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WWE: Palumbo and Stamboli discuss WWE life


WWE Smackdown’s FBI members Johnny Stamboli and Chuck Palumbo were featured on this week’s episode of Australia’s wrestling radio show Sledgehammer of Justice hosted by Tino, Phill, Chris & Lukey in an interview that was recorded last week when the two were in the country.

Johnny spoke about “that” big leg drop to the outside where he tore his urethra against Terry Funk. He mentions that he will never try a move like that again and that he learned his lesson the hard way.

Chuck speaks about his very quick rise into the business, and how he noticed how the veteran talent didn’t want to work with him because he hadn’t paid his dues.

When asked about going into the WWE and how they were “stiffed” especially the shot from Bradshaw on Chuck. Although Chuck had to be reminded about that run-in, he said that it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. He mentioned that at first there was some animosity between the two companies, but now everything is fine.

The wedding angle came up and the question was raised if when the partnership was over if Chuck took 50% of the hot pants and headbands. Chuck replied saying that he had more going in to the partnership so he had Billy sign a pre-nup.

When asked if they had been forced to eat Vegemite while they were in Australia, they both replied with a stern no. But they both did recommend chicken feet in Seoul Korea.

Both talked up Australia’s “Passport to Smackdown” tour happening on December 6, talking up the FBI’s presence and how it is the first time the WWE has been to Perth.

When asked about a rumor if there was going to be a roster trade between the two brands, they said it was the first they had heard of it.

Word association finished off the interview and when Bill Goldberg was brought up they said charisma. Edge’s “Off The Record” interview came up where he mentioned Goldberg being an arsehole, both guys said they hadn’t seen any signs of that and that he had always been a nice guy to both of them. Hulk Hogan: Icon, sweetheart of a guy, Steve Austin: Another icon, great for the business, Vince McMahon: Genius Kickass hard worker, HHH: student of the business loves the business.

Eric Bischoff’s name came up last and the two of them had a chuckle. Chuck said that back in WCW people used to talk about him saying this and that but he’s always been good to him.

They shilled the WWE “Passport to Smackdown” tour and thanked Johnny and Chuck for their time.

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