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Chris Fury Interview

This week I had the opportunity to catch up with K-Star wrestler Chris Fury and get some thoughts from him on his career, and thoughts on British wrestling.

This week I had the opportunity to catch up with K-Star wrestler Chris Fury and get some thoughts from him on his career, and thoughts on British wrestling.

Firstly I would like to welcome you Chris, to Talk Wrestling Online / Wrestling 101.

Hello to everyone at TWO/W101

Could you start off this interview by telling us how you got started on wrestling, and how you went about getting trained?

I always wanted to be a wrestler as a kid but never really thought about getting myself into a wrestling school until the summer of last year I had just split up with my girlfriend so I thought sod it I’m going to do it, so at the beginning of august 2000. I starting training with Jack Taylor’s wrestling school in Leicester it was very old school, I trained there for roughly 2 months then I received a letter from Steve Logan at K-Star wrestling it was a lot closer to where I live (Leamington-Spa) so I decided to go there and I’ve never look back

What was it like being trained by British wrestling legend Steve Logan?

To be honest I wasn’t trained by Steve, I was shown the basics by a few guys at Jack Taylor’s wrestling school I forget the names (sorry guys) and the rest I’ve picked up as I went along from videos and wrestling various opponents

Any good Steve Logan stories you can share with us?

Not really, the only thing that comes to mind is Steve’s bad ring announcing (not all the time) it was a show in Cannock and the main event was GBH vs. the Iranian warrior, unfortunately that didn’t happen because of Steve’s announcing and we ended up with the ultimate warrior vs. the Iranian GBH (Oh well)

Was there a time in your training where you thought you weren’t going to make it?

I don’t think so, I was pretty confident I was going to make it (not meaning to sound big headed) and luckily I have

What has been the greatest moment for you in your career?

My greatest moment so far has to be working on a show for All-Star along with Carl Mizzery, Corporate, Maddog and a few more at the Victoria Hall Stoke, in front of 800+ fans it was very nerve racking but all went well and yes I was announced as Chris Fury not as WWF superstar Sham Kenrock or some other dodgy fake name, or maybe my wins over both ex k-star champions Celt Kennedy and Carl Mizzery (Abbas your ass is mine!!).

Have you had any injuries during your career, and if so can you tell us about them?

Apart from the odd bump and bruise not many only the one comes to mind my rotator cuff on my right shoulder it been playing me up for months which I injured just before the All-Star show which was in a march, I’m trying to rest it as much as possible between shows so hopefully it will sort its self out.

What do you think to the current state of wrestling in this country?

I would say quite good there’s a fair few promotions with some good wrestlers putting on shows every few weeks so it cant be that bad can it?

Do you ever see wrestling being brought back to mainstream television?

I hope so I’d love to get some TV work, I know a lot of promotions are getting TV deals Brawl, FWA, Hammerlock, etc. So who knows something may come of it fingers crossed

Out of all the British wrestling legends, which one stands out to you, as the one you like the best?

To me there only one British wrestling legend to me and that’s Tommy Billington (The Dynamite Kid) no disrespect to British wrestlers of that era but no one could do what he could in a ring he was way ahead of his time

Do you ever see yourself going overseas to wrestle?

Yes I am sure I will at some point I don’t know where yet, I’d love to work in the US, Canada or Japan, I can get some contacts in Japan easy enough so I might be headed that way in a few years

What are your views on backyard wrestling?

Its stupid and dangerous they really should seek professional training before the kids start dying, to be honest its not worth the risk

What would you say to anyone wanting to get in to pro-wrestling?

Get fit, get trained and go for it, some parts of wrestling are not as easy as the look but keep trying and fulfil your dreams,

What is the toughest part about being a wrestler for you?

The toughest part about being a wrestler is the feeling on Monday morning when you slide out of bed for your normal job and every part of your body aches like hell from the weekend I normal feel ok by Wednesday ready for some more punishment. I suppose I’ll get used to it eventually

Who has been the biggest inspiration in your career?

There’s a couple of people I guess ECW Tazz, the wrestling and mic skills are spot on but mainly “The Crippler” Chris Benoit the man is an absolute god in my eyes, I idolise everything he does and it shows in my ring work

Which wrestlers stand out to you as the best in this country?

I’ve not seen many outside of K-Star, SCW and Brawl so it would be unfair to make a judgement

What would you say to anyone wanting to come to a K-Star show?

If you like wrestling and live near or in the Birmingham area its the show to see, technical, highflying, hardcore, ladder matches, TLC`s, you name we’ll be doing it come check us out.

Any last comments before I wrap up this interview?

Thanks for the interview and don’t forget to check out the K-Star website cheers and see ya later 🙂

Chris on behalf of everyone at Talk Wrestling Online / Wrestling 101 I wish you all the best of luck in your career.

12th August 2001

Aaron Spencer