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WWE: Raw House Show, Burlington, Vermont

WWE RAW Brand House Show- 11/09/03
Burlington, Vermont

First off, like back in April when Smackdown was here, a group of protestors were standing across from the auditorium, protesting violence and sexual abuse they believe is abundant in WWE. This time, though, the news wasn’t here to cover it. The protestors got only the jeers and insults from the wrestling fans.

1. The Hurricane and Val Venis def. La Resistance

La Resistance made a nice entrance, interrupting the National Anthem, and then had a verbal exchange with the crowd. Being so close to Québec, some people here do speak French, and those people gave pops to Rene Dupree when he spoke to them in French. I can only imagine how it is when they are in Montréal or Québec City.

2. Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak def. Unknown Tag Team

Not sure who the opponents were, since they weren’t announced. They came in after the previous bout was over, and beat down Val Venis and the Hurricane, only to get jumped themselves by Cade and Jindrak.

3. Batista def. Tommy Dreamer

Batista is a monster in person! Crowd was solidly behind Dreamer, though, with the obligatory “ECW” chants as well.

4. Stevie Richards w/ Victoria def. Rico w/ Miss Jackie

Rico managed to get more heat than anyone during the show. The more “gay” he acted, the more heel heat he got. After getting the win, Richards stood on the turnbuckles and pointed skyward, which I assumed was for the recent passing of his friend, Crash Holly.

5. Shane McMahon def. Kane in a Steel Cage Match

This cage wasn’t the one’s you’re used to seeing on television and pay-per-views. This one was built the old-fashioned way, and looked very rickety. Kane seemed a bit uneasy with it as he “tested” its structure, after getting in. Shane gets the win, after literally slipping out of his shirt while Kane was holding him over the edge of the cage, therefore falling on the floor to get the win.

After this match, Howard Finkel announced a special guest announcer for the next match: Stacy Keibler!

6. Lita and Trish Stratus def. Molly Holly and Gail Kim- Special Guest Referee, Victoria

Victoria tries to sabotage Lita and Trish by beating up on Trish, but Stacy makes the save and allows Lita to get the pin.

7. Randy Orton w/ Ric Flair def. Maven

Huge pops for Flair, and “whooooo” chants throughout.

8. Booker T, Rob Van Dam, and the Dudleys def. Chris Jericho, Christian, Scott Steiner, and Mark Henry w/ Theodore Long: Survivor Series Rules Match

A hilarious promo by Teddy Long kicked things off, as he shot on Vermont for being a white state, in the Great White North. From there, we saw 5-10 minutes of promos back and forth between the teams before the match actually started…quite fun to watch, actually.

The order of elimination was:

1. Mark Henry
2. Rob Van Dam (a lot of boos for that one)
3. D-Von Dudley
4. Scott Steiner
5. Bubba Ray Dudley
6. Chris Jericho (By Chair DQ)
7. Christian

Booker T is the “sole survivor”

After the show we got to see great interaction between Booker, the Dudleys, and the crowd. We were witness to a D-VonRoonie (not bad), a Bubbaroonie(awful), and the classic Spinaroonie. A little kid named Ricky got to do a spinaroonie in the ring, and that was great to watch. The Memorial Auditorium seats maybe 3,000 at most, and it certainly looked like it was filled to capacity. A good time, overall.