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Carl Mizzery Interview

This week I managed to catch up with K-Star commissioner Carl Mizzery. Carl has been on the UK Scene since 1998 and has worked for various promotions in his short time and gained a following. We talked on his time in Brawl his opinion on the UK Scene and why he is overlooked.

This week I managed to catch up with K-Star commissioner Carl Mizzery. Carl has been on the UK Scene since 1998 and has worked for various promotions in his short time and gained a following. We talked on his time in Brawl his opinion on the UK Scene and why he is overlooked.

You have been in an around the UK Wrestling scene since 1998 how did you get started?

Well, when I was younger I used too backyard in front of my video camera with school mates which gives me a bit of a laugh now when I take a look at the old tapes, and then I found out about k-star through a wrestling magazine, and I have been training there every sense.

NB: Myself and everyone connected with TWO/W101 does not endorse backyard Wrestling in any form these are solely the comments of the interviewee.

Where did you train and who trained you?

I Trained & still am training at the K-star Gym in Perry Barr Birmingham I was trained by Steve Logan and Andy Blair …well they taught me the bare basics and I kinda picked up the rest with experience and working with more experienced guys than myself but Steve still gives me a few helpful pointers when I ask lol.

You hear some gruesome stories of some wrestling camps what was your time spent training like?

Well to be honest there’s nothin really gruesome about them I find them to be brilliant other wise I wouldn’t be there its just a big laugh really.

Over the years you have turned in to quite a journeyman of the British scene, which was your favourite federation to work for?

Hmmmmmmm that’s a very good Question & to be fair I really haven’t got a favourite fed as I have a good time at most promotions its not really the promotions I favour its the shows individually so I would have to say K-star shows at Sutton Town Hall there excellent as its a bit like our wrestlemania when we go to Sutton town hall 🙂

On the flipside which is the worst UK fed you have been with or heard about in the locker rooms?

I do have one in mind and let me tell it was the most boring experience I’ve ever had in a wrestling locker room I h8ed it but sorry bud I can’t really shout out the name of that promotion;)

You use to work for Brawl what was your take on what went down with Di Fiore and Justice leaving to form UPW who have yet to stage an event?

To be honest m8 I never took any notice about what happen to them as it was none of my business.

Over your career the fans haven’t always taken to you back in your Carl Corporate days was there ever a time you felt like turning your back on wrestling?

That question does puzzle me a bit????????? but I’ll try and answer it the best way I can. When I first started wrestling I was a terrible mark for the Undertaker (some might say I still am if so they can go kiss my bare ass) and this was a draw back for me as I was wrestling like a big man so it got me a bit of stick from other wrestlers on the UK scene but never once have I ever thought about quitting as you always learn from your mistakes you should never let mistakes make you quit as nobodies perfect.

Guys in the same weight class like you including Jonny Storm and Jodie Fleisch have gone on to get wide spread exposure and bookings abroad why is it do you think that you have been overlooked?

Overlooked LOL no …………… well yeah I think that sometimes but what you gotta bare it in mind that Jonny and Jodie have been wrestling a lot longer than my self and have loads more experience than me so I’ve got to earn exposure and stuff like that and in time I’m confident that I will its just not my time yet.

What is your current opinion of the UK Scene, who do you think is holding it back or why do you think it’s not as successful and prosperous as everyone wants it to be?

Well there’s loads of things wrong with the British scene first of all its to easy to get into so any backyarder can build up a promotion, then theres to many little promotions so it will neva take off as we should all work together to make a few big promotions and finally most British wrestlers don’t look like wrestlers.

You are currently Commissioner of K-Star how have things been recently for you in K-Star?

K-star for me is doing ok as I get some good angles and I always get a good place in the card but K-star its self needs to get more exposure on the UK scene.

Some see K-Star as a federation that has faded over the past but is picking up now what do you think of those comments?

It has faded considerably its a shadow of its former self , I’m very surprised its still active as the past few shows have been very poor and the attendance is gettin worse K-star needs to pull its finger out cause I can see it falling apart.

What has been the highlight for you of your career?

I’m yet to have anything I could call a career highlight (which is a bit sad I know) but Main eventing the BRAWL TV show When Worlds Collide (which featured former ECW stars Chilly Willy and CW Anderson) was quite cool but my career highlight is yet to come I’m afraid.

Who are you best friends and worst enemies in the UK Scene?

My Best mates on the UK scene are :
Celt Kennedy
Jack Storm
Chris Fury
Sal Americana
Deacon Dispear

And my Enemies are………………………..
I don’t really like to say lol but I do have a few 🙂

What do you think the future holds for Carl Mizzery and do you have any plans?

You tell me ……………………????? as for plans I’m re-growin my hair and I may get a few new costumes other than that I’ll go where time takes me.

Many thanks Carl for giving up your time any last comments?

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