the ring at WM2000 in the Four Corners Title match and lost to Triple H.

Greatest Wrestlemania Moments: Winning the tag titles at WM14 and appearing in the main event at WM2000 something he always dreamed of.

Worst Wrestlemania moments: Losing that title match at WM2000 and being taken to hospital after beating Big Show.

Ric Flair

Flair has never won at Wrestlemania in two appearances. He lost the WWF Title to Randy Savage at WMVIII and then ten years later lost to the Undertaker at WMXVIII

Greatest Wrestlemania moment: Headlining WM VIII

Worst Wrestlemania moments: Never winning and losing the belt at WM VIII

Neither Randy Orton or Batista have wrestled at Wrestlemania though Ortonís father Cowboy Bill Orton wrestled at WM III.

The Storyline

It all goes back to Madison Square Garden where Orton pushed Foley down the stairs. On his return Foley, now co-GM of RAW was set to meet Orton in his comeback match but he just couldnít go though with it and walked out. Since then itís been one beating after another for Foley but now he tags again with The Rock against three members of Evolution in a bid to settle the score.

The Preview

This has been one of the best build-ups, the only problem has been a bit of repetition with Foley being beaten Will Foley have his revenge?up perhaps just one too many times. The return of The Rock will be brief but welcomed. Will it be a great match, well Foley is well past his best and Rock must be a bit ring-rusty, Flair has an injury, Batista has a lot of big muscles and Orton is the next big superstar in WWE. But this is Wrestlemania and Iím sure every effort will be made to make this as entertaining as possible.

I canít see anything but a Rock and Sock win, but how will it end? Will it be Foley pinning Orton or will Rock get the win? More important where does this go next? Will it be Orton v Foley one-on-one at Backlash or will a Foley v Flair feud begin seeing theyíve had some house matches lately and I know Foley would love a run with the legendary Flair.


Hang on a minute isnít there something missing here! Randy Orton just happens to be the WWE Inter-continental Champion so why isnít it being defended at Wrestlemania? I had a feeling that Mick Foley would somehow cost Orton his title before Wrestlemania but that hasnít happened. So here we are at the biggest PPV of all-time and the second most important title in the company isnít even being defended. Think back to all the great IC Title matches at Wrestlemania: Savage v Steamboat, Hart v Piper, the ladder match at WM10 and now nothing. Why bring the belt back if itís going to be treated like this?



Booker T

Booker T has only appeared at two Wrestlemaniaís and has never won. He lost to Edge at WM XVIII then lost a World Title match to Triple H last year.


One appearance winning the IC Title against William Regal at WM XVIII

The Dudleys

Believe it or not but they have never won at Wrestlemania. Theyíve been in three tag titles matches and lost the lot

Neither of the other two teams has ever appeared at Wrestlemania

The Storyline

Basically fit as many teams as you can in a title match to be honest. La Resistance lost a title match in dodgy circumstances so that gets them on the card, Cade and Jindrak and The Dudleys win elimination matches.

The Preview

What does it say when a Fatal Fourway World Tag Title match is completely overshadowed by the Rock and Sock Connection v Evolution. The tag division still sucks on Raw. Booker T and RVD are paired together simply cause Vince doesnít have anything else for them to do. La Resistance are old hat and the anti-French stuff doesnít work when one of them is American, Conway is not Sgt Slaughter! The Dudleys have been champs far too many times and could do with a decent storyline or a trip to Smackdown. Cade and Jindrak are the nearest Raw has to a future for the tag division, I take them to win the belts.



Chris Jericho

Jericho has appeared at the last four Wrestlemaniaís, in theory heís won two and lost three. At WM XVI he won the European title by pinning Benoit but lost the IC Title match when Benoit pinned him. His only other win at Wrestlemania came at WM XVII when he retained the IC belt against William Regal.

He went into WM XVIII as Undisputed Champ but lost the belt to Triple H and last year lost to Shawn Michaels.

Greatest Wrestlemania moment: Winning European Title at WM XVI

Worst Wrestlemania moments: Losing the undisputed title to Triple H and having to put up with Stephanie!


Has appeared at three Wrestlemaniaís and always wins a title at the event.

At WM2000 and WM XVII he won tag team title matches with Edge against the Hardys and the Dudleys. At WM XVIII he lost a European title match to DDP but won the Hardcore Title pinning Mighty Molly only to lose it to Maven.

Greatest Wrestlemania moment: The Ladder Matches with Edge

Worst Wrestlemania Moment: Losing European and Hardcore matches at Wrestlemania XVIII

The Storyline

Blame it all on Trish. Half the Raw brand want to sleep with her (well not actually sleep), the other have probably have! Poor little Chris is in love with her but itís a bumpy road and Christian provides most of the bumps! It all started as a bet, could Chris get Trish in bed before Christian got Lita, but as in all great romantic movies, Jericho fell for the girl.

This has dragged on for ages, too be honest this match could have easily happened after Armageddon when the aggro started to kick in between the besotted Jericho and Christian. Finally Christian turned on Trish and the match was confirmed for Wrestlemania.

The Preview

Will Jericho make Christian tap out?Itís been a long time coming but it should be worth it in the end. These two should put on a good match but I sense a bucket filling moment. I see Christian getting a very dodgy victory, heís used to that but then his beloved Trish will rescue the fallen Jericho and love will most definitely be in the air. Jericho turns full face and the Christian feud rumbles on towards Backlash. Makes sense you know seeing the next PPV just happens to be in Canada, Benoit wins the World Title and an all Canadian main support.


Will Vince make an appearance on Sunday? Love him or hate him, he gave us this great event and he should be there somewhere on Sunday. Look for him to interfere in the Undertaker v Kane match, but please leave Linda off-camera.

VICTORIA V MOLLY HOLLY (Molly has her head shaved if she loses)



Came into Wrestlemania last year as a heel champion and lost it to Trish.

Molly Holly

This is her first in-ring appearance at Wrestlemania. However she did manage to win the Hardcore title from The Hurricane at WM XVIII before losing it on the same night to Christian.

The Storyline

Not a great deal really, you donít get much storyline in the womenís division. Victoria won a number one challengers match ages ago, gradually she turns face, though sheís still a bit loopy, and ends up in a fatal fourway for the belt. Why seeing she was number one challenger I donít know. Anyway, Molly gets eliminated early on and we end up with Victoria v Lita. Vic wins the title, Lita gets frozen out completely and Molly gets more and more jealous ending in a bit of hair pulling. Cue Austin for a lose and you get your hair shaved match at Wrestlemania.

The Preview

No way on earth is Molly going to end up bald. Losing the title is bad enough, not being able to be on the next Divaís shoot is a disaster. Victoria lost her title at last yearís Wrestlemania and itís going to happen all over again. At least both girls can wrestle so itíll be a decent if short match.




Eddie Guerrero

In three appearances at Wrestlemania, Eddie has had just one singles win, that was when he won the European Title from Test at WM XVII. Apart from that heís been in tag matches losing a tag title match last year back when he used to speak to Chavo, and at WM XVI he was part of a Radicals team losing to Chyna (his ex-girlfriend) and Too Cool.

Greatest Wrestlemania moment: Winning the European Title

Worst Wrestlemania moments: Losing to a team that had a woman in it (are Mexicans allowed to do that?) and being in a ridiculously short tag title match at WM XIX

Kurt Angle

Kurt has appeared at 4 Wrestlemaniaís and has never won a title match. At WM XVI he entered the ring as Euro-Continental Champ and saw Benoit and Jericho win his titles without ever getting pinned. Last year of course he lost the WWE Title to Brock Lesnar. His only win at Wrestlemania came against Chris Benoit at WM XVII.

Greatest Wrestlemania Moment: Beating Benoit and wrestling a blinder last year with a really bad neck injury.

Worst Wrestlemania moments: Losing title after title after title.

The Storyline

Never trust a friend, well not in wrestling anyway. Youíd have thought Eddie would have learnt his lesson with Chavo but he never noticed (unlike everyone else) that Kurt Angle wasnít there to help him. After Eddie finally won his WWE Title at No Way Out, Angle was in the wings waiting to challenge him for his title at Wrestlemania, hardly the basis for a continuing friendship is it? Sure enough Vince used the good ref, bad ref storyline again and Angle turned on his buddy. Since then itís been a Ďyouíre not fit to wear the titleí storyline, though if you want to beat people up backstage then does that mean you deserve the belt Kurt?

The Preview

Can Angle win the WWE Title at WrestleMania?I keep changing my mind about the result of this match, in fact Iíll probably change it again before I get to the end of this paragraph. Vince likes having a heel champ, so Kurt will win. Then again, it wonít be much of a title reign if Eddie loses here. Think years ahead as Eddie sits his child on his knee who asks him how he got on as WWE Champ, ĎWell (think of a silly fake Mexican accent for this), I got beat up, thrown out, arrested, beaten up again, put in handcuffs and then I lost the belt at Wrestlemania.í Not impressive is it!

Still not sure whoís going to win, one thing is sure this is a long feud as there isnít a Smackdown PPV next month. I see the belt changing hands a couple of times at least. It will be a great match, both are up for it, think back to the Rumble match on Smackdown, that was a dry run for this match. Whoíll win? Iíll go for (changing my mind about three times) Eddie to keep the belt but not for long.


Can you wait for Monday Night Raw? The fall-out from this event should be awesome. Talking of Raw, just how will Eric Bischoff get humiliated at Wrestlemania, thatís all heís good for these days sadly.




Chavo Guerrero has appeared at one Wrestlemania losing a tag title match with Eddie last year.

Rey Mysterio has appeared just once losing a Cruiserweight Title match to Matt Hardy last year.

Funaki was in the Hardcore Battle Royal at WM XVI

No one else has wrestled on the main Wrestlemania cards where Cruiserweights just donít get the attention they deserve.

The Storyline

Vince wants as many wrestlers on the card as possible, thatís it really.

The Preview

Come on Vince why isnít Paul London on this card? Do you want him to follow Spanky and walk out of WWE? You can afford to lose wrestlers canít you Vince! Rant over. There may be ten wrestlers here, but like a Rumble there are few who can win the match. Chavo, Mysterio, Tajiri and Ultimo Dragon I think are the only four possible winners. Iíd love to see Dragon win, at least he gets to wrestle at MSG. Iíd love also to see some surprises here. How about Hurricane or Spike showing?

Whoís going to win? Well Iíll stick my neck out and say Chavo will keep the belt to give us a worthy champ and a big headed one!



Rikishi has three Wrestlemania appearances all under different names. He was Fatu in the Headshrinkers team that lost to the Steiners at WM IX, then The Sultan losing to Rocky Mavia at WM XIII and then as Rikishi tagging with Kane to beat Road Dogg and X-Pac at WMXVI.

Scotty was part of Too Cool tagging with Chyna to beat The Radicals at WM XVI but before that at WM IV was part of Too Much losing in a Battle Royal for tag teams.

APA have one win and one loss at Wrestlemania, they tagged with Tazz to beat RTC at WM XVII and lost to Billy and Chuck in a four team tag title match at WM XVIII

WGTT were Team Angle last year and won a tag title match against Rhyno/Benoit and Los Guerreros.

The Bashams make their Wrestlemania debuts

The Storyline

Get as many tag teams in the ring as you can. Thatís it basically (but make sure Shaniqua stays in OVW).

The Preview

Can Again a crap tag title match. The Bashams will try their old boring swap routine, Rikishi will try and sit on someone, Scotty will do a wrestlemania worm, Ron Simmons will be another day nearer his retirement and TWGTT will get their belts back. But please, please donít do any more impressions of APA.


My favourite Wrestlemania match? I hate to say this but I really loved the Ultimate Warrior v Randy Savage retirement match at WM VII. As for the new era when cartoon characters are restricted to Roseyís dressing-room, it has to be the TLC matches between Edge and Christian, The Hardy Boyz and the Dudleys.



Big Show

He hates this card, well he likes the pay cheques but Big show has never won at Wrestlemania. Heís lost to Mankind, Kane, The Undertaker (and that was a handicap match with A-Disaster helping the Big Lump) and a Four corners WWF Title match at WM2000.

Greatest Wrestlemania moment: Being in the main event at WM 2000

Worst Wrestlemania moment: Just about every moment of every Wrestlemania heís been in!

John Cena

This is his in-ring debut at Wrestlemania

The Storyline

This seems to have been going on for ages. Basically Cena does a rap insulting Show so many times, the big one gets angry, does that silly snarl that scares no one and hey presto we have a title match.

The Preview

Cena is injured and so is Big Show. Donít expect a classic, well Big Show is in it so you werenít anyway were you. Cena said heíd headline WM XX, well this is as good as it gets. Heíll win the belt thatís for sure.

So thatís the preview over. Wrestlemania is a special event, legends are made and you canít say that about many PPVís. Itís time to wallow in the many memories we have of Wrestlemania, the highs, the lows (who mentioned the midgets match at WM3). On Sunday, it all starts again, canít wait.

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Stephen Ashfield


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WWE Undertaker's Deadliest Matches DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 09/26/2010 10:37 PMWWE Best PPV Matches of the Year 2009-2010 DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 09/01/2010 9:00 PMWWE Live in the UK (April 2010) DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 08/17/2010 10:39 PMWWE Wrestlemania 26 DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 08/07/2010 11:28 PMWWE Rumble Road: Untold Stories from Outside the Ring Book ReviewBy Dante Spears - 08/07/2010 10:56 PMWWE Elimination Chamber 2010 DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 07/28/2010 8:25 PMWWE Royal Rumble 2010 DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 07/25/2010 11:23 AMWWE Hart & Soul: The Hart Family Anthology DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 07/15/2010 10:30 PMWWE: Shawn Michaels - My Journey DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 06/07/2010 8:08 PMWWE: John Morrison - Rock Star DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 05/23/2010 11:12 AM
WWE Title Belts: A Guide to the GoldBy Beltmark - 09/19/2007 4:02 PMRIP Brian ďCrushĒ AdamsBy Steve McLaren - 08/16/2007 11:52 PMT3C: The History of WrestleManiaBy Stephen Ashfield - 04/04/2009 10:00 PMHulk Hogan ProfileBy Dan - 07/13/2004 11:00 PMBrock Lesnar ProfileBy Mitchell Jones - 08/25/2003 12:00 AMIceberg Slim InterviewBy Aaron Spencer - 07/27/2003 12:00 AMDeath in WrestlingBy Draven Cage - 01/17/2010 1:44 AMUltimate Warrior ProfileBy Dan - 04/24/2005 11:00 PMThe History of the WWE Royal RumbleBy Stephen Ashfield - 01/30/2010 12:27 AMEddie 'Umaga' Fatu ObituaryBy TheBigBoot - 12/06/2009 1:27 PM
WWE Undertaker's Deadliest Matches DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 09/26/2010 10:37 PMWWE Best PPV Matches of the Year 2009-2010 DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 09/01/2010 9:00 PMWWE Live in the UK (April 2010) DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 08/17/2010 10:39 PMWWE Wrestlemania 26 DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 08/07/2010 11:28 PMWWE Rumble Road: Untold Stories from Outside the Ring Book ReviewBy Dante Spears - 08/07/2010 10:56 PMWWE Elimination Chamber 2010 DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 07/28/2010 8:25 PMWWE Royal Rumble 2010 DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 07/25/2010 11:23 AMWWE Hart & Soul: The Hart Family Anthology DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 07/15/2010 10:30 PMWWE: Shawn Michaels - My Journey DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 06/07/2010 8:08 PMWWE: John Morrison - Rock Star DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 05/23/2010 11:12 AM
WWF Hardcore ReviewBy Dan - 08/09/2003 11:00 PMThe History of the Intercontinental Championship DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 01/11/2009 12:01 PMWWE Evils of 2003By Simon Lamb - 01/03/2004 12:00 AMTLW: Observations on the Wrestling World...By Tony Cottam - 02/10/2004 12:00 AMWWE Royal Rumble 2010 DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 07/25/2010 11:23 AMWWE No Way Out 2008 DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 07/13/2008 5:15 PMWWE One Night Stand 2008 DVD ReviewBy Draven Cage - 12/09/2008 7:25 PMTLW: The Christmas ListBy Tony Cottam - 12/23/2003 12:00 AMManaging The DamageBy The Cynic - 10/06/2003 11:00 PMWilliam Regal Interview - Part 1By Adam Sibley - 05/01/2005 11:00 PM
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WWE Friday Night SmackDown November 26, 2010 Detailed ResultsBy Cassidy Haslett - 11/27/2010 4:59 AM WWE Superstars November 25, 2010 Detailed ResultsBy Cassidy Haslett - 11/26/2010 3:02 AM WWE NXT November 23, 2010 Detailed ResultsBy Cassidy Haslett - 11/24/2010 9:21 PM WWE: RAW Rating for November 22, 2010By Cassidy Haslett - 11/24/2010 8:24 PM WWE: Legend & WWE Agent/Producer Suffers A Heart Attack!By Cassidy Haslett - 11/23/2010 7:29 PM WWE: SmackDown Writer & Occasional TV Character Leaves The WWE!By Cassidy Haslett - 11/23/2010 7:07 PM WWE Monday Night RAW November 22, 2010 Detailed ResultsBy Cassidy Haslett - 11/23/2010 4:27 AM WWE Survivor Series 2010 Detailed ResultsBy Cassidy Haslett - 11/22/2010 4:05 AM WWE Spoilers: Final Card for WWE Survivor Series!By Cassidy Haslett - 11/21/2010 10:22 PM WWE Week In Review: November 14, 2010- November 20, 2010By Cassidy Haslett - 11/21/2010 9:02 PM
WWE: Updates on Chris Benoit's DeathBy Kam - 06/26/2007 10:56 AM WWE: Pay-Per-View Schedule for 2009By Cassidy Haslett - 12/03/2008 8:16 PM WWE: Legend & WWE Agent/Producer Suffers A Heart Attack!By Cassidy Haslett - 11/23/2010 7:29 PM Ultimate Warrior's ex wife makes strong allegations against him in new tell all bookBy Nemesis Enforcer - 10/08/2008 9:15 PM WWE: When Will The Undertaker Return?By Cassidy Haslett - 06/09/2008 8:23 PM WWE: 10 wrestler's suspendedBy Nemesis Enforcer - 08/30/2007 8:30 PM WWE: Poster for WWE Night of Champions 2008By Cassidy Haslett - 05/02/2008 11:25 PM WWE: Lita on Playboy, her ring name...By Chris Dewing - 01/16/2004 7:06 PM WWE Night of Champions 2009 ResultsBy Cassidy Haslett - 07/27/2009 3:16 AM WWE SummerSlam 2009 Detailed ResultsBy Cassidy Haslett - 08/24/2009 3:08 AM
WWE Friday Night SmackDown November 26, 2010 Detailed ResultsBy Cassidy Haslett - 11/27/2010 4:59 AM WWE Superstars November 25, 2010 Detailed ResultsBy Cassidy Haslett - 11/26/2010 3:02 AM WWE NXT November 23, 2010 Detailed ResultsBy Cassidy Haslett - 11/24/2010 9:21 PM WWE: RAW Rating for November 22, 2010By Cassidy Haslett - 11/24/2010 8:24 PM WWE: Legend & WWE Agent/Producer Suffers A Heart Attack!By Cassidy Haslett - 11/23/2010 7:29 PM WWE: SmackDown Writer & Occasional TV Character Leaves The WWE!By Cassidy Haslett - 11/23/2010 7:07 PM WWE Monday Night RAW November 22, 2010 Detailed ResultsBy Cassidy Haslett - 11/23/2010 4:27 AM WWE Survivor Series 2010 Detailed ResultsBy Cassidy Haslett - 11/22/2010 4:05 AM WWE Spoilers: Final Card for WWE Survivor Series!By Cassidy Haslett - 11/21/2010 10:22 PM WWE Week In Review: November 14, 2010- November 20, 2010By Cassidy Haslett - 11/21/2010 9:02 PM
WWE RAW December 1, 2008 ResultsBy Cassidy Haslett - 12/02/2008 5:16 AM WWE NXT April 6, 2010 Detailed ResultsBy Cassidy Haslett - 04/07/2010 3:29 AM WWE: RAW Rating for March 24, 2008By Cassidy Haslett - 03/26/2008 12:03 AM TNA: Card for Oct 29thBy Mitchell Jones - 10/25/2003 2:10 PM Big WWE News: Chris Jericho Leaving The WWE?By Cassidy Haslett - 07/16/2010 7:48 PM WWE: Honeymoon May Cause Todd Grisham To Miss Next Week's SmackDown TapingBy Nemesis Enforcer - 10/14/2009 8:00 PM TNA: Final card for Bound For Glory PPVBy Nemesis Enforcer - 10/10/2008 6:32 PM TNA: Latest Card For Final Resolution PPVBy Devilish Angel - 01/05/2007 4:26 PM WWE Week In Review: July 18, 2010- July 24, 2010By Cassidy Haslett - 07/24/2010 7:28 PM WWE Spoilers: Update on the WWE Title Match at No MercyBy Cassidy Haslett - 10/04/2007 9:22 PM
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SSP#28: WWE Money in the Bank 2010 PredictionsBy Edgedogg - 07/18/2010 12:56 PMSSP#27: WWE Fatal 4 Way Predictions By Edgedogg - 06/20/2010 10:10 AMRuses Raw Review: 31st May 2010By David Ruse - 06/01/2010 9:28 PMSSP#26: WWE Over the Limit 2010 PredictionsBy Edgedogg - 05/23/2010 10:45 AMRuses WWE Raw Review: 3rd May 2010By David Ruse - 05/08/2010 12:20 AMRuses WWE Extreme Rules 2010 ReviewBy David Ruse - 04/26/2010 11:05 PMSSP#25: WWE Extreme Rules PredictionsBy Edgedogg - 04/21/2010 8:55 PMRuses WWE Raw Review: 12th April 2010By David Ruse - 04/16/2010 10:12 PMSSP#24: My WWE Wrestlemania 26 ExperienceBy Edgedogg - 04/11/2010 8:22 PMRuses WWE Raw Review: 5th April 2010By David Ruse - 04/07/2010 9:12 PM
SSP: My WWE WrestleMania 25 WeekendBy Edgedogg - 04/22/2009 10:28 PMSSP#19: WWE Royal Rumble 2010 Predictions, Good Idea Bad Idea and the SSP Top TenBy Edgedogg - 01/17/2010 1:36 AMThe Rumor Mill- Featuring WWE Release Rumors and Possible Reasons for Recent ReleasesBy The Informant - 03/04/2010 10:36 PMRuses WWE Extreme Rules 2010 ReviewBy David Ruse - 04/26/2010 11:05 PMTSC: WWF Royal Rumble 1988By The Beltster - 01/22/2008 8:03 PMSSP#21: WWE Elimination Chamber 2010 PredictionsBy Edgedogg - 02/19/2010 11:32 PMSSP #8: Shawn Michaels at WrestlemaniaBy Edgedogg - 03/26/2009 10:41 PMSSP #2: The Undertaker and his WrestleMania Undefeated StreakBy Edgedogg - 02/01/2009 2:11 PMCBlog #52- WWE Royal Rumble Predictions, Raw Guest Hosts and WrestleMania 26By Cassidy Haslett - 01/25/2010 10:11 PMCBlog #49 - WWE Iron Man Match HistoryBy Cassidy Haslett - 10/24/2009 11:13 PM
CBlog IX- Chris Benoit By Cassidy Haslett - 06/26/2007 10:29 PMWWE's CensorshipBy Guest Blogger - 03/30/2009 1:02 AMCBlog XLV - Jeff Hardy, Linda McMahon, TNA Releases and more!By Cassidy Haslett - 09/17/2009 9:57 PMCBlog #46: Lilian Garcia, The Undertaker and Rey MysterioBy Cassidy Haslett - 09/24/2009 8:16 PMCBlog #48- CM Punk, John Cena and WWE Hell in a CellBy Cassidy Haslett - 10/08/2009 10:08 PMWWE 2009 Slammy Awards - My WinnersBy David Ruse - 12/14/2009 1:51 AMWWE: My Hopes For 2010By David Ruse - 01/11/2010 1:19 AMSSP#19: WWE Royal Rumble 2010 Predictions, Good Idea Bad Idea and the SSP Top TenBy Edgedogg - 01/17/2010 1:36 AMSSP#21: WWE Elimination Chamber 2010 PredictionsBy Edgedogg - 02/19/2010 11:32 PMSSP#23: WWE Wrestlemania 26 PredictionsBy Edgedogg - 03/19/2010 11:18 PM
CBlog XXVII- RAW, SmackDown and No MercyBy Cassidy Haslett - 09/18/2008 6:05 PMCBlog IIIBy Cassidy Haslett - 05/27/2007 12:55 PMTSC: No Holds BarredBy The Beltster - 01/06/2008 1:22 PMSmark Business #1: TNA = Totally Not A (Success)By M1TCH3LL - 08/13/2007 12:03 AMCBlog XXXVI- Thoughts on WWE No Way Out 2009By Cassidy Haslett - 02/16/2009 9:40 PMCBlog XVIII- WWE Releases Seven Superstars By Cassidy Haslett - 08/08/2008 11:34 PMThe Rumor Mill: Featuring Chris Hero, Yoshi Tatsu, Rev. Al Sharpton and More.By The Informant - 10/01/2009 8:59 PMWWE: Too Many PPVs?By David Ruse - 11/15/2009 5:12 PMWWE DVD Review: Hell in a CellBy Caliber Winfield - 02/08/2009 2:55 PMCBlog XV- SummerSlam, Steroids, & SuspensionsBy Cassidy Haslett - 08/31/2007 6:49 PM
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