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NWA-TNA: PPV Report 5th November


NWA: Total Nonstop Action for November 5th began with a recap of the issue between Jeff Jarrett and Jimmy Hart, starting with Jarrett’s attack of Hulk Hogan and ending with Hart revealing that Sting would be facing Jarrett tonight. 

Scott Hudson interviewed Jimmy Hart, who was standing outside a limo.  Hart said that Sting was there tonight, but that Jarrett’s biggest nightmare might be “right under his nose”. 

Kid Kash & Lazz vs. Julio Dinero & CM Punk.  Lazz, doing his homosexual gimmick, pinched Kash’s rear end as they came to the ring. Dinero had “Die Mitchell Die” written on his chest.  Dinero hit Lazz with a springboard shoulderblock as Kash held Lazz in a sunset flip position.  Dinero hit Lazz with a pair of suplexes, and Lazz tagged in Kash.  Punk hit Kash with a slingshot somersault senton, and gave him a series of boot scrapes in the corner, then kicked him in the face.  Dinero hit a sloppy dropkick for two on Kash.  Kash kicked Dinero low, and tagged in Lazz for a double back suplex for two.  Lazz hit a Northern Lights suplex on Dinero for two.  Lazz and Kash hit a double back bodydrop.  Lazz wanted to hug Kash, but Kash backed off.  Kash got a two count on Dinero with a double spring moonsault, but Punk broke it up.  Lazz and Kash did a comedy spot pulling Dinero back and forth into compromising positions. Punk got the hot tag and powerslammed Kash for a two count.  A brawl broke out, and Kash and Lazz hit a spear/clothesline combo on Dinero.  Punk pulled Kash to the floor and posted him.  Dinero lifted Lazz for a powerbomb, and Punk came off the top rope with a neckbreaker.  They call that move the “Near Death Experience”.  Punk got the pin at the seven minute mark.  Winners: Julio Dinero & CM Punk.  Post match, Kash powerbombed Lazz, but Abyss ran out and pounded on Kash before Kash took off through the crowd, with Abyss in pursuit. 

Scott Hudson interviewed Raven, who talked about how he eliminated the New Church (Sinn, Slash and Vampiro) and that tonight he gets Jim Mitchell in a Last Man Standing match.  He promised to send Mitchell to hell tonight. 

Mike Tenay was in the ring to interview Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett came out, carrying a Japanese newspaper and a German magazine, saying everyone is talking about when Hulk Hogan will recover from his surgery, and when he will come to TNA.  Jarrett claimed Antonio Pena wants to host the match in Mexico in a 50,000 seat stadium.  Jarrett said fans want to know if the NWA title will be on the line when he faces Hogan.  Mike Tenay insinuated that fans also want to know why Jarrett laid down on the ring against Hogan at Bash At The Beach.  Jarrett went nuts, yelling at Tenay to leave the ring.  Tenay stood his ground for a while, with Jarrett yelling and threatening him, then finally left the ring.  Jarrett was about to talk about Sting, when AJ Styles appeared in the crowd with a microphone.  Styles told Jarrett he needed to be worried about him, not Hogan and Sting.  Styles demanded a rematch for the title.  We saw that Sonny Siaki, Ekmo and Trinity were watching on a monitor in the back.  Jarrett said that Styles can’t compete on his level. Styles told Jarrett that he “sucks” but Jarrett responded that he is the champion. Jarrett told Styles to enter the X Division battle royal.  Styles said the X Division doesn’t need him, the heavyweight division does. 

Styles headed to the ring to fight Jarrett, and the two started brawling at ringside.  Jarrett dropped Styles on the guardrail and the ring steps.  Jarrett went for the Stroke in the ring, but Styles escaped it and dropkicked Jarrett.  The Red Shirt security came in, and Styles fought them off, until Jarrett hit Styles with a chair shot.  The Red Shirts dragged Styles out, beating him along the way, with Don Callis directing traffic.  Jarrett said that Sting would be his “victim” tonight, calling him “Batman”.  Jarrett left the ring. 

We saw the Red Shirts tossing Styles out the door, but when they did, Abyss (who had walked out earlier in pursuit of Kash) appeared and started brawling with the Red Shirts.  They made it back to the ring, Abyss and the Red Shirts, and Abyss clotheslined both men down.  Abyss gave Ryan Wilson the Black Hole Slam, then clotheslined Kevin Northcutt from the ring. Abyss went to chokeslam Callis, but Northcutt broke it up.  Abyss put Northcutt in a torture rack.  Callis demanded that he put Nortcutt down, so Abyss put him down with a neckbreaker.  Callis took off up the ramp, with Abyss in pursuit. 

Scott Hudson interviewed Jim Mitchell about his Last Man Standing match with Raven, asking why he would show up if he isn’t a wrestler.  Mitchell cut a promo about how Raven always attacks those smaller than him.  Mitchell said Raven has a problem with people that think on their own and question him. Mitchell said Raven can outwrestle him, but he can’t outthink him.  

Shane Douglas vs. The Sandman. Sandman did his usual beer drinking entrance through the crowd.  Mike Tenay talked about the ECW history between Sandman and Douglas. Sandman was wearing an old TNA “S.E.X.” shirt. Sandman downed Shane with some right hands, but Shane pulled Sandman to the floor and hit him with a baseball slide. Douglas hit Sandman with a pescado. They brawled on the floor, with Douglas giving Sandman a drop toe hold into the rails.  In the ring, Shane went to the top rope, but Sandman stopped him.  Sandman stretched Shane across the ropes and hit a guillotine legdrop, and followed with a slingshot legdrop.  Sandman put Douglas on the top rope and hit a FrankenSander.  Sandman gave Douglas a White Russian Legsweep, but Douglas kicked out at two.  Tracy, who has not been seen in months, came off the top rope and hit Sandman with a vertical bodypress. She rolled from the ring, and Douglas gave Sandman a belly to belly suplex. Sandman kicked out at two, so Douglas gave him a second belly to belly for the pin at the five minute mark. Winner: Shane Douglas. After the match, Douglas introduced Tracy as the newest member of his team.  Tracy said she would do anything for Shane. 

Scott Hudson interviewed Jimmy Hart, who said that fans want to know why Jeff Jarrett did what he did at Bash At The Beach.  Hart started saying “Why, why, why” over and over, and Sting appeared, also saying “Why, why” before saying “It’s Showtime”. 

Sonny Siaki & Ekmo Fatu, with Trinity, vs. America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm).  Storm and Siaki started out with a long series of reversals, hiptosses and arm drags.  Siaki then poked Storm in the eyes, only to be given a headscissors.  Harris came in and gave Siaki a reverse atomic drop, and Storm followed with a Russian legsweep.  Ekmo tagged in, and went at it with Harris.  Ekmo blasted Harris with a clothesline.  Ekmo tagged Siaki, slammed Harris, and SIkai covered Harris for two.  Harris gave Siaki a long vertical suplex. AMW hit a double dropkick on Siaki for two. Ekmo and Siaki began working over Storm, with Ekmo hitting a legdrop for two. Siaki applied a form of the Cobra Clutch, but Storm got out and hit a DDT. Storm made the hot tag to Harris, who hit Siaki with a backdrop and a full nelson slam.  Ekmo came in and Harris managed to backdrop him.  Harris hit Ekmo with a flying clothesline and got a two count, even though Ekmo was not the legal man.  Harris knocked Siaki from the ring and went to the top rope, but Siaki recovered and shoved him off the top into the ring.  Ekmo pressed Harris and tossed him into a Siaki stunner.  Storm came in and cleaned house.  Ekmo and Siaki soon resumed control on Storm, but Storm pulled Siaki in the way of an Ekmo avalanche.  Harris hit Ekmo with a spear for two.  Storm hit Siaki with a pescado on the floor. Siaki tossed Storm into the guardrail.  Trinity tossed a chair into the ring, but Harris got it first and hit Ekmo with it. Harris covered, but Trinity was distracting the referee.  Siaki came back in the ring to fight Harris. David Young ran in with a tennis racket and hit Harris with it.  Siaki then hit Harris with the Siakolypse for the pin at the ten minute mark. Winners: Sonny Siaki & Ekmo Fatu. 

Scott Hudson interviewed Glenn Gilberti, Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger. Diamond said they would never defend against AMW, because they don’t face “losers”.  David Young entered, and Gilberti told him that he is finally part of the team.  Young then said he signed for himself and Gilberti to face 3 Live Kru tonight.  Gilberti was not happy, but Diamond & Swinger thought it was a great idea. 

X-Division Battle Royal.  The participants are Low Ki, Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, Shark Boy, Johnny Storm, Chad Collyer, Christopher Daniels, and newcomer X.  X looked pretty huge, and was much larger than anyone else in the match. This match is the first part of the X Division Triple Chance Invitational.  Lot’s of fast paced action and spots in this one, with it going pretty non-stop.  X tossed gave Johnny Storm a powerbomb and tossed him out at the three minute mark.  X then flung Shark Boy from the ring, eliminating him. X then pressed Dutt overhead and tossed him over the top rope.  The remaining five will move on in the Triple Chance Invitational.  Shane Douglas and Tracy were watching from the balcony. Daniels catapulted Collyer out of the ring after a Low Ki kick at the four minute mark. X started to dominate Daniels, Low Ki and Sabin.  All three men started working together on X, with Low Ki kicking X, Daniels giving him a flying mare, and Sabin splashing him off the top.  However, they all started battling each other without eliminating him first. Daniels and Low Ki had a heated exchange, blocking each other’s finishers.  Daniels lifted Low Ki for a slam, but Low Ki clamped on a Dragon Sleeper.  Sabin knocked both of them over the top rope and out of the ring at the eight minute mark.  This left Sabin to face X.  X gave Sabin a package piledriver onto a steel chair, and tossed him out of the ring with little trouble at the ten minute mark. Winner: X.

This means that Chad Collyer vs. Chris Sabin and Low Ki vs. Christopher Daniels will take place next week in the second part of the Triple Chance Invitational.  The winners of those two matches will move on to face X in a Three Way Match in two weeks.

Scott Hudson interviewed Don Callis, who did not want to discuss Abyss.  Hudson said a Roddy Piper interview would be aired tonight.  Callis said Piper would never be allowed back in TNA.  Red Shirt Security came in and told Callis “we found him” and they all left.

A taped Roddy Piper promo aired.  Piper was standing next to an Emergency Room sign, saying since Vince Russo was there, the door was open for him to return.  Piper said he would take care of the Red Shirt Security.  Piper then referred to Hulk Hogan, saying he might prevent Hogan from ever becoming the NWA World Champion.  The bottom line of the interview was that Piper said he was returning.

Glen Gilberti & David Young vs. 3 Live Kru (BG James & Ron Killings, with Konnan).  Konnan did his usual pre-match mic work. Killings and James dominated Young early in the bout.  Gilberti broke up a pinfall attempt, and Young gave James a spinebuster, then tagged in Gilberti.  Gilberti hit a Russian legsweep and a elbowdrop for two, before he and James clotheslined each other. Killings and James both tagged in.  Gilberti came in, and Killing gave him a flying forearm.  Killings gave Young a DDT for two. The match degenerated into a brawl, with Killings fighting Gilberti on the floor, while James worked against Young.   Konnan slugged Gilberti on the floor. Gilberti had tossed in a chair, and while the referee got rid of it, Konnan tossed James the tennis racket, and James blasted Young with it.  Killings then hit Young with an ax kick for the pin at the four minute mark.  Winners: 3 Live Kru.  Post match, 3 Live Kru went after Gilberti.  Diamond & Swinger made the save, but America’s Most Wanted ran in to run them off.  Harris took the mic and said that the tag titles belonged to them and that they were demanding a title shot.  BG James took the mic, and informed AMW that 3 Live Kru should be the number one contenders. Sonny Siaki, Ekmo and Trinity then came out on the stage. Siaki said that 3 Live Kru and AMW could go home.  Siaki said that since they took care of Gilberti’s problem this week (AMW), they were owed a favor back.  Siaki said he and Ekmo wanted a title match with Diamond & Swinger. Gilberti was pressed for an answer, but said he just couldn’t think right now, and ran off, with the teams left arguing.

The history between Father James Mitchell and Raven was shown.

Raven vs. Father James Mitchell, Last Man Standing. Mitchell was dressed in shirt and jeans for the match. Raven had “Die Mitchell Die” written on his chest, and was wearing a dog collar and chain. Raven took off the collar after the bell rang and tossed the chain aside. Mitchell tried to run off, and Raven rammed him into the guardrail and one of the camera stands.  Raven tossed Mitchell into the announce table and then the ringsteps. Mitchell was busted open, as Raven choked Mitchell with a sleeper on the floor. Back in the ring, Raven whipped Mitchell with the chain, then he went for a chair.  Dinero and Punk came to ringside to cheer Raven on.  Raven was distracted by them showing up, and Mitchell hit Raven with a low blow.  Mitchell hit Raven with some chairshots across the back and got a two count.  Mitchell choked Raven, then whipped him with the chain. Mitchell, who was a bloody mess, slapped Raven.  Raven came back with a slew of punches and a discus clothesline.  Raven hit a pair of clotheslines, then set up a chair in the ring.  Raven gave Mitchell the drop toe hold into the chair, which actually missed a bit. Raven hit a DDT for the pin at the five minute mark.  The referee counted Mitchell down for ten, ending the match. Winner: Raven.  Post match, Raven hung Mitchell over the top rope by the chain, finally dropping him in a heap on the floor. Raven then got on the mic and said he was done with the New Church.  Raven said that he now was going to fulfill his destiny and go after Jeff Jarrett and the NWA World Title. Raven told Punk and Dinero that he has to do this alone, and said he was “setting them free”.  Punk begged Raven not to leave them, but Raven walked away.

Mike Tenay & Don West started to talk about next week’s show, but were interrupted by Low Ki.  Low Ki said that XXX is no more, and that next week he and Christopher Daniels will face off to see who is the better man.  Low Ki warned Daniels to “be ready”.

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting.  Jarrett stalled outside the ring before the bell rang. When the bell rang, Jarrett bailed back to the floor and stalled again. When he got in, Sting downed Jarrett with a shoulderblock.  After criss-crossing the ropes, Sting hit a clothesline and Jarrett begged off. They went into a test of strength, which Sting won, driving Jarrett to his knees.  Sting grabbed a double leg takedown and put on the Scorpion, but Jarrett made the ropes.  Jarrett went to the floor, but Sting followed, ramming Jarrett into the rails.  Sting took a Sting blanket from a fan, put it over Jarrett’s head and slugged him.  They brawled into the crowd and up the bleachers, trading punches, with Sting getting the better of it. Sting hit Jarrett with a pair of chairshots, then hit him with a trash can.  Sting dragged him back to ringside, tossed him on the ringside table, then hit Jarrett with a fan (the kind that blows air, not the kind that cheers and boos).  Sting tossed Jarrett, who was now busted open, back into the ring.  Jarrett reversed a whip and applied a sleeper. Sting elbowed out, and traded punches with Jarrett.  Sting got the better of it, and hit a series of clotheslines.  Sting hit the Stinger Splash, then went for the Scorpion, but Jarrett kicked Sting into the referee, knocking the ref down.  Jarrett grabbed the title belt and went to hit Sting, but Sting ducked and hit Jarrett with the Scorpion Death Drop.  The referee went to count, but Don Callis pulled the ref from the ring.  The ref slapped Callis and got back in the ring. Jeff hit Sting with the belt and went for the cover, but Jimmy Hart told the referee not to count.  The match continued, and Sting dodged a dropkick and put Jarrett in the Scorpion.  The Red Shirt Security ran in, but Sting fought them off.   However, this allowed Jarrett to get a chair and hit Sting with it for the disqualification at the nine minute mark.  Winner: Sting.  Post match, Jarrett and the Red Shirts beat up on Sting, but then Raven ran in.  Raven fought off Jarrett and the Red Shirts for a time, before finally being beaten down. AJ Styles then ran out and hit the Red Shirts with a springboard, but was soon taken down with a double team powerbomb.  Styles, Raven and Sting were being beat down, until Abyss ran in, and the Red Shirts and Jarrett hit the floor.  Styles raised Abyss’ arm in the air, but Abyss gave him the Black Hole Slam.  Abyss, Jarrett and the Red Shirts pounded on Styles, Raven and Sting.  Jarrett went for his guitar, but Jimmy Hart handed Sting a baseball bat.  Sting used the bat to shatter Jarrett’s guitar, then cleaned house on Jarrett, Abyss and the Red Shirts.  As the heels retreated up the aisle, Don Callis got on the mic and said that Styles, Raven and Sting would never get a title shot at Jarrett. 

Sting then got on the mic and said that since he likes TNA so much, he will be back next week, as long as AJ Styles is his partner. Jarrett then said that would be fine, and that he had someone who was calling him to get into TNA.  So next week, it is Sting & AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett and … The Total Package, Lex Luger.  That ended the show.

Next Week:
– Sting & AJ Styles vs. Lex Luger & Jeff Jarrett.
– Christopher Daniels vs. Low Ki.
– Chad Collyer vs. Chris Sabin.