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WWE: Possible huge Taker spoiler

Taken word for word from Buck Woodward…


In a sign that perhaps there is some long-term planning going on in WWE, word making the rounds is that the creative team in the company has spent some time mapping out a plan for the Undertaker over the coming months.  From what I understand, the plan at this point (which is apparently under heavy consideration) is for Undertaker to lose to Vince McMahon at the Survivor Series and be “buried alive”.  Undertaker will be taken off television at that point, only to return either at, or just before, Wrestlemania XX.

However, the twist will be that Undertaker will not return as the “American Badass” version, but will revert back to his old “Dead Man” persona.  He’ll go back to the old look (not sure if he would grow his hair back out, but it would look better if he did) and the old eerie funeral music for his entrance.  No word yet on who he would face at Mania, but obviously (as with everything in the company) it is subject to change.

The Undertaker, who has changed his look and entrance a few times over the years, last brought back his original gimmick when he defeated Sid Vicious for the WWF World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania XIII in 1997.  It would be cool to see him back in his original look for the 20th anniversary of Wrestlemania.