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WWE: RAW Results (Spoilers – 27/10)

RAW is live from Fayetteville, North Carolina at the Crown Coliseum on Spike TV. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are your commentators for the evening.

After a video package highlighting last week, the focus turns to the cage, and no one knows why it is there. This is followed by Evolution, without their leader HHH who is no doubt off shagging Stephanie in their honeymoon bed. Flair goes into hyper mode as he puts over Batistas attack on Goldberg last week, before handing the mic to Batista. Batista badmouths Goldberg, and then Orton takes the mic and talks about the RAW title. This brings out Eric Bischoff who is about to hand the title away before co-GM Stone Cold Steve Austin interjects himself into the situation. Austin pulls a middle finger out of his bag to Easy E, before announcing Goldberg v HHH at Survivor Series. Bit sudden isn’t it? Austin leaves, but Batista follows and tells Austin he’s next. This brings out Mark Jindrak and Garrison (Lance) Cade to attack Evolution.

Backstage, Trish Stratus is on the phone to Chris Jericho. Lita says that Jericho and Christian were onto something.

Booker T gets the pin over Rico with an Axe Kick after several back-and-forth reversals and holds. After the match, Chris Jericho comes down and starts an impromptu “Highlight Reel”, and The Book is the guest. Jericho mocks Book and calls out Steiner and Christian. As the cage lowers, RVD runs down and makes the save for Booker, and announces that he is member number 2 of Team Austin for Survivor Series.

In the back, Y2J and The Bisch talk. Jericho gets a shot at the Intercontinental championship later on.

Back in the ring, Teddy Long challenges a white boy to face Mark Henry, and the acceptant is… Lance Storm. After getting manhandled, Storm is thrown out the ring, and loses by DQ as Shawn Michaels races down the ramp and superkicks Henry into oblivion.

John Heidrenich (the guy Austin has been talking to for some time) and Hurricane are backstage. The two will team up later. Rosey takes some photos while John whispers to Hurricane who “Little Johnny” is.

Lita and Christian have a little flirty moment backstage.

John Heidrenich and The Hurricane defeat La Resistance (Rene and Rob) after John hits a Rock Bottom/Chokeslam move.

Shane McMahon hits the ring, and is joined momentarily by Test. Test and Shane go at it, and Shane ends up winning with the Van Mac-anator (Why? What good is it gonna do to have Shane beat up everyone? Do they not understand how to put people over?). Afterwards, Shane calls out Kane and challenges him to an Ambulance Match (I saw one of them in WCW… not too bad when you consider Mike Awesome and Bam Bam Bigelow were the competitors). Kane accepts.

Lita defeats Gail Kim, Victoria and Trish Stratus to become number 1 contender to Molly’s title.

Coach comes out and reviews Stone Cold’s new book in a sarcastic mannor. This brings out Austin, who tells Coach to be the post-match interviewer at Survivor Series when Team Austin win the match.

Terri interviews Jindrak and Cade. HBK interupts to motivate them, before hogging the interview for himself. He suddenly finds himself face to face with Teddy Long, and the two set up a Michaels/Henry match for next week. Teddy leaves, and Michaels leaves as per order of Bischoff.

Jindrak and Cane w/Maven defeat Flair and Orton w/Batista thanks to interferance from Maven. After the match, Batista destroys all three.

Main event time. Jericho vs RVD. The match goes back and forth, but right at the end, Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho. RVD gets to the ropes but Bischoff has the ref distracted. Jericho pulls RVD away and forces him to tap as the ref calls for the bell. NEW CHAMPION – Y2J. But Austin comes out, and while he can’t reverse the decision, he can make Jericho defend his newly won title right now against RVD. The match is on again, and the steel cage is down. RVD climbs over the top of the cage as Jericho tries to escape through the door. RVD kicks it in Jerichos face and falls down to win the match. NEW CHAMPION – RVD.

After the match, Steiner and Christian beat up RVD. The Dudleys make the save, but Mark Henry runs down to the ring. Booker T races down and climbs the cage, before leaping off onto every heel inside. But as RAW ends, a pool of dead bodies lay in the ring as Jericho rests upon the top of the cage, as the crimson pours down his laughing face. End show.

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