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Raw is War Preview (XBox)

The people at THQ have done it once again, after the brilliant success of WWF No Mercy and WWF Smackdown 2 a new series of games are set to be released in the next year. Out of all the games I am going to review WWF RAW is WAR on the new X-BOX first.

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Console: X-Box

Publishers: THQ

Developers: Anchor

The people at THQ have done it once again, after the brilliant success of WWF No Mercy and WWF Smackdown 2 a new series of games are set to be released in the next year. Out of all the games I am going to review WWF RAW is WAR on the new X-BOX first. The RAW is WAR game is set to rock the gaming world with its unbeatable graphics and excellent movement. RAW is WAR is going to make new boundaries in the Wrestling gaming world. Developed by Anchor who developed Ultimate Championship fighting for the Sega Dreamcast finally got into the act and teamed with THQ & WWF and started to produce the game.

Now the game has a lot to offer the wrestling fan. So I am going to start off with the graphics. The graphics on the game are the best I have ever seen. The details are excellent and you can almost get mixed up with the real Superstars from their RAW is WAR counterpart, it really is unmistakable. The details are so clever and the superstars are so life like I cannot really get over it.

Apart from the facial feature the whole body looks extremely similar to the real WWF superstars. But its not just the looks of the wrestlers it’s the whole moves and taunts too.

Each superstar on the Game has a load of moves, from signature moves, finishing moves and of course each of their own taunts just like on TV. Now that Anchor have jumped into the WWF scene the game is meant to be very different than previous games such as No Mercy and Smackdown 2. The movement of the superstars is nearly real life like. With the moves being really convincing and making them look as though they are taking real affect. Also the movement on the game is not as fast and furious as Smackdown 3, but also not as slow and heavy as No Mercy. From what I have heard the game is supposed to be a mixture from both titles which gives a great affect.

RAW is WAR is not the over the top and unreal game in which Smackdown was. The game is much more about wrestling and strategy. The developmental team at Anchor have put a lot of hard work into the smooth running of the game and animation of the game in its moves and features of the game. When you execute a move you can grab at the opponents clothing and throw them or grapple with them as much you want.

RAW is WAR is similar to Ultimate Championship fighting than any other wresting game in regards to moves and speed.

THQ released a figure of 35 WWF superstars expected to be put onto the game. This is quite small, but if you consider the possibilities of the Hard drive in which the X-Box has and the Network system it may be able to access superstars to add on to the roster. As well as adding superstars on to the roster you may also be able to access new and improved storylines and angles in the WWF.

The game is not just about in ring wrestling, its about the entertainment side of wrestling. RAW is WAR has got it all, its got spectacular ring entrances and cool pyrotechnics the game is once again like real life. With entrances from HHH with his trusted bottle of water and him spaying it up into the sky. And Kane and his spectacular fiery ring. But from a source I can reveal that the best entrance was – The Undertaker’s on his trusted Titan motorbike.

Now big entrances are not all the X-Box’s newest wrestling game has to offer. RAW is WAR has loads of Stuff including Backstage brawling, fighting on the ramp and on the Steel stage. Also you can fight in a lot of different backstage areas as well as in the crowd. All these features will make RAW is WAR one hell of a game. Now many people are speculating about the match types for RAW is WAR. Well here at TWO we have come up with a few of matches:

– Tag matches
– Single matches
– Cage matches

The game is much more focused on the actual game play and wrestling not all the other stuff like Baseball bats and steel chairs. In my opinion RAW is WAR will be a wrestling game with no daft gimmick matches in. It may have a few matches like Ladder and Hell in a Cell but that’s about it, and it would only have these matches in to make it a bit more popular with the younger WWF fans.

And finally the WWF characters who will be in the game. Looking at the screen shots it looks like the following will be in: –

  • Kane
  • Undertaker
  • The Rock
  • Kurt Angle
  • HHH
  • Rikishi
  • Chris Jericho

Also Chyna was a possible superstar to appear in the Game. But maybe due to her release from contract she might not be in the game.

Some more who will no doubt appear in the game are:

  • Steve Austin
  • William Regal
  • Chris Benoit
  • Edge and Christian
  • Hardyz
  • Holly cousins
  • Spike and Molly Holly
  • Albert
  • Test
  • Steve Blackman
  • Tajri
  • Perry Saturn
  • Eddie Guerrero
  • Scotty 2 Hotty

Plus many more


Well I think that RAW is WAR will be one hell of a WWF title and it should appeal to the WWF fans who like the actual wrestling and skills of the wrestlers. I think that the graphics are outstanding and the game play will be excellent. All in all I will say that RAW is WAR will be like Smackdown 2 and No Mercy combined into a whole new and much different product.