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This week I managed to sit down with an up and coming UK Wrestler “Falcon” from the promotion that has come a long way in a short time that being WAR. I feel that there are a lot of UK Wrestlers out there that nobody knows about so I thought I needed to bring them to your attention. So this week it was the turn of the “Falcon” and we chatted about his opinions on the UK Scene and how WAR got to where it is today amongst other subjects.

This week I managed to sit down with an up and coming UK Wrestler “Falcon” from the promotion that has come a long way in a short time that being WAR. I feel that there are a lot of UK Wrestlers out there that nobody knows about so I thought I needed to bring them to your attention. So this week it was the turn of the “Falcon” and we chatted about his opinions on the UK Scene and how WAR got to where it is today amongst other subjects.

How are you doing today?

I’m a bit stiff from a few recent shows but aside from that I’m pretty good thank you.

You are a relative newcomer to the UK Scene yet you have worked for many promotions up and down the country, when did you decide to become a wrestler?

I was about 13 years of age when I first heard of the wrestling school running in my local area. Me and my brothers became very interested with learning the American style, but felt that the place lacked any knowledge of technical wrestling or any sign of the true British style which was something we were also very keen to learn. As I grew up, still training at the same place, now with my two elder brothers owning the school, I have learned more and more about the technical side of wrestling.

Had you seen much UK stuff before you started training and if so what were your thoughts?

Me and my brothers would always see a show if it was on. My fondest memory was a UCW show in Coventry featuring Jody Fleisch, Johnny Storm, Christopher Daniels and Shinya Otahni. I was taken back by a lot of what I saw but I have been a Fallen Angel mark since that day. My biggest regret was that I didn’t know what I was watching. When I saw Jody vs. Johnny I didn’t know what to expect and definitely wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as I would now that I have followed them for years. (I even got Fleisch’s autograph 😉 )

Which training school did you attend?

I attended an un-named small time wrestling school which was being run by a man named Daniel Brothers in my local area of Rugby. Whilst we were training under Daniel’s teaching, nothing was happening. There were no booked shows we didn’t know much of Brawl, K-star or any local promotions and it seemed more like a mess around for kids. Once Daniel felt like he had to close the school because of a football injury, my brothers took control of the promotion under the title of WAR (The Wrestling Association of Rugby) Introducing a new training hall, insurance, a venue for regular shows and arranging bookings for many other promotions in the UK. That’s when it started to really take off.

Now I hear your brothers have to take a lot of credit for getting WAR where it is today?

Without them I can assure you that WAR would not have taken off, it would have died because of Daniel Brothers’ lack of commitment. They created WAR!

Do you help your brothers out with the running of WAR or do you like to concentrate on the wrestling side?

My opinion is respected greatly by many people in WAR and I am seen as a figurehead so to speak, so I do get involved with the running/booking of the promotion. Other wrestlers will come to me more often than not when they have ideas or want some input. I guess they see me as a friend who has influence when it comes to running WAR. Very limited influence, but I’m a buddy rather than a trainer.

In WAR’s relatively short time as an active federation you have been able to attract top UK talent like Scott Parker for instance, what have they thought of your shows?

Scott was a very special case. He worked our show free of charge because he himself used to attend the school. The atmosphere when he turned up was great, a lot of guys backstage started getting very nervous to try to impress him and he was bombarded with questions mainly about his match with the great Steve Corino, recently before that date. We were so pleased to have him there and he really seemed to have a good time, especially talking to his hometown fans! I didn’t get to talk to him much after the show because I had just taken my ending bump in the first ever WAR TLC (Awesome bomb from the inside of the ring to the outside through a table) and was pretty shook up.. I just wanted to sit down. My brothers did however get the chance to talk to him and apparently he had a great time and enjoyed what he saw of the show.

Have you had any matches against your brothers yet and if not who do you think would deserve to win?

ha ha ha ha 🙂 I have fought my brothers on a few occasions, recently fighting The Judge (My brother Stuart) at UWF in London this past Saturday. I did win (of course) but am suffering neck pains because of a german suplex and am still feeling the repercussions now. My most memorable match with my other brother The Spindoctor was WAR TLC. We decided that we needed a big draw, we wanted to get a good crowd in and seeing as though we had publicity from Solid Gold Scott Parker’s appearance we decided to go all out. We made sure that we stayed away from the garbage/backyard wrestling you might expect to see from a British indie TLC match and turned it into a pretty good (in my opinion) spotty ladder match. That was one of my most enjoyable matches I have had even though I suffered a slight concussion from that end bump. (The crowd went ballistic)

I said earlier you have wrestled for a fair few promotions, which events have been your favourites?

I seem to always prefer our hometown WAR shows which we normally put on about once every 3 months. I guess I feel like its a greater achievement because I know I am putting a lot of hard work into the running and preparation of the show as well as my performance. Onslaught was definitely my favourite event (WAR TLC) but my 1st K-star show against The UK-Pitbulls, Badboy Steele and X-Bonez and Bad Attitude was a lot of fun. I felt like I was starting to reach a higher level because I rate a lot of K-star talent very highly (Hey Rob ! Hey Spud ! Hey Jack ! )

Who are your favourite guys to work against at WAR?

My number one guy is Tumido. What a worker! I guess I am so enthusiastic to work matches with him because of his need for high spots. His style has been based strongly on that of ‘The Amazing’ Red’s for a relatively long time now and I find high spot wrestling so entertaining to watch and perform. As long as you have the structure to go with it, it can flow well AND be impressive.

Which bookings are you looking forward to that are coming up?

I was really looking forward to TAP (Tri-County Association of Pro-Wrestling) which is coming up on 22nd February in which I was booked against Tumido. But unfortunately, with the help of a certain short K-star wrestler, I managed to dislocate his thumb recently at a training session. Because of this he will be unable to work the show! That has really got to me as I was looking forward to it so much, but he has been replaced by Mage, who I worked a few months ago at WAR Rumble All The Way….should be good! I’ve had so many bookings for the last few months but I was mostly looking forward to the show last Saturday in London for UWF. It was the first time I left the midlands for a show.

What do you think the future holds for yourself and WAR?

WAR has built up a very good reputation recently, we are working for over 6 different promotions including our own regular shows and everyone is having a lot of fun. I think when it comes down to it that is the most important aspect to me. As far as I go, I seem to be getting noticed a lot more, promotions are actually asking for me and WAR has been selling video tapes as far as Japan! I should keep going until I am unwanted!

Any last comments?

I would like to thank you Adam for this interview and for your time. I would also like to give a shout out to my mate John Hunter who has recently decided to retire from wrestling after working over the years for K-star, BRAWL and WAR. Good luck mate you will certainly be missed. All the best.

The bird of prey – Falcon

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