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WWE: Egos, Magazines, Nowinski

– Word amongst the WWE roster is that several younger stars are growing large egos and aren’t gaining much popularity. Zach Gowan and Shaniqua are two names that have cropped up, as did Brock Lesnar’s name not too long ago. La Resistance aren’t the WWE’s most popular team, although Rene Dupree is working hard to become more friendly and is actually being called a much nicer guy and way better to approach and talk to than his partner Sylvian Grenier. Randy Orton is currently said to be the next guy who will develop ego problems, but as it stands, is taking it all in his stride and trying to be a civil and down to earth as possible.

At the other end of the spectrum, John Cena seems to be getting nothing but praise from the workers and staff. His attiude is said to be of gratitude for the position he is in now, and always keeping in high spirits without letting everything get to his head.

– Starting in 2004, the magazines will be split between the rosters to further boost the roster split. The current RAW Magazine will remain, while the WWE Magazine wil be renamed SmackDown Magazine.

– Chris Nowinski is still recovering from Post Concussion Syndrome and may have to consider retirement if he cannot be cleared anytime soon.