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Iceman Interview

Aaron interviews one of the most hardcore wrestlers in the UK…Iceman

What got you interested in wrestling?

I started watching wrestling (American) in the mid 80s and I was hooked back then it was like a real life cartoon the wrestlers were larger than life and all the story lines were easy to get into I remember my whole family sitting in front of the TV on a Saturday night watching WWF superstars we all had our favorites it was good, wrestling was very popular back then and I could not  get enough of it. I wanted to be a pro wrestler more than anything but there were no wrestling gyms where I lived so I just had to be content watching it. Then in the 90s wrestling changed it got more realistic more violent you would see guys like Mick Foley and Terry Funk taking insane bumps and getting busted wrestling had become HARDCORE and I had to be a part of it.

What promotions have you worked for besides GBH?

I have only been wrestling since June 2000 so GBH is the only promotion that I have wrestled for like I said before I never had any one to train me up the north so when I saw GBH advertising wrestling training in WOW magazine I jumped at the chance.

Growing up who was your favorite wrestler?

My favorite wrestler when I was growing up was none other than the Immortal  Hulk Hogan I was a real mark for him I can remember when he lost the title to  the Ultimate Warrior at WM6 I cried like a baby (man how sad was I). I can also remember when Earthquake attacked him on the Brother love show, I sent him a get well card. My favorite wrestler today is Mick Foley I am in awe of everything he does he really is an inspiration I think the two falls that he took of the Hell in the Cell is the best thing that I have ever seen in wrestling WCW tried to copy it with Kanyon but it was nothing like Foleys. I made a joke when I first started wrestling that the day someone compares me to Foley is the day I will retire a happy man, Today everybody says that they are HARDCORE there is only one man that is truly HARDCORE the rest of us are just imitators.

What has been your most memorable moment?

I have only been wrestling for a short time but when you do the kind of wrestling that I do HARDCORE you get a lot to talk about The most memorable moment happened in the second match I ever had I was in a three way dance with Arnold strange and Juvenile Arnold and myself are heels and Juvenile is a face so we beat the crap out of him, until Arnold went to hit Juvenile with a chair but instead he missed and hit me I went flying of the apron and onto the floor when I got up I had been busted open big time the blood was everywhere on the canvas on the ref it was everywhere what a mess we took a picture of it which ended up in WOW magazine (ha ha) sorry private joke.

Do you think British wrestling will get on tv and draw big crowds?

I think British wrestling has more going for it now than it has for a long time there are a lot of talented wrestlers in Britain they just need somewhere to showcase that talent and TV is the perfect place the sad thing is that UK wrestling and wrestlers are considered second rate compared to the big US stars but the truth is that we are just as talented as them look at the British Bulldogs possibly the greatest tag team of all time why because they got on TV and made a name for themselves look at Regal and were he is today its all about exposure getting your name out there and TV is the best way to do it. British wrestling deserves to be on TV British wrestlers deserve to be on TV will it happen (I really hope so) we will just have to wait and see, Do I think UK wrestling could draw big crowds? YES but it needs to be taken more seriously there are promotions touring the UK who advertise WWF tribute shows this is doing the business more harm than good they may be making money but they are doing UK wrestling no favors we need to show people that the UK can produce great wrestlers and that we don’t have to copy the Americans then you will see the crowds grow.

If you had the chance to join any promotion which would it be?

The smart thing to say would the WWF that is were the money and fame is I am still in my first year as a pro and I am happy were I am at right now in GBH I am really enjoying myself and can honestly say that money is the last thing on my mind .At GBH they let me be my self and I like that, they let me do what I want in my matches, and wrestle the way I want to. I do get a few raised eye brows when I ask to use staple guns and thumb tacks in my matches though, right now I am dedicated to GBH because I believe we have what it takes to make it .At GBH we cater for all tastes we have technical, submission, extreme and my personal favorite HARDCORE and when it comes to HARDCORE GBH is second to none. Maybe in a couple of years I might consider going to the US to wrestle. We have a talent trading agreement with the NWL in America so the offer is there but right now I am happy.

Any last comments or things you want to say to the readers of TalkWrestlingOnline?

Firstly on behalf of everyone at GBH I would like to thank TalkWrestlingOnline for there support and to the readers I want to say, if you live in the Stoke On Trent area check us out, if you don’t we are well worth the car journey also for info about GBH including show dates and wrestling training go to:

Well on behalf of all the readers and staff at Talk Wrestling Online I would like to say all the luck in your career and hope to see a lot more of GBH in the coming years.I recommend anyone interested in ECW style wrestling to check out GBH wrestling. This group of dedicated wrestlers brings to you some of the most hardcore wrestling ever seen,On the 16th of February at Bidds Entertainment Club, Longton. Stoke On Trent this group will have a show, so ill be traveling up there to do a match report and to take some photographs for Talk Wrestling Online. I wish the group well and look forward to there show and meeting the wrestlers. I wish to thanks The Iceman and GBH for this interview.