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WWE: SmackDown Taping *Spoilers* (28/10)


Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman opened the show. Heyman had to take out Taker or Vince would choke him out.

Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle def. John Cena & A-Train. Afterwards, Cena hits A-Train with the FU.

Worlds Greatest Tag Team def. FBI in a handicap match.

Heyman motivates McMahon backstage.

Ultimo Dragon def. Rey Mysterio. Tajiri and his japanese mafia team are down for commentary. Tajiri knocks out Rey. Ultimo turns his back on them (no doubt this may lead to a Dragon v Tajiri feud.. and I for one would love it).

Brock Lesnar and Big Show argue backstage. Lesnar is given word to go to the ring.

Heyman is in the ring with Matt Morgan and Nathan Jones (groan!). Lesnar comes out with Big Show and Heyman announces that these four will be part of a Survivor Series team at PPV. One more member is still to be announced.

Kurt Angle asks Chris Benoit to be on the opposing team at Survivor Series. Benoit eventually accepts.

Chavo Guerrero puts down Eddie Guerrero backstage, saying he let everyone down. A few references to his drinking and drug days.

Eddie Guerrero comes out and apologises to everyone. Fans are all over him in a great way. This brings out Shaniqua and the Bashams. Eddie manages to beat them down, but eventually becomes the victim of a beatdown and Chavo EVENTUALLY comes out to carry him to the back.

Bashams def. Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty.

Torrie Wilson won a Halloween costume contest over Dawn Marie. Pretty lame, but eh, hot ladies. Who’s complaining?

Lesnar tells John Cena that he might be the 5th guy for the Survivor Series heel team.

As Eddie is checked on, he grabs a walking-by Heyman, who grants him a rematch against the Bashams. But its gonna be Handicap (Eddie v Doug & Danny).

Angle on his phone. Interviewer approaches him, and Angle announces that Hardcore Holly (why?) will be on his team, alongside the APA (WHY? WHY?? WHY???).

APA def. Big Show & Brock Lesnar by DQ. APA got decimated. Angle and Benoit made the save but Morgan and Jones came out and laid them out. Heels left celebrating as the show came to a close.