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MMA future in UK

The future of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in Europe on PPV is believed by many to be at stake on the number of PPV buys Setanta Sports gets for the upcoming UFC 45: Revolution show, which is live on Sky Digital at 2.30am November 21st (technically the 22nd).

The latest news on this whole situation is that Setanta Sports were originally hoping for in the region of 10,000 PPV buys, but it is believed that the minimum numbers to keep UFC available on PPV in Europe through Setanta is 6,000 buys. This means that this upcoming UFC show could quite possibly be the last MMA PPV available live in Europe for quite some time if Setanta don’t achieve this quota.

Therefore, here at wrestling 101, we encourage all our readers to order this event if you are an MMA fan, simply interested in finding out more about the sport or looking for something new and exciting to see. The most dynamic and exciting sport in the world is out there waiting to be discovered by many. For more information on the event, you can contact any of the following:

Helena O’Sullivan at Setanta Sports:

Joe Reilly at wrestling 101: