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Andy Hogg Interview

Andy has been in the wrestling biz for over 4 years and tours with a lot of UK wrestling companies. This guy as been up and down the British Isles plying in trade. So with out delay lets interview Andy Hogg.

I would like to welcome to Talk Wrestling Online / Wrestling 101 the “pig man” Andy Hogg.

Andy has been in the wrestling biz for over 4 years and tours with a lot of UK wrestling companies. This guy as been up and down the British Isles plying in trade. So with out delay lets interview Andy Hogg.

Andy can you tell the readers at T.W.O/W101 a bit about yourself?

My name is Andy Hogg, I have been involved in wrestling for 4 years and I trained and wrestled for three years with Andre Baker and his Hammerlock promotion.

I have recently been involved with BRAWL through Alan Boon (Mark Priest) and I debuted for the FWA in Melksham on Friday 19th Jan and wrestled Justin Richards the FWA Champ, and on Saturday 20th Jan in Portsmouth wrestled former European champ Stunning Stu Fury. On Sunday 4th February I made my debut for Sovereign Championship Wrestling on Sunday 4th Feb in a superb tag team match.

I am around 6ft and 14 stones. I have also trained in full contact karate, kickboxing, and shoot submission and amateur wrestling. I have also entered competitions in all forms, especially Paul Lloyd-Davies KSBO No holds barred tournaments, where I have previously placed third in an international championship in the under 80kg.

I wrestle as THE PIGMAN ANDY HOGG – NOTORIOUS P.I.G – SNOOP HOGGY HOGG, and I believe I have a great personality and charisma.

I have also got a very good marketing, P.R and Marketing background, and have in the past been featured in every national newspaper,over four hours of television exposure and various radio interviews.

Real Name: Andy Hogg

How did you first get started in the wrestling biz?

It was my dream since I was four years old, all I ever wanted to be was a professional wrestler, watching the old Saturday Afternoon stuff, Marty Jones, Fit Finlay, Danny Boy Collins, Alan Kilby and most of all Mark “Rollerball” Rocco they were my heroes I wanted to be them.

Then I used to watch the old WWF and WCW shows on the graveyard slots on ITV at 3am in the morning.

No matter how I educated myself, what qualifications I achieved, I still wanted to be a wrestler, in the words of Martin Luther King “I HAD A DREAM”

When I was at uni I got in contact with Dean Ayass, the old publicity officer for Hammerlock, and we kept in contact via email and he told me about a Hammerlock wrestling training camp, the Summer camp.

Now the dates of the camp meant that I would celebrate my 21st Birthday there as you might imagine this upset my family and my friends, but I figured it this way, It was something I had to do, to either get the crap kicked out of me and realize it wasn’t for me, or enjoy it but realize hey I am not that good at it, or basically just get it out of my system. But I turned out to be good at it, Andre invited me to train regularly at the old gym in Sittingbourne, and still 4years later I am here.

That summer camp also spawned “Solid Gold” Scott Parker and “The Vigilante” Jonny Moss.

What promotions have you worked for?

I have worked for Hammerlock, Brawl, SCW and the FWA, I am also looking to work for Combat Wrestling on the April 15th “ZANDIG” show in Birmingham at Hardy Spicers, HCW a new promotion down Exeter way, the PWA, RAW promotions and maybe a few others as well, I enjoy working for everyone.

What was it like working with Andre Baker and the rest in Hammerlock?

I found Andre a great bloke, I know he gets a lot of bad press and a lot of other guys have criticized him but I found him very knowledgeable, and someone whose company I enjoy, and he gave me a fantastic job reference for my current job, cheers Andre

Working on the British circuit, which wrestlers have stood out to you as the next big stars?

Well guys like Jonny Storm, Jody Fleish, Doug Williams everyone knows these guys are good. Some of the lesser known guys I have seen Stevie PSYCH Summers from Brawl is a fantastic prospect, Scott Parker is solid, Alan Johnson is the best technical wrestler and the nicest guy in professional wrestling, Mark Priest is a terrific manager and mic worker but people would be surprised how competent and tough he is in the ring. I watched an Allstar wrestler the other day Lucas Cool he looked a good prospect. Brandon Tool from XTC is a promising wrestler, two wrestlers from SCW Jay Dillon and Andrew Payne are going to be big, the Coal Miners too from there. There are lots of prospects that are looking good.

What’s your most memorable moment in the wrestling biz?

My first night in the FWA, when we invaded Melksham, the atmosphere was rough the crowd hostile, we got spat on, we had things thrown at us I hit someone in the crowd by accident, and I got to wrestle the BEST wrestler in Britain, the “Extremist” Justin Richards, the guy that taught me at Hammerlock, the man I most respect in wrestling and a man for who no praise is too high, and here I was first show for the FWA, only my third show back from “retirement” and in the ring with a legend. What honor do I bestow on my idol? I nearly broke his bloody ribs, I am so sorry about that, but that night was a huge honor to me, and due to the rib incident I cant see me getting a run at his FWA title for a while. SORRY JUSTIN

Out of all the promotions you worked for which is the one you like the best and why?

That’s a loaded question; I can kiss any bookings goodbye if I answer that “LOL”. They have all played their part, hammerlock was my first so that will always be special, Brawl were the ones to bring me back to British wrestling, FWA is an exciting place to be, Combat Wrestling have a promoter that has a great deal of faith in me, likewise HCW really want me there, SCW had passion and commitment, so its impossible to choose. Basically the thing that I love about all the promotions is the crack, they are like families, like going to the pub with a group of mates its just cool to be around

Have you any plans of wrestling overseas in the near future?

If the chance arises I would love to, but it might be a little time yet, but hey if you want me I will go

I hear there is going to be a show held to crown a new British champion, will you be competing?

I have had details through, again the promoter was very keen to use me, and he said he wanted me in there so what an honor it would be for me. He also had plans for me to fight Dan Severn in a shoot match, so which ever works out would be an honor

Where do you see yourself in the next 12-15 months?

Still doing it Hoggy Style

Any last comments before we wind up this interview?

If any one wants to get in touch, either fans, promoters wrestlers, or people interested in training give me a bell at


The Pigman Andy Hogg

Notorious P.I.G

Snoop Hoggy Hogg

Piggin ain’t easy if you smell what the pork is cooking

Life’s a bitch and then you eat a pork pie.

I am the morning dj W.K.R Pig Pig Pig








PIG 1.2.3


No Gimmicks Required

There can be only one

Thank you for the interview Andy and we hope you keep us all informed here at T.W.O/W101 of any latest news in your career and we wish you luck in the future.

I would like to thank Andy for this interview and would like to wish him all the luck in the future. I also hope Andy keeps us all updated on any breaking news in his career.

Aaron Spencer