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DiBiase & others talk about WWE/WrestleMania XX


Taken directly from the site, this report shows some former WWE stars’ opinions on appearing at WM XX, and their tribute to RW Hawk.

This past Saturday, October 25, in Scottsburg, Indiana, I attended a show at the local high school. Buff Bagwell, Ted DiBiase, Greg Valentine, Hacksaw Duggan and The Barbarian headlined the show. This was a traditional DiBiase show that centered around good Christian family values and old school wrestling. Before the event they had a 10 bell tribute to Hawk and at the intermission DiBiase spoke candidly about Hawk. He said that Hawk turned his life around in the last 2 years. He also mentioned that Hawk had some financial problems and asked for donations to his family. You can send donations to Hawk’s family by sending money to the Star of David Ministry. The address can be found on and just say in a letter or check that the money is for Hawk’s family. The only match of interest was the main event. Hacksaw and Buff defeated Valentine and Barbarian. I got to talk to all of the wrestler’s after the show. They were all very nice. They had time for all question.

Barbarian said that he thinks Vince McMahon is a good guy that treated him well. He also said that the Powers of Pain were a good team but he liked being with Haku/Meng more. He like having Fuji and Heenan for a manager, but he said Bobby made him laugh. He said that Red Bastien trained him over 19 years ago. He prefers the old school wrestling. He still looks in great shape.

Greg Valentine was very friendly as well. I asked him about Brutus Beefcake and Dino Bravo. He said he enjoyed having both as partners and friends, but he was very saddened when Dino was murdered. He said Dino was a great guy and did not deserve to have his life end that way. I asked if he was gonna be at Wrestlemania XX and he said he hasn’t heard anything yet, but he would think about it if he was asked. I had heard that his matches were no longer any good, but believe me he can still put on a great show.

Hacksaw was also a great guy. I asked him about Andre the Giant and he said he was a good man, but could be “an irritable giant”. He said never say never, but not likely when I asked him if he would be at Wrestlemania XX. He has trimmed down and looks more like he did in his early WCW days (1994). He put on a great show.

Buff said that Scott Norton was a tough man and that he should have been pushed more and thought Vicious and Delicious could have been one of the best teams at the time if pushed right.

DiBiase did not wrestle, but he appeared in a couple of matches tempting the others to sell their souls for a huge amount of money. At the end he gave a sermon and asked people to accept Jesus. He signed autographs after the show, and is really a kind man. He said the WWE needs to tone down on the sexuality and cursing on TV. He thinks there needs to be more family oriented shows, that have good vs. evil in the storylines.

All in all it was worth the $11 I spent on the ticket. I brought things for the wrestlers to sign and they signed them for free and took pictures with me for free. If you wanted the promo pics the wrestlers had it cost $5 and a Polaroid cost $5. It is a must to see one of these shows if you are an old school fan. No one was turned away at the door or for autographs.