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Jason Wrecker Interview

Jason Wrecker Stands 6ft 3 and weighs in at 240lbs. Jason has been an actor, was in the US navy and fought in Desert Strom before becoming a pro wrestler. Jason has wrestled for the WWF and Ohio Valley Wrestling along with many other promotions. Read the interview of this hard battling Indy wrestler exclusive to us.

Jason Wrecker Stands 6ft 3 and weighs in at 240lbs. Jason has been an actor, was in the US navy and fought in Desert Strom before becoming a pro wrestler. Jason has wrestled for the WWF and Ohio Valley Wrestling along with many other promotions. Read the interview of this hard battling Indy wrestler exclusive to TalkWrestlingOnline/

Firstly I would like to welcome you Jason to Talk Wrestling Online / Wrestling 101.

Thanks. It’s my pleasure.

Before you became a wrestler you were an actor, a model and also represented your country in desert storm, in-between you’re past achievements was wrestling always what you wanted to do?

Not really. I was always a fan but it wasn’t until I was about to get out of the Navy that the thought of actually doing it entered my mind.

Would you talk us through how you first got started in wrestling?

Sure, while I was in the Navy I met a guy named Jeff VanCamp. He did the Lord Humungus gimmick back in the day, I think even before Sid did it, anyways, we became pretty good friends. I would go to his house and watch video of him wrestling guys like Jake the Snake. I really got hooked then. After I got out of the navy he agreed to train me.

What’s been the hardest part for you being a wrestler?

Dealing with the injuries. An ankle injury ended my Navy career so I was pretty upset when something kept me from being able to wrestle.

Was there ever a time in your early career you thought that the wrestling just isn’t going to work out?

No. I have been successful at just about everything I have ever tried. I knew this would be no different.

You have wrestled in many promotions like Ron Fullers K-Town Smackdown, SECW, UEW, NWA, EWF and The WWF, out of all those promotions and many more, that I haven’t mentioned which one was the best to work for and gave you those happy memories?

I have good memories from all of them. Of course, Working for the WWF was the highlight so far.

When you were with the WWF, were you under a development contract and if so what was it like during that period for you?

It was a rush. I broke my leg in three places back in 1999. At the time I was working for Ron Fuller. He brought me in to be his top babyface. He was the one that introduced me to Jim Cornett. Cornett and Fuller go way back and Jim was bringing guys down from Ohio Valley Wrestling to do shows for Ron in Knoxville,TN.

What was it like meeting Vince McMahon and any good stories you can share from your WWF days?

Intimidating. He is ALL business.

During your career who has been the most influential to you?

Wow, let me think. Probably Bullet Bob Armstrong. He is still wrestling today. He really wanted to send me to Atlanta (WCW) to meet with Paul Orndorf but I was commited to the WWF.

I have heard a lot of promising things about Jason Wrecker; in your own words describe your persona as a wrestler?

Man, I’m just me… Doing my thing. I love people and performing. That comes through when I’m out there in front of them. I don’t try to be “the good guy” it just so happens that I am one and people sense it. The fans are smarter than most wrestlers want to admit.

Which was your greatest match to date?

It would either be against a guy named Jason Jett, who works for WCW (he was EZ Money in ECW) or just a few weeks ago when I was scheduled to wrestle Kid Kash (from ECW) and we ended up tag teaming against a couple of guys (Mike Hanson and Mike Blade) that wanted to prove something to the world by challenging us.

What was the most serious injury you have acquired during your career?

By far it was the broken leg. The doctors said I would be in a cast for up to six months and then a walking cast for four more. Then six to eight months of rehab. I was back in the ring in ten months and the doctors still can’t believe it.

With the WWF now owning WCW and ECW no longer existing how has this affected the Indy wrestlers and promotions, and how hard does it make it to get to the big time?

There are a lot of guys who have a lot of worldwide TV exposure out of a job. They are working the Indy scene pretty hard for little money. Promoters are using them instead of some of the local guys. As far as making it to the big time, there is only one company to impress now instead of three. You do the math, the odds are not in the wrestlers favour.

Was there any particular wrestler that you grew up admiring?

Shawn Michaels. I liked his attitude. He was the good guy without trying to be. Hmm, sounds like someone I know!

If there were any wrestler in the world you could get in the ring with, who would it have to be?

Kurt Angle number one. He is the shiz. Also, Chris Benoit. He is about the best in the business, and a nice guy, too.

Any exciting things coming up in your career, like new promotions or tours that are happening or going to happen?

Maybe, I got an e-mail today from a guy about going back to Japan. We’ll see what happens there.

During your time as a wrestler, what has been the high point for you?

You probably think I will say working for the WWF. But actually that doesn’t compare to the first time I brought a video of me wrestling to my dad who was dying of cancer at the time. He only got to see me wrestle live one time before he died and that was early in my career. He was gone by the time I was doing shows for Ron Fuller and the WWF.

Can you share with us a good story from your career?

Let’s see, I need to keep this clean, right? (laughing) Well, OK. Here is one you might like. It happened to the guy that broke me in to the business, Scott Bishop. He is one heck of a worker and he usually wore white trunks. One night, he was battling some sort of stomach virus. By all rights he should not have been working. Anyways, he decided to. (chuckling) Now, he had not been able to stay off of the toilet for most of the day. (laughing a little harder) During his match he took one heck of a bodyslam. Maybe it was the upset stomach, maybe it was the force with which he hit the mat, maybe it was both but he had, let’s say…an accident. (laughing hysterically) He knew immediately what had happened and was just about paralyzed with fear and embarassment. He pulled his opponent down on him and told him to pin him, fast. He then jumped out of the ring and sprinted to the locker room, peeling off his trunks as he ran by me. We never have let him live that one down and anytime he is on the card, I bring a bottle of Immodium AD, just to be safe.


Just before I wrap up this interview any last comments you want to say to the readers?

Yes, don’t forget to go out and support your local independant shows. These guys work there butts off for the love of the business and very little money.

I would like to thank you for your time during this interview, and would like to catch up with you again in the near future. So on behalf of all the readers and staff at Talk Wrestling Online / Wrestling 101 I wish you all the best of luck for the future Thank you, I hope to have some good news the next time we speak.

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