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WWE Stars Implicated In Steroid Scandal

There is a huge news story in the Tampa area about John Todd Miller, 35, an alleged steroid distributor who was charged with five counts of delivery of a controlled substance, five counts of possession of a controlled substance and four counts of unlicensed practice of health care. Miller is charged with masquerading as a doctor and giving testosterone shots to a clientele at $100 a pop and was being held yesterday on $33,000 bail. Detectives set up surveillance at his office after getting a tip in September, and found 35 people coming and going, and said his records show a clientele of about 100 people that included nationally known pro wrestlers and local law enforcement officers, as well as local businessmen. The NBC affiliate in the Tampa area led with this story, and teased all night about “top name former and current WWE professional wrestlers” that were being serviced by this doctor, but never mentioned any names. An unusually high percentage of big name pro wrestlers live in the Tampa area, for a number of reasons including no state tax, the weather, and fairly easy airport travel (well, compared to living in Calgary or California) to most of the dates since there are more events on the East Coast than anywhere. More importantly, records listing the names have been seized and Sheriff’s Col. Jose Docobo at a press conference yesterday said the clients may be charged later. Usage of anabolic steroids for anything other than the treatment of disease has been a felony in the U.S. since 1991.