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Kurt Angle Profile

Kurt Angles Profile

Trademark Moves– Ankle Lock submission, Angle Slam, German Suplex and Arm Drag from the top rope

Titles Held
WWE Championship
WCW Championship
WWE Intercontinental
WWE European
WWE Hardcore
WWE Tag Team (w/ Chris Benoit)
1996 Olympic Gold Medal (Freestyle Wrestling)

Tournaments Won
WWE King Of The Ring 2000

After winning the 1996 Olympic Gold Medal for America in the 220 freestyle wrestling competition, Angle was scouted by the glamorous world of Pro Wrestling. After turning down ECW, Angle signed with the World Wrestling Federation and debuted at the 1999 Survivor Series against Shawn ‘Meat’ Staziak, as the “most celebrated real athlete in WW(F) history”. He immediately made a huge impact, providing some top quality entertainment and proving that a witch from amateur to pro wrestling was a wise choice. He quickly picked up on a batch of titles, including becoming “Euro-continental” champion, before losing both belts in a triple threat match with Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 2000.

The meteoric rise continued when Angle went through 3 men in one night to be crowned 2000 King of the Ring. And in October of the same year, Angle capped off quite possibly the most successful debut year in WW(F) history by defeating The Rock in a scorcher to become WWE champion. Unfortunately, the Olympic one got caught by the “end of year champion curse” and his title reign wasn’t as successful as it should have been, often playing second fiddle to Stone Cold and HHH. He dropped the belt at No Way Out 2001 in another cracker with The Rock and then played it cool for a while, before leading the charge as the WCW/ECW Invasion angle began. Turning face, Angle was a scream with Austin and Vince McMahon, before Austin turned his back on the WW(F). This caused Angle to be pushed into the main event again as serious straight-faced face Angle, and was given the World title yet again in an uninspiring run, set up only to promote his autobiography. But not to worry… he soon turned heel a few months later, before costing the Alliance their jobs as he sided with Vince McMahon.

Once again the cocky heel, Angle enjoyed a successful run in the upper mid card, engaging in a gripping feud with Edge, which lead to him having his hair shaved off. As the brand split took off, Angle was then utilised as part of the SmackDown six, as he, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, Edge and Rey Mysterio stole shows around the world, earning rave reviews for his top quality matches with whoever was laid in front of him. Fans gained a new respect for him as he showed the world why he was quite simply the very best WWE has to offer. This lasted until Armageddon, where he defeated WWE Champion Big Show to become champion once again, thanks to Brock Lesnar, before turning on Brock and siding with Paul Heyman. Acquiring the services of developmental graduates Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, Angle become the most serious he ever has, and adopted the name “Team Angle” for his group, showing tremendous courage and strength, and setting up a heated feud with Brock Lesnar, another former NCAA champion.

Unfortunately for everyone, Angle suffered a severe injury to his neck, so severe that one false move and he could be paralysed, if not killed. But ever the dedicated star, he told WWE he was going ahead with the WM match with Lesnar, and would wrestle with as much dedication and skill as he does without the neck injury. How will it all end? Will Angle carry on? Will his career be cut short? Was saying ‘no’ to the 2004 Olympics the worst move he ever made? Who knows? All we know for sure is, wherever Kurt Angle is, you are guaranteed the most dedication and skill you will see from any wrestler in North America. And that my friends… is damn true.

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  • v Edge: Judgement Day 2002

  • v Rey Mysterio: Summerslam 2002