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NWA-UK contingent return from the states

Paul Tracey, Fergal Devitt and Muscles Mansfield, along with ‘Vigilante’ Johnny Moss and Beautiful Benny B in a non-wrestling capacity, recently returned from Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA where they were for the NWA 55th Anniversary Shows and Convention.

On the Friday Night Show Fergal Devitt was robbed of a victory by Spyder in a match to determine the British Commonwealth Champion. Spyder who defeated Paul Tracey for the same title at last years Anniversary Show was very lucky to leave with the Championship and needed the help of a dubious decision of a Canadian referee from his home promotion NWA/CWF to beat Fergal Devitt. Both Paul Tracey and Fergal Devitt complained about the outcome to NWA/CWF promoter Ernie Todd at the commentary table the following night and it looks like we haven’t seen the last of this situation as Tracey and Devitt have vowed to someday take the title back to the UK.