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WWE: SmackDown House Show – 8th November – Poughkeepsie

 attended tonight’s Smackdown House card in Poughkeepsie, NY. Here are the results.

The show started off with a 10 bell salute and moment of silence for Crash Holly. Followed by a huge Crash chant. Half of the crowd was shocked that he passed away.

The Bashams w/Shaniqua beat Rikishi & Scotty.  After the match, Shaniqua got the Stinkface.

Ultimo Dragon beat Nunzio.

Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin defeated Sean O’Haire & Horshu.

Jimmy Yang & Ryan Sakoda beat Paul London & Spanky.  Awesome match. Yang & Sakoda are a good team.  Tajiri came out after the match and congratulated them and Jamie Noble jumped him from behind.

Which led to…Tajiri beat Jamie Noble.

There was a brief intermission. The top rope was breaking in the corner I was in and they had to change it.

John Cena came out and cut a funny promo on Heyman & Team Lesnar.  Heyman came out and said He will be facing Rey Mysterio in the main event and he will decide the stipulation later. A-Train came through the  crowd and jumped Cena and gave him a Baldo Bomb. Los Guerreros came out for the save and told Heyman they would face anyone he got tonight. Heyman said it would be Eddie Guerrero v. Chavo Guerrero, and if they didn’t compete, they would forfeit their title shot on Smackdown this week. Eddie said he didn’t want to face Chavo tonight and started to leave. Chavo got the mike and said I don’t blame Eddie, I wouldn’t want to face me either with the slump that Eddie was in. Eddie came back and more words were exchanged and they started the match.

Eddie was going easy on Chavo and then Chavo pushed him. He started pounding on Chavo and then backed off and was reluctant to hit him again. Chavo went in full heel mode after that. Eddie won with a roll up. Eddie went to hug Chavo, but Chavo shoved him off and left pissed off.

It was a good 10-15 minute match and perhaps a preview of what’s to come

Next up was A-Train, Nathan Jones & Matt Morgan v. Bradshaw, Chris Benoit and Hardcore Holly. All of the heels were coming out together, but Nathan Jones was nowhere to be found. Matt Morgan had to leave the ring, go to the back and come back out with Jones, who finally came out.

Bradshaw pinned Morgan pretty quickly and everyone thought it was a quick match, (The Faces music even played.) But Chimmel forgot to inform us that this match was under Survivor Series rules. Here is the order of elimination. Bradshaw pinned Matt Morgan Nathan Jones then beat Bradshaw Chris Benoit made Jones tap to the crossface.
A-Train pinned Benoit
Holly pinned A-Train
Winner and Sole Survivor – Bob Holly

Dawn Marie beat Sable in a bikini contest after Sable backed out, saying we didn’t deserve to see her body. (the only question is. If we didn’t deserve to see her in a bikini, Why the hell did she come out dressed in a bikini for the competition?) Dawn then jumped Sable, they brawled a bit and Sable retreated. Dawn then danced for Funaki who was hosting the competition.

Main Event – Mid Hudson Street Fight
Rey Mysterio beat John Cena
After the match Team Lesnar (Train, Jones & Morgan) came out and jumped Rey. Cena was outside the ring stunned. Bradshaw, Benoit & Holly made the save and then Cena joined in to beat off the heels. (Cena was playing the face all night, except for a little during the match) Afterwards they had words with Cena. As Cena was leaving, Holly got the mike and told Cena he had balls and he will go far.

Holly then thanked the crowd for supporting him, saying he was supposed to return at Survivor Series, but wanted to return a week early in Poughkeepsie, NY. He then thanked the crowd again.

All in all it was a good show. Even though Angle & Lesnar weren’t there. Holly looked good tonight, however Jones didn’t. By the end of the match I thought he was Kurrgan part 2.