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WWE: Austin speaks candidly on Howard Stern Radio Show


Report from Dave Scherer:

I caught part of Steve Austin’s appearance on Howard Stern’s radio show today. When I turned it on, Austin was talking about why he left WWE a few years ago. Basically, he said that he was injured and didn’t like the creative direction that the company had for him at the time. Austin talked about how Jim Ross eventually got him and Vince McMahon back together and he came back to WWE. There was no new ground there from what we have reported in the past.

Stern then went into talking about Austin’s wives. Stern chastised him for getting married to Debra so quickly after getting divorced from his previous wife, Jeannie Clarke. Austin said he didn’t know what happened, he just seems to end up getting married when he doesn’t even mean to do so. He said it was a lot of things, plus his stupidity, that caused him to marry again. He said that he had Debra sign a pre-nup, but the lawyer’s bills were still costly in their divorce. When he was asked what went wrong with the marriage, Austin said that he was hard to live with. He likes things done his way. Austin said that he has known that about himself for a long time and just has to get the women he sees to understand that. He never mentioned the domestic incident that led to his arrest, but it came up later.

Stern asked if he had a girlfriend now and he said he did. He made it clear to her that he is selfish and she needs to know it. He met her on a blind date and she has nothing to do with wrestling. All she does is take care of him. She doesn’t work anymore. He said that on their first date, the new girlfriend slapped him twice because Debra kept calling him and he kept taking the calls. Robin Quivers said that Austin liked getting slapped and he said that there is something psychologically wrong with him.

Talk turned to Goldust, who has been a guest on the Stern show before and done his stuttering gimmick. Artie Lange aped Goldust and Austin said that Dust has been doing it for years now.

Talk went back to Austin’s new girlfriend. He was asked if he is living with her and said yes. Howard took him to task for making the mistake of moving in together too quickly. Stern said he needs space of his own. Austin said he knows and told her that and said he gets away time when he’s on the road. She is from a good family and doesn’t work. Her job is to take care of him. He said she doesn’t need his money and that her family is well heeled.

Then they went to phone calls.

The first caller was a woman who said she loved Austin and think he’s hot. They dumped her quickly and Stern asked him about gaining weight since he stopped wrestling. Austin said that he has added some and said he has problems getting his ring outfits on at times. He said that he goes out to the ring with his jeans unbuttoned sometimes.

The next caller asked his he ever “banged” Stephanie McMahon. Austin said he wouldn’t mind, but never did. Howard asked him if he ever tried to and he said no.

The next caller told Stern to ask Austin about how he is a “drunken wifebeater”. Stern didn’t know anything about it and mocked the caller at first. Austin said it was a “small issue”. He said there was a gag order on it and it was a “very big misunderstanding”. Austin said he didn’t do anything wrong. As they asked more questions, he said he was under a gag order and couldn’t talk about it. Stern asked him if he would hit a woman and Austin said no. Stern said maybe you have to restrain them every once and a while and Austin said he couldn’t say anything, which made Howard say that he was onto something there.

The next caller was a goof who took Austin to task for wasting beer. Howard dropped the dope immediately.

The last caller asked Austin if he really hated HHH. Austin was very candid. He said that H is great in the ring and always protected you. He said he had great matches with him. He said that when he was getting mad with creative before he left, he thought that H was “in a little too deep on some of the creative stuff” and that helped lead to problems. The caller then did a 180 and said that he heard Austin was hard to deal with. Austin said that in the business, you have to be or you “get run over”. Howard asked Austin if he felt that HHH didn’t stick up for him when he needed him to and Austin said, “Probably not” but added that when he came back, he met with HHH and ironed things out. He said that he met with a lot of guys and some worked things out with him while others didn’t, but HHH did.

Austin then said that he was at HHH’s wedding last weekend. Stern asked who H married and Austin said Stephanie. Howard then said, “No wonder you got upset, he’s calling all the shots now.” Austin said, “You gotta figure he’s in there.” Austin added that H has a good head for the business on his shoulders. Stern asked if HHH really loves her or if he just wants to get close to Vince. Austin said he thinks he really loves her and at the wedding he could see that they had a starry-eyed look for each other.

Austin closed by saying that he was talking to “the chief” the other day and is going to get back in shape and “knock them dead again”. I am not sure what he meant by that.