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RoH: Locker Room Scoops (4/10)

-We’ll start off with a home release update. 8/16/03 “Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies” will be out by early next week and will be on sale at the 10/16 Baltimore area show. 9/6/03 “Beating The Odds” will be out by the 10/25 Rochester show. The 3/15/03 “Expect The Unexpected” and 4/26/03 “Retribution: Round Robin Challenge II” DVDs will be out very soon.

-Three new matches have just been signed for the 10/25 Rochester area show. We urge everyone from Syracuse to Buffalo to Toronto to check this one out because ROH won’t be back up in that area until after winter. In addition to the two big matches already signed, you’ll see a first time ever match as Christopher Daniels takes on John Walters. Plus, there will be two Field Of Honor matches. You’ll see Chris Sabin vs. Xavier and Dan Maff vs. BJ Whitmer. More will be signed soon!!!

-There will be a tag team scramble on the 10/16 Baltimore area show. We will announce the participants next week. CM Punk and AJ Styles are both really looking forward to competing against each other at this event. This one could be the show stealer!!!

-Raven still denies any involvement in the Lucy attack seen on the 8/9/03 “Wrath Of The Racket” home release. Rob Feinstein’s investigation has found no leads. CM Punk has sworn he will find out who was behind it and then he will take him/her/them out of ROH.

-Things are heating up in the Field Of Honor tournament. Check out the box below this one on the main page to see where things stand. It looks like the finals will now be on 12/27 at “Final Battle 2002” in Philadelphia.

-Xavier is really bothered by John Walters’ comments after their match on 9/20. Walters told Xavier that he doesn’t respect him, the fans don’t respect him and he isn’t even sure if Xavier respects himself. Xavier defeated Walters in a FOH match that night, but only after a low blow. Walters is upset that Xavier would take such a cheap victory to end a great match.

-Jay Briscoe is coming with something to prove on 10/16 in Glen Burnie, MD when he fights Samoa Joe for the ROH world title. He knows he is the underdog, but Briscoe has scored huge upsets before vs. then ROH champion Xavier at “Glory By Honor” and by winning the four corner survival on 9/6 to get him the title match. Briscoe has stated he will take Joe’s stiffest shot and fight back even harder.

-Add Carnage Crew and The Backseat Boyz to the Scramble Steel Cage match on 11/1 in Elizabeth, NJ. There will be several teams in this match. Already signed to be in it are Special K, Teddy Hart & his high-flying mystery partner and now the Carnage Crew and Backseat Boyz. The match will start with two teams in it. They will fight for three minutes. Then, every two minutes another team will enter. When all the teams are in the cage, the team that gets the first pinfall or submission will be the victor.

-Other talent signed for 11/1 include: ROH world champion Samoa Joe managed by Jim Cornette, Steve Corino, Chris Daniels, CM Punk, Colt Cabana, Dan Maff, Justin Credible, Jay & Mark Briscoe, Matt Stryker, Xavier, BJ Whitmer, John Walters, Tony Mamaluke and others. More matches will be announced next week.