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WWE: SmackDown House Show, Worcester, Massachusetts

WWE Smackdown House Show Results and Info. From Worcester, MA
Sunday, November 09, 2003

Only about half the floor section had seats set up. I spoke to a WWE employee (a non-wrestler, no name to protect him), he said that they only had between 1,800 – 2,000 tickets sold and they would being taping the event to show clips on the next Smackdown. And they wanted to make the arena look like there were more people in the building, so by only putting about 10-15 rows on the floor people that did not have floor seats would have to stay in the other sections.

Spike Dudley, Dean Malenko, and Arn Anderson where all at the show. Dean and Double A spent most of the show by the sound board. I saw Spike arrive at the show. He lives in RI, so most likely just visiting friend. However could he be in the trade with Matt Hardy and be going to Smackdown???

Show started about 5pm and the Centrum was not even half full, I would say less then ¼ full. The upper level was empty and the lodge section only had people in the middle arenas closer to the ring. Dave the t-shirt guy shot t-shirt into the crowd, mostly to the places that no one was seated (just to get heat, I think). 

Eddie and Chavo Guerrero came out to a nice pop. Paul E. came out and said that Eddie and Chavo would face each other or loss the shot at the tag team titles on Smackdown. Eddie said they did not need the titles and would not face each other. Then Chavo took the microphone and said that Eddie lost the titles for him and he wanted him back. The match was not good at all. The spent a lot of time walking around. Eddie pinned Chavo with a quick roll up.

The Bashman Brothers, with Shaniqua, beat Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi. Doug pinned Scotty after using the whip. After the match Rikishi gave the stink face to Shaniqua and both Scotty and Rikishi danced.

Funaki beat Horshu with a school boy. It was the worst match of the night. No real things to talk about. Horshu controlled the match and Funaki was able to get a school boy.

The Worlds Great Tag Team beat the team of Spanky and Paul London. This was a good match. A lot of high spots from Spanky and London. This match would have been good for a ROH show. Haas pinned Spanky after setting Spanky up for a power bomb and Benjamin coming off the top rope with a close line. (Only the first finish of a match by power bomb into a pin.)

Cena did freestyle on how Paul E. was gay. A-Train jumped Cena and Paul E came out and told A-train to go to the back. Paul E said Cena would face Rhyno and Sean O’Haire. Rhyno went for the gore put missed and hit Sean and turned into a FU. John Cena over Rhyno and Sean O’Haire.

Ultimo Dragon and Jamie Noble beat Yang and Sakoda, when Ultimo used Tiger bomb (sit down power bomb into a pin) on Yang. (Second finish by a power bomb into a pin.)

Tajiri beat Rey and Nunzio in a triple threat match. A really good match. Nunzio and Tajiri teamed up on Rey most of the match. The match made me think of the old 3 way dances in ECW with Guido (now Nunzio), Super Crazy, and Tajiri. Tajiri pinned Rey with a power bomb into a pin. (That makes three Power bomb into a pin.)

A six man Survivor Series match:

Kurt Angle, Bradshaw and Hardcore Holly vs. A-Train, Nathan Jones and Matt Morgan
Bradshaw used the Close line from Hell to pin Nathan Jones
A-Train used the jump kick to pin Hardcore Holly
Matt Morgan used the sidewalk slam to pin Bradshaw
Angle used the Angle Slam to pin Morgan
Angle made A-Train Tap out to the ankle lock

Survivor: Kurt Angle

A swim suit contest between Sable and Dawn Marie. Sable said that no one had the right to see her in her swimsuit and that special MC, Funaki, could name her the winner. Dawn Marie and Sable had a cat fight. Dawn removed Sable’s rope to expose Sable’s swim suit. Sable left the ring side area. Funaki named Dawn Marie the winner. Then Dawn removed her rope to show off her swim suit.

Brock beat Chris Benoit in the main event. Brock ran into the ref, and turned into Chris Benoit who hooked the Cross face. Brock started to tap when Matt Morgan ran in and broke it up. Brock used the F-5 to pin Benoit.

Overall, the event was okay. I thought the power bomb into a pin was used way to much. The crowd was died most of the show. If I had to give the show a letter grade it would be a C.