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WWE: Rhyno/Tajiri, Edge’s Return

 WWE continues to be down on Rhyno and is not putting him in any meaningful role on Smackdown. As best as I can tell, it all dates back to the New York house show where Vince McMahon saw his match with Tajiri, hated it and embarrassed him in front of the crowd by ending the bout and telling the two to take a hike. Rhyno has yet to crawl out of that hole.

On the flip side, I am hearing that management is really high on Tajiri’s work, both in the ring and as a character.

Here is a quick recap of Edge’s appearance on The Bubba The Love Sponge radio show this morning. He said he’s starting to do mild strengthening exercises for his upper body. I saw him at a Lightning game about a week or so ago and if he weighed 200 lbs that was a stretch. He then mentioned that he would be doing an autograph session for Tampa’s 12/15 Raw show. Tickets go on sale next weekend for that one. He says he hopes to be back before WMXX. I hope so too. It was a quick call but good to hear he’s ready to start getting back