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TNA: "Against All Odds" Results 12/02/06
by Devilish Angel on 13 February 2006 2:13 pm

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By: Marcus Cygy

The second annual TNA "Against All Odds" Pay-Per-View opened tonight with the 30-Minute Free Preshow hosted by Jeremy Borash!

We started off by reviewing the comments made by both Jeff Jarrett and Christian Cage concerning the events leading up to tonight’s match for the NWA World Heavyweight Title.

David Penzer now introduced our first competitors opening up tonight’s broadcast.


Before the match even got started, all members of Team Canada were sent to the back. This match was of really high importance for Ron “The Truth” Killings because he’s still in proving grounds with being back in singles competition. The former 2-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion was keeping the big powerhouse in A1 grounded as much as he could. He used such great agility and athleticism in taking A1 down with spinning kicks. In the end, it was the Axe Kick putting A1 in a dormant state for the victory.

Winner: Ron “The Truth” Killings


Shannon Moore began this match off against the follower of Raven, Cassidy Riley. Riley showed great aerial ability by hitting off a moonsault off the ropes early on. Shark Boy was then tagged in to take a bite out of David Young. He suffered a few puncture wounds by Shark Boy stemming off a few misses by David Young including a missed leg drop from the top rope, but his spinebuster was the only thing not missed. Elix Skipper then took a tag that Shannon Moore wanted. Primetime had the offensive momentum and gave a quick tag back to David Young and again Moore wanted the tag but didn’t get it. Just after a mid-ring clothesline by Young, he tagged Skipper yet again. At this point “The Prince of Punk” was growing infuriated and blindly tagged Skipper to get himself in. He t-boned Shark Boy right overhead and followed up with a variation of the abdominal stretch. Lance Hoyt later came in during some miscommunication on the opposing team and took everyone out. Cassidy Riley also came in and at this point everything was let loose. Riley took a hard fall outside and then out of nowhere, Shannon Moore threw his own members out of the ring and went for a single leg crab on Hoyt to try and get the win. Skipper broke that and then suffered the Texas Towerbomb as Shannon Moore was seen heading to the back.

Winners: Lance Hoyt, Shark Boy, & Cassidy Riley

JB was backstage with Larry Zbyszko in his office along with Dave Hebner. Larry told us that tonight for Jeff Jarrett vs. Christian Cage there would be no interference, no illegal weapons used, and the referee situation is taken care of. Jeremy Borash asked about the referee situation but Larry and Dave Hebner had to leave to take care of some other important business.

The paid portion of tonight’s “Against All Odds” Pay-Per-View now kicked off with footage from earlier tonight showing the arrivals of Christian Cage and Jeff Jarrett. D’Amore told Eric Young not to mention about Sting, not tonight. Jarrett said life is good without Sting and that’s when Eric Young got worried, he had to let Jarrett know that Sting isn’t gone and he did as you could see D’Amore behind Jarrett doing hand motions to zip it. Jarrett reiterated just like time after time that Sting is finished and gone for good. He made Eric Young repeat his words to get it straight in his head.

The fans now erupted before a fireworks display signifying the official start of tonight's Pay-Per-View!

It was a rematch stemming from the beginning of the Tag Team Tournament on iMPACT! two weeks ago on Spike TV. The former 2-time NWA World Tag Team Champions, The Naturals were quick to dominate this match in the opening minutes. From clotheslines to double team suplexes, they were on top. Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens traded off with quick tags while they worked on taking down Austin Aries. With Austin Aries and Roderick Strong though, the squeaky wheel gets the grease when it comes to tight situations and tonight is no exception. During each pin attempt by The Naturals, we saw either Roderick Strong or Austin Aries coming in for the save. This caused Douglas to knock the two out while Chase Stevens hit off a Shooting Star Press taking them down. During the later parts of this match, Austin Aries and Roderick Strong began to change the complexion of this match in their favour. Austin Aries went through the ropes like a bullet onto Chase Stevens sending his head down hard on the concrete flooring. It became a match of dirty tactics enabling domination on the part of Aries and Strong. The Naturals had one more burst of momentum in their engine but the fuel was all burnt out when Chase Stevens was knocked to the outside and the double team on Andy Douglas was performed. Later though, Austin found himself in the Natural Disaster and just like two weeks ago, Roderick Strong pulled Andy out and Austin tried the roll up pin with the ropes assist but the referee caught that this time. Seconds later, the Natural Disaster was successfully executed for the victory.

Winners: The Naturals

Backstage was Jeremy Borash with America’s Most Wanted and Team Canada in the locker room. Chris Harris guaranteed victory against Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt tonight. Scott D’Amore later wanted a public apology from Gail Kim and received it. D’Amore had the tape that he received from Alex Shelley. Larry Z along with Dave Hebner by his side told all members in the locker room that if anyone interferes tonight for the NWA World Heavyweight Title match that they would be fired from TNA.

It was now time for four hungry men to enter the six sided ring. This is their time to shine and prove to TNA management that they have what it takes to be contenders for the X-Division Championship too. Their time is now!

Before the match got started, Matt Bentley jumped over the guardrail and participated with the fans in the Bentley Bounce. Petey Williams began the match against Matt Bentley as the two traded off various moves and counters with Bentley getting the upper momentum stemming off of a vertical suplex. Petey later went to sing O’ Canada but Traci appeared to be a distraction for him and that allowed Matt Bentley to gain back his advantage in the match. Alex Shelley was now in the ring on the receiving end of Bentley’s deep arm drag. Jay Lethal shortly thereafter got his first taste in the match against Alex Shelley as he started with a leg sweep and the two began to mirror image each other with their moves and that received an ovation from the fans. Petey Williams and Alex Shelley began to form a double team program against Jay Lethal midway through the match. With all the abuse Jay Lethal was receiving, he wasn’t going to give up. Petey and Shelley continued their unofficial teamwork on Jay. Matt Bentley stood in his corner while the fight was occurring, he was playing his cards right in a situation like this because it’s really every man for himself in the end. Petey and Shelley then broke into an argument and before you know it, Matt Bentley was there to break that up and now he was in favour of winning this match. Just after a suplex by Lethal on Shelley into a pinning position, Matt Bentley hit off an elbow from the top rope and now this match was anyone’s ball game. The match took a turn once Bentley was sent out with Lethal then taking Shelley and Petey out. Shelley however with his European mixed style took Jay over the rope and into a DDT. Petey later motioned for the Canadian Destroyer on Bentley and that’s when Jackie Gayda came down and slapped Alex Shelley. Petey was laughing at Shelley as Jay Lethal came in and took advantage with a pin on Petey for the win after being flipped over by Bentley.

Winner: Jay Lethal

For the better part of 2005 we have seen the consistent roller coaster going up and down the tracks when it came to the 3Live Kru’s loyalty towards one another. Then later with the addition of Kip James, it became the 4Live Kru. However, that contiguous agreement of four wasn’t seen fit for Konnan and the group quickly disbanded late 2005. Not even the help of one “Bullet” Bob Armstrong could feather back the crew, so Konnan founded a new familia in LAX with Apolo and Homicide while BG James went back to his roots with Kip James to form The James Gang. Ron “The Truth” Killings was the only one that had enough of this situation and had the move on, he’s the lone dove now on the highroad trying to get his shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Title again someday. But tonight reputations and bragging rights are on the line, can The James Gang surpass the odds of numbers against The Latin American Express, or will they fall victim and lose their coveted fame? It’s the Challenge Match of The Latin American Express vs. The James Gang next!


Before Kip James could get some words in on the microphone after BG James, it was LAX coming in for the behind the back attack. Once the dust was settled, Kip James started the match against Homicide. Moments later, Machete, the newest member of LAX then had his first share of action against BG James in his TNA debut. Konnan continually tried getting his cheap shots in whenever he could so The James Gang used the strategy of keeping their opponents in their corner of the six sided ring. Homicide ran into the ring though and together with Machete they threw Kip out of the ring and that’s when Konnan was able to get his cheap shots in again. It was the unfair numbers game enforced as usual. Konnan later was seen biting Kip James when the referee was trying to put BG back in his corner. The LAX was just going at The James Gang with gutless aggression but in the end it was the Pump Handle Slam on BG's behalf that won the match for The James Gang.

Winners: The James Gang

After the match, Konnan was treating BG James with such disrespect right in his face. The 60+ year old man, "Bullet" Bob Armstrong then came into the match, the father of BG. Bob challenged Konnan but he chickened out and left with his familia.

Ever since the fans decided for Team 3D to face Team Canada, AMW have been left without opponents for Against All Odds and various teams came at Larry Zbyszko to try and freely pick up the title shot against America’s Most Wanted. Not that easy boys – Larry created a tournament that took place over the course of the past two weeks which saw Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt overcoming Austin Aries & Roderick Strong in the final of the 4-Team Tournament. Will America’s Most Wanted continue their dominance in the tag team ranks or will Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt pull a shocker against these odds and bring the NWA World Tag Team Titles to the X-Division? Find out next!


James Storm started with Chris Sabin and he tried hooking the ankle but Sabin was too quick and dodged every attempt. He then tagged Sonjay in because of Storm’s game plan. Later Sabin was back in the match but his offensive advantage was not for long because Chris Harris from the outside dragged him down and hit his ankle on the steel ring post. Sabin was down and had to be brought in by Chris Harris. He continued turning his ankle in awkward positions within the ring and even twisting his ankle around the ropes. This ankle injury is just fresh off of last night's iMPACT! broadcast when Sabin went for an airborne drop kick that saw his foot catch the ring canvas. Chris Harris later took the guard off Sabin’s ankle and continued to work on it with no resilience. The focus of the match for AMW became all about Chris Sabin’s ankle. He couldn’t even stand anymore and referee Rudy Charles was there to check if he wanted to still compete. Sabin was later finally able to tag in Sonjay Dutt and he went crazy. He was going to try and win the NWA World Tag Team Titles all by himself now and he sprang off the ropes with a moonsault taking AMW down. Sonjay had a few opportunities including the revolutions around a Catatonic attempted by Harris followed with a Tornado DDT by Sabin on a steel chair. That counted for a near fall by Sonjay and now AMW were scrambling for any advantage they could get. Sabin tried helping whenever he could but Storm caught Sonjay with the Super Kick followed with the Death Sentence for the win as they retain the titles.

Winners & STILL NWA World Tag Team Champions: America’s Most Wanted

After the match AMW handcuffed Sonjay Dutt in the corner and now it was time for a little post match beat down. Harris was going to use the chair but Sabin came for the save and that was bail time for AMW.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett guaranteed that Monty Brown would be next in line for an NWA World Heavyweight Championship bout once he beats Christian Cage tonight. A decision made by Jarrett with the overshadowing of Monty Brown during an interview with Jeremy Borash.

It has become a usual routine for one “Monster” Abyss and another “War Machine” Rhino to go into a match as one person, and leave a match as another. Both competitors leave their mark and gain a new mark one way or another and tonight’s mark for the fans will be no exception. Both vow to destroy each other in the most gruesome way with pain. Many other men cannot ease in such pain as these two are willing to endure, and tonight Rhino and Abyss are those two competitors that will be battling for soul supremacy stopping at nothing to gain their victory and move up the ranks in TNA – even if it means battling all over Universal Studios. It’s a true testament value showing just how motivated you can be in TNA when verging on at a chance for wrestling’s top prize. Two weeks ago we saw Rhino deliver The Gore to Abyss through the entrance set wall, what can top that tonight? These are their battlegrounds and next up it’s a War Machine attempting to tame a Monster in a Falls Count Anywhere match!


Rhino ran straight into the ring and the match was underway right at that second with Rhino reigning blows on Abyss. This match quickly went into the crowd as Abyss threw Rhino into the wall you could hear Mike Tenay and Don West saying they could feel the vibration of that impact intrigued by such a monster like Abyss. The War Machine afterwards found time to go shopping under the ring as he got a garbage can, kendo stick, and a trophy. Later though, Rhino suffered from a trash can hit across the head followed with several kendo stick hits repeatedly being driven across the back of Rhino by Abyss. Rhino was now bleeding from his forehead and went for shot after shot with a cookie sheet. Shortly after, Rhino equalized his pain for Abyss by placing the trophy between Abyss’ legs and hitting it down full force with a baseball bat. “The Monster” Abyss quickly later setup a few tables at the back of the arena by the stage. Rhino was regaining himself after a suplex outside the ring as Abyss now had four tables setup in stacks of twos. James Mitchell was directing Abyss to now throw Rhino through these tables and he tried but Rhino countered. Rhino took Abyss outside to the back and they tried hitting each other with the baseball bat but they both missed and hit a car that was parked. Somebody’s going to be mad to see their car with baseball bat dents on the side. They two combatants then went back to the ring with Rhino being sent through a table for a near fall. Rhino sent Abyss thereafter through a table with The Gore before he could open the thumbtacks bag that he was handed by James Mitchell. They then went to a precarious position to the top of the bleachers above the four tables stacked. Abyss then busted the side of the wall holding the fans up high so he could throw Rhino down. Abyss ended up tasting the wood when though Rhino sent him down with the Gore from the top of the bleachers! Rhino got the pinfall and the win in this all-out annihilation matchup!

Winner: Rhino

After the match, medical staff attended to Abyss. He was out unconscious and in serious pain.

After an interview backstage with Samoa Joe, we were brought back live for our next match as Abyss was just being brought back up.

Up next is the Triple Threat Match for the X-Division Championship featuring three unstoppable men.

These three men are of X-Division Championship stature and are seemingly unbreakable. They proved that on September 11, 2005 when TNA presented Unbreakable on Pay-Per-View. It was one of the most physical enduring matches in the history of TNA. Only one came out victorious that night though and it was 2005’s Mr. TNA himself, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles when he pinned Christopher Daniels with Samoa Joe knocked to the outside and looking on in disperse. Samoa Joe was so infuriated with the loss that he took it out on Christopher Daniels in November at Genesis with a vicious attack. He took a steel chair and drove Christopher Daniels’ head into it with running kicks and the finale being Muscle Buster that saw Daniels find himself out of action for a month with a concussion. Samoa Joe broke the code of the X-Division that night and AJ Styles was adherent in voicing his displeasure about that, but Samoa Joe brushed it off and continued on next month at Final Resolution against the early return of Christopher Daniels. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels had just become good friends with a common bond of shutting down Samoa Joe. That night of Final Resolution however, Samoa Joe was above par on the superior factor as he went for Daniels’ one weakness, his head. AJ Styles, who had just lost the X-Division Title to Samoa Joe the previous month at Turning Point, had no other choice but to throw in the white towel on behalf of The Fallen Angel’s welfare. He did it for his family but that didn’t bold to well with Christopher Daniels, thus leading to the break of short-lived friendship.

AJ Styles now had the next shot in line against Samoa Joe for the X-Division Championship and that had Daniels provoke Larry Zbyszko. Daniels wanted his rematch against Joe because he claimed AJ stole that away from him. Larry Zbyszko wasn’t going to play favourites here so he ended that confrontation fast and entered Christopher Daniels into the match and since then, fans have been claiming this match to be the “Match of the Year” candidate for 2006.

These three warriors are going to keep going until their bodies have been broken in half, but to just think the match can end on any single pin or submission. A pin came out of no where back at Unbreakable and now with that experience, you have to know that Samoa Joe will be at presence in almost every opportunity and probably with the plan of trying to end this match as quickly as possible. He’s not about the fame; he’s about winning and destruction. He has no feelings; he’s just a Samoan Submission Machine looking for blood for he is unbeaten, untamed, and unstoppable; watch him unleash hell on his opponents tonight! AJ Styles on the other hand has five X-Division Titles under his belt so with that experience and unpredictability with his agile abilities, there’s no doubt that AJ Styles can walk out as the 6-time champion. Then there’s Christopher Daniels who could seemingly walk in and steal this one. He has the brains in this match with his quick nature, he could very well walk out as the new champion too.

That is their story, but now it’s time to write the transient next chapter. It’s Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels for the X-Division Championship next an Against All Odds!


It was every man for himself once that bell rang. Daniels was first on the receiving end of Joe’s physically dominant style with bumps and bruises. AJ later connected all two of them with drop kicks followed with a backbreaker on his knee to Daniels. Daniels took a break by going to the outside as Joe planted AJ Styles with a front suplex and a stiff kick to the chest. Daniels using his brains came in with the sneak attack. Daniels was going at Joe with some forearms and a high running knee. Outside, Daniels tried going high risk through the ropes by Joe slapped his head hard as he was attempting the move to the outside. AJ Styles made it one of one with Christopher Daniels for a moment by sending Joe into the guardrail – something that enabled AJ Styles to win this match back at the "Unbreakable" Pay-Per-View back in September 2005 so now with the experience of such a match, Samoa Joe was quick to get in the ring and join in on a submission hold that AJ and Daniels had on each other. It was a submission circle. Later, Joe charged at Christopher Daniels in the corner with a running sidestep face wash. Joe continued his momentum by catching AJ in midair and sending him back down almost on his neck in a choke slam motion. Samoa Joe was so dominant; he even went above and over the ropes taking AJ and Daniels down like bowling pins. Then later on while Samoa Joe had The Fallen Angel in a sleeper hold, AJ came at them and clotheslined Daniels and that also had Joe sending him back in a suplex to which Daniels landed right on his neck and head. Much later in the match, Daniels was taking AJ down for an STO but the force exerted from the move was that much more when Joe came from behind with a running kick, followed with a knee drop on Christopher’s head. The BME by Christopher Daniels was not enough to end Samoa Joe’s winning streak. Daniels was then receiving a punishment again by Joe and time after time on the brink of defeat, Daniels kicks out. These three men were pouring their sweat and tears into this one, such a gruesome match with no weapons used, their wrestling abilities are the weapons in this match. In the end though, the Muscle Buster was the answer on AJ Styles as Christopher Daniels this time looked on in despair. He was saying it’s not over and that he’s still alive.

Winner & STILL TNA X-Division Champion: Samoa Joe

During Team 3D and AMW’s on going battles in recent months, Team Canada has been right there on the forefront assisting AMW on their goals scored so to speak. Well tonight, the fans have made their decision for Team 3D to prove Team Canada guilty and send them back to their country. Then after Team 3D defeats the odds of Team Canada members; they can be the judge, jury, and execution against America’s Most Wanted in the future to come. There’s no doubt that numbers will be in the advantage of Team Canada tonight, but Team 3D have their never quit attitudes on tonight. It’s Team 3D vs. Team Canada right now!


This match was an all out brawl right from the get go. Brother Ray said moments before this match in a microphone that in life there’s death and taxes, but tonight there’s death, taxes, and tables and tonight Team Canada’s blood will be spilled. Brother Ray and Devon were on the brink of closing this match up earlybut that’s when Scott D’Amore came into play. He took the bandage off of Devon’s head and added insult to injury as they reopened the cut thanks to the steel steps. D’Amore and Roode were then humiliating Brother Devon by holding the "Tag Team of the Year" plaque and forcing his head to scrape on it with Roode’s foot pushing his head on it. He was split open. The Canadian Enforcer wasn’t letting up, he was working Devon in so he couldn’t get back to make that tag. Eric Young now had his turn but before you know it, Bobby Roode was back in the ring and dropped his fist on Devon off the top rope followed with an elbow by Young from the top. Brother Ray tried coming for the save but Roode held Devon there and just taunted him. Much later though, Brother Ray finally caught the tag and went for a cross body slam taking Roode and Young down. The double team move though by the Canadians was quick to come into play. Eric Young then suffered from a vertical suplex from the top of the rope engaged by Brother Ray. Moments later, Roode hit Ray across the back with a hockey stick, then Young caught canvas with a moonsault ultimately leading to the 3D with the win for Team 3D after Roode was sent out the ring!

Winners: Team 3D

After the match, the numbers game was definitely against Team 3D as America’s Most Wanted came down to setup a table but Ron Killings came in for the save and now the tables were reversed to speak. Ron Killings drove Eric Young right through the table with a leg drop from the top.

For weeks on end it has been Jeff Jarrett claiming Christian Cage to be nothing more than a comedy act mid-carder at best. Well tonight in this main event match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, Christian Cage is looking to surmount those odds and finally become a World Heavyweight Champion for the very first time in his illustrious career. Christian has made it very clear that he will settle for nothing less than walking out of Against All Odds as the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion. He has also claimed that the interference will be taken care of because the referee situation for this match is taken care of. While Christian Cage seemingly his master plan ready, one has got to bet that Jeff Jarrett has his too. Jeff Jarrett is no walk in the park for important bouts like these; he’s managed to one up people like Kevin Nash, Diamond Dallas Page, and Rhino in big match situations. It’s “The King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett vs. “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship next!


The referee announced for this match was none other than one of the most controversial referees in the history of professional wrestling, Earl Hebner. The match started with a quick pace with each combatant getting an attempted pin on each other. They both got to their feet and circled before going back at each other. Christian Cage was in full effect with all the Peeps in the Peep Zone giving their full support towards him. Christian however crashed and burned on an attempted high-risk move to the outside that had him eat the guardrail. Later, Jarrett catapulted Christian into the announcer’s table at ringside. Jeff Jarrett brought Cage back in the ring and received a near fall count by referee, Earl Hebner. In a situation later that involved both Jarrett and Earl, Jarrett wasn’t willing to break off of choking Christian on the ropes as that resulted in some pushing and shoving between Jarrett and Earl. Then when Earl Hebner wasn’t looking, Gail Kim came in with a hurricanrana on Christian Cage. Later though, Christian got the edge back in his favour by countering Jeff and hitting a powerbomb, followed with the figure four locked in. Gail Kim being the difference maker took Jeff’s arm and put it on the rope. Christian told Earl that Gail did such an act but he never saw it. Then Jarrett locked in the Sharpshooter and it became almost a mirror image to the incident at the 1997 event in Montreal involving Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels but not quite since Earl didn’t ring the bell as Christian told Earl, “Don’t you dare do it”, while being locked in the Sharpshooter. Christian was able to reverse and break out of the Sharpshooter and later get back to work with some cockiness involved now because of such a high adrenaline rush he was getting. Earl later went down after being accidentally hit in the ankle and Jarrett then with Gail holding Christian at the top of the rope was able to hit of The Stroke from the top. Hebner then counted and it was a 2-count. The Christian Coalition was now back in full support but Jarrett then Irish whipped Christian into the corner, thus knocking Earl out with contact to his head. Christian Cage after delivered an Unprettier but the delay of time for Mark “Slick” Johnson to come in and count enabled Jarrett to kick out. Jarrett moments later kicked Christian between the legs and referee, Johnson was going to disqualify him but instead Jarrett kicked him where it counts as well and now he was out too. Jarrett then ate steal chair and there was no one to count the pin besides the Peeps in attendance. A momentary distraction from Gail Kim then allowed Jarrett to smash Christian across the head with a guitar. Christian Cage kicked out of the pin that the now conscious Earl Hebner counted. An Unprettier was then planted on both Gail Kim and Jeff Jarrett as Christian Cage pinned Jarrett with almost lifeless Earl Hebner to making the count. It was a 1, 2, and 3 that had Christian Cage declared the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion and third Canadian in history to hold the most prestigious prize in professional wrestling! – He’s the first Canadian to hold the belt since 1987!

Winner & NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion: "Captain Charisma" Christian Cage

“Captain Charisma” Christian Cage has done it, he is our new NWA World Heavyweight Champion! After the match, fans within the Peep Zone all gathered inside the ring and celebrated with the new champion in closing of Against All Odds! It was a roar of emotion and adrenaline rush that was cumulated over the last 12 years of Christian’s career only to be released and celebrated tonight on February 12, 2006 at TNA Against All Odds as Christian was hoisted up above the crowd!

We’ll see you all at iMPACT! next Saturday on Spike TV with the aftermath of Against All Odds!

Quick Match Results:
Preshow: Ron Killings defeated A1.
Preshow: Lance Hoyt, Shark Boy, & Cassidy Riley defeated Shannon Moore & The Diamonds In The Rough (Elix Skipper & David Young).
The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) defeated Austin Aries & Roderick Strong.
X-Division Four-Way Match: Jay Lethal defeated Petey Williams, Matt Bentley, and Alex Shelley.
The James Gang (BG James & Kip James) defeated The Latin American Exchange (Homicide & Machete).
NWA World Tag Team Champions, America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) defeated Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt.
Falls Count Anywhere Match: Rhino defeated Abyss.
Abyss defeated Rhino.
Triple Threat Match: TNA X-Division Champion, Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels.
Team 3D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon) defeated Team Canada (Bobby Roode & Eric Young).
Christian Cage defeated NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Jarrett, with Earl Hebner as the Special Referee.

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