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WWE: Gowan, Goldberg, HHH/Steph/Hayes

– As it stands right now, Sky TV in the UK is refusing to show any segment on WWE SmackDown involving Zach Gowan. Anyone who watches the show regularly will have noticed lately that a lot of segments have been edited out, mostly involving the former ‘Tenacious Z’. The word I get is that there is legistration from the ITC forbidding the showing of violence towards disabled people, although I cannot confirm that as I don’t follow the ITC in any way shape or form.

– Most major sites have reported that Bill Goldberg will not be on RAW tonight as he is selling the injuries suffered at the hands of Batistia last week on RAW. Saying that, never say never with the WWE.

– The HHH/Stephanie wedding was said to be a nice affair, and has been praised by most involved. Paul’s father was his best man (I thought that Sean Waltman, Shawn Michaels or Kevin Nash would do the honours, but it’s a nice sentiment from Hunter). There is a story going around, however, of Michael Hayes living life as a freebird once again and singing “Jailhouse Rock” and being kicked off the stage by Linda McMahon. No doubt Hayes will receive a lot of backlash for this. I wouldn’t be surprised at all. He seems to have been treading on thin ice for a while now.