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WWE: Orton, ‘Little Johnny’ and more…

– Backstage morale, especially on the Smackdown brand, is very low right now. Many got excited when Paul Heyman was brought back, but now realize that he has no real creative power. Everyone feels that Smackdown now revolves exclusively around Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and The Undertaker.

– Many have some resentment towards Randy Orton backstage on the RAW side. The feeling is that unlike John Cena, Orton has not earned his push and is instead getting by simply because he is Triple H’s “protege.” Everyone feels that Triple H is grooming Orton just so that he can feud with him next year.

– The plan right now is to have John Heidenreich’s “Little Johnny” be a doll, not an imaginary person.

– WWE is testing out not having intermissions at house shows to further speed the shows up and make it seem like a TV taping. They have already started playing more angles and such at the shows to, again, make it seem more exciting and like a TV taping. The question is whether removing intermission will hurt merchandise sales.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter