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WWE: SmackDown Taping *Spoilers* (07/10)

Dark Matches

– Jamie Noble def. Tony Mamaluke

– Rhyno & Sean O’Haire def. Danny Doring & Arch Kincaid


– Rey Mysterio def. Chris Kanyon

– Matt Hardy v1 def. Tyson Dux

– Billy Kidman def. Bobby Rude

– Charlie Haas def. Funaki


– Linda McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon and Sable all end up in the ring. Vince said he’ll resign as chairman if he loses to his daughter at No Mercy. Sable offered to be in Vince’s corner. Sable kicked Linda and a catfight ensued. Vince then clotheslined Steph.

– Tajiri def. Ultimo Dragon in a short non-title match. Rey Mysterio was doing commentary at ringside and 619ed Tajiri afterwards.

– Undertaker def. Chuck Palumbo in about two minutes. Brock Lesnar came out with a chair to hit Taker with, but Taker punched it away.

– Paul London made his TV debut backstage and was given a title shot against Brock Lesnar by Vince.

– Big Show def. Orlando Jordan, again very quickly.

– Big Show attacked Eddie Guerrero during a backstage interview.

– Kurt Angle and John Cena took part in a “Battle Rap”. Cena rapped and had a good following behind him. Angle told somewhat of a story to Cena rather than a rap, and the two wound up fighting.

– Shannon Moore def. Zach Gowan in a 5 minute match.

– Undertaker came out of Stephanies locker room smirking.

– Brock Lesnar def. Paul London to retain the WWE championship in a glorified squash match. Spanky tried to rescue Paul but got decimated as well. This brought out Taker who said that his match at No Mercy was no a Biker Chain match.

– A-Train & Basham Brothers def. Chris Benoit & APA.

– Chavo Guerrero called out Big Show, who was decked in a suit. Show def. Chavo in about 50 seconds. This allowed Eddie to come out in a truck for the old “spray the ring with *insert substance here*” routine. This time, it was poop (yes, POOP). Pretty convenient way to end a relatively s**t show.