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WWE: Byte This! – 30/10/2003

Hosts: Dr. Tom Pritchard and Josh Matthews

Guests: Batista, Tazz, Ray “Big BossMan” Traylor, and Rob Van Dam.

(2:30)-Batista joins the show. Dr. Tom tells Batista he seems very motivated now. Bastista says that he is and he is very glad to be put back into Evolution. That he was nervous that Evolution would have passed him by since he was gone for so long and that they didn’t need or want him. He says he has been out so long because he injured is arm, then reinjured his arm, and then it got infected. He then went to OVW to get back into ring shape. Josh asks him who he thought were good opponents in OVW. Batista mentions Seven, Travis Tomco(sp.?), and the Tough Enough kids. Batista says that he has learned a lot more from Fit Finlay than he has from being in OVW.

(6:00)-Phone call from Kevin in Pennsylvania who asks Batista about a World Title run. Batista says that right now he is just focusing on coming back and doing the best he can.

Email from Matt in NY who asks about Batista’s workout schedule. Batista says that he spends more time working out in the ring than in the gym. He also works out 7 days a week.

Dr. Tom asks to compare training with the Wild Samoans and OVW. Batista says that you learn the basics from Afa, especially if you are a big man. OVW is where you pay your dues.

Email from Matt in Canada who asks who would win in an arm wrestling match with Brock Lesnar. Batista said that Lesnar is one of the strongest guys he’s ever met. Said Lesnar would rip his arm off.

(10:20)Phone call from Beth who asks about PPV match with Goldberg. Batista says he doesn’t know where the whole Goldberg thing is going to lead. He would like to meet him in the ring sometime.

Dr. Tom asks him if has hit him that he was the guy that took out Goldberg, and who will be next for him to take out. Batista said he doesn’t know who will be next. He is extremely happy to be back. He said standing with Evolution on the top of the ramp was the highlight of coming back.

Josh asks about him being on the mic. Batista said that was his first time on the mic. And he hopes he did well enough that he will be able to speak more.

(12:45)-Batista leaves the show.

(13:50)-Surprise call from Ray “Big Boss Man” Traylor. He is running for Commissioner Chairman in his hometown. He said a lot of guys from WWE gave things for auction to raise money for a playground. He said he wants to take care of the town for the kids. He mentions charity auctions he has helped with in the town. Dr. Tom asks him to say something about Hawk. Ray tells a story about how one time he was in-between contracts between WWE and NWA and was short on money for his taxes, and Hawk gave him $2,000 to live on until everything got sorted out.

Phone call from Abraham in Tampa who asks about a WWE comeback. BossMan said he doesn’t know what will happen. He had reconstructive surgery on his shoulder and he had knee surgery. He also hit a deer with his motorcycle and broke 6 ribs. He is just getting back into shape now. (22:00)-Boss Man leaves the show.

(23:00)-Tazz joins the show. This whole segment is filled with jokes about Tazz being a vigilante. Tazz’ new acrticle about Tajiri is mentioned, but not talked about in-depth. (35:20)-Tazz leaves the show.

(37:00)-RVD joins the show. Dr. Tom gets right to asking RVD about how he has been talking about WWE lately. RVD says he is always very candid when asked about his feelings. RVD says that he has not signed a new contract yet, and that the rumor about his contract ending soon is exaggerated. Discussion has started about an extension, but nothing specific has been talked about. . RVD says that he hopes all goes good and he re-signs with WWE. He said that he has never been extremely happy signing with any company, but that’s just how he feels.

Josh brings up that RVD was unhappy that he wasn’t in a match in WMXIX and asks him about WMXX. RVD says he hopes he’s booked for the show. He said MSG is a small place, but it is always hyped up. He says that he and Eddie Guerrero had a ladder match at a house show at MSG and it was crazy. Dr. Tom asks Rob about the fires in California. Van Dam says the fires have effected him a bit. They are 70 miles away, but he has ash on his car and you can smell it in the air.

Josh asks him about the 5-Star comic store. Rob says it’s growing and he enjoys it. He says he gets one wrestler there a month to do signings.

Josh brings up Heyman back on SmackDown and asks for RVD’s thoughts. RVD says if Heyman is in a position of authority, he expects it to be a good thing because he has always respected his booking skills. Josh asks about the differences WWE and ECW. RVD says they are two different things. RVD says ECW was an “underground group of rebels” and WWE was more available in the media. He said that some guys who were ECW didn’t belong in WWE.

(45:30)-Call from Tom in Philly who says that since Matt Hardy has not been on SmackDown in a few weeks, if there will be a trade between RAW and SmackDown of Matt Hardy and RVD. RVD says he hasn’t heard anything, but anything is possible.

Dr. Tom mentions that Rob and Kane were the last guys to wrestle the L.O.D. in their last televised match and asks for thoughts. RVD says that he didn’t know them very well, but Hawk lived up to his reputation of being a hard worker and good guy. He said he can’t speculate what happened to him, but he heard he was in good spirits lately and that he really wanted to work in WWE again.

(48:15)-Phone call from John in Georgia who asks Rob about a World Title run. RVD says that he doesn’t know. He said that fans ask him about it all the time, even when he had the Tag Titles with Kane. He said if he never gets a shot, and he is just the greatest I.C. Champ of all-time, he would be fine with that. He said that he goes out every night and performs to the best of his abilities.

Dr. Tom asks Van Dam if he feels more of the bumps and bruises lately. Rob says he is 32 years old and doesn’t feel like he did 10 years ago. But he says he is getting better in other abilities other than just crazy moves, so it balances out.

(52:25)-Phone call from Mike in NY who asks RVD what for favorite matches and memories from ECW. RVD says he always puts over Jerry Lynn because he loves his matches with him. He says his matches with Sabu, whether against him or as a tag partner. And he mentions Bam Bam Bigelow.

RVD plugs

(54:00)-RVD leaves the show.

Confirmed for the show next week are Edge and Scotty 2 Hotty.