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Smackdown! PS2 game controversy in the UK

There’s currently some controversy in the UK over the new WWE game ‘Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain’ as reported by the Birmingham Evening Mail newspaper.

A Midland MP and a rape counseling charity have blasted WWE over the option of the ‘Bra and Panties’ match, which the object of the match is to undress your opponent. “It’s very lacking in taste,” said Caroline Spelman, Tory MP for Meriden. She said that the game is currently being marketed with this feature and according to her it’s “leaving a bad taste in the mouth.” “This game is degrading to women,” said Maggie Williams, project manager of the Birmingham-based Rape and Sexual Violence Project. “It’s giving people, particularly children and teenagers, the message that it’s okay to attack women, which is very wrong.” Williams also fears that kids playing the game may copy what they see in the bra and panties match and do the thing in real life! “To me, this screams pornography. I think it should be banned and a review carried out on computer game content.”