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WWE: Bill DeMott, Rock v Nell, Buried Alive

– News is going around that Bill “Hugh Morrus” DeMott has retired from in-ring competition. I do not know if this is fact or not, but if it is fact, then no doubt Bill will go on to become a trainer or road agent ala Dean Malenko. I’m surprised that if it is a fact, that the WWE hasn’t at least made mention of it. But then they did nothing for such a legend as Dean Malenko either. Some people get no respect.

– The Sun has reported that ITV have come to an agreement with WWE to film a new celebrity reality show where british B-list celebrities will be trained and put into fights in the ring. I don’t get that, nor do I believe it for a second. But if it turns out to be true, I will keep you updated.

– The official Survivor Series website now has a piece up on the history of the Buried Alive match. I’ve only seen one (Undertaker v Stone Cold at Rock Bottom IYH in 1998) and to be fair, it was pretty good for a mark to watch.