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New FWA policy on injured wrestlers

FWA management recently met to discuss various matters in the run up to Uprising II. One item on the agenda was various injuries that have occurred on FWA shows in recent months. One such injury was a back injury Alex Shane suffered whilst performing the top rope One Night Stand (The Whole Affair) on Paul Travell at Hotwired (Alex Shane worked through the injury on the recent Academy show but to everyone backstage it was obvious he was suffering badly). FWA management felt it would be the interests of the wrestlers in most cases if they rested rather than wrestled with injuries. Alex Shane, as one of only two workers on the FWA board, disagreed saying that on big shows like Uprising, most wrestlers would rather not miss out on performing.

On a vote Shane was outvoted on a motion to not book wrestlers who are in obvious pain when in the ring. As it stands FWA management have effectively banned Alex Shane for wrestling on Uprising II unless he can get doctor’s clearance to wrestle. Shane stated he would rather perform than not perform, especially as he missed on wrestling on the inaugural Uprising last year however as a member of the FWA board he must respect the procedure and does see why this would be a beneficial rule for the wrestlers. Shane is beleived to be seeing a doctor on Friday about his back. If the ban stands it is not clear where Ulf Herman stands as far as the tag match.