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RBW Press release

On Saturday 22nd November 2003, Revolution British Wrestling (RBW) and United Kingdom Wrestling Alliance (UKWA) will be staging their first joint show at the Killamarsh Sports Centre.

The two promotions have had a strong relationship previously, with wrestlers from both promotions appearing on each other’s shows throughout 2003 beginning in February.

Before the end of the year are two more shows with UKWA in association with RBW at The Sherwood, Sheffield on Sunday 7th December and RBW in association with UKWA at Vale Social Club, Nottingham on Saturday 27th December.

The two promotions, whilst not joined as one, are looking forward to expanding their working relationship with these shows, as they feel that it is a positive step forward.

A major championship time for both promotions as well. Steps are ongoing to recognise British Champions by both promotions. During the space of these three shows, all British championships will be defended, as well as a knockout process to determine two contenders to decide the British Heavyweight and British Middleweight Champions respectively. Decider bouts are set for early 2004.

For tag team championships, a revolutionary structure has been set in place, which enables champions to consist of three wrestlers as opposed to two. Whilst two wrestlers will compete in the actual championship defences, a third wrestler will also be eligible to defend the championships in place of one of the others if necessary. Each respective third wrestler will be announced publicly before any defence is made. Currently the British Tag Team Champions are London’s Stixx and “Little Dragon” Ross Jordan. The two wrestlers have decided that the third wrestler to make up their team will be fellow Londoner Kruiz, who has appeared on recent UKWA shows as well.

Saturday 22nd November 2003

Killamarsh Sports Centre, Killamarsh (More venue information can be found on our website)

Doors Open – 6.45pm and Show Stars – 7.15pm

Tag Team Action

British Tag Team Championship – Kruiz & “Little Dragon” Ross Jordan (c) vs Will Assault & Scott Future

Due to the recent decision by management, three wrestlers can represent the Tag Team Champions, with any two of them defending their tag team titles. Stixx and “Little Dragon” Ross Jordan won the Championships recently at a UKWA show, and have chosen their fellow Londoner Kruiz to be their third partner, who will take the place of Stixx in this bout.

Their challengers consist of Sheffield’s rising young star Will Assault partnered by the RBW Nottingham Trainer Scott Future from Leicester. Assault recently appeared at the RBW show in London, where he defeated the arrogant Frenchman Mark Mignot. On the same show, Scott Future defeated “MTX” Jem Brown to become the British Mid-Heavyweight Champion.

The two’s decision to team again is quite surprising in itself. Assault hasn’t taken to the fans much since his debut, yet recently seems to be a little more supportive of their cheering. Scott Future meanwhile has been very supportive of the fans, coupled with running the RBW Nottingham Training Centre.

Tournament Matches

James Mason vs Keith Myatt

The wrestler many people have nicknamed “Britain’s Number One”, James Mason will be put in one corner, with the opposing corner being taken by the former RBW Mid-Heavyweight Champion Keith Myatt.

Both wrestlers are now residing in Stoke-on-Trent, and they recently tangled with each other twice.

At the Premier Promotions Crew Carnival, Mason and Myatt were on opposing sides in a tag team contest, in which tension was high.

Not long afterwards on Saturday 4th October in Nottingham at a Revolution British Wrestling show, we saw Keith Myatt team with “Sensation of the Nation” Rob Hunter to oppose James Mason and his partner “Golden Boy” Cameron Knite.

This match promises to add a lot of fuel and intensity into an already action-packed show, with both wrestlers strong favourites to advance in the tournament after this show.

“Misfit” Jorge Castano vs “Golden Boy” Cameron Knite

Rapidly rising “Golden Boy” Cameron Knite will be put against the RBW London Trainer “Misfit” Jorge Castano as part of the British Heavyweight Championship tournament.

Knite has had a recent spell of success, teaming with one of Britain’s best James Mason on a recent RBW show in October, and defeating the combination of Keith Myatt & “Sensation of the Nation” Rob Hunter. Adding to that, experts are predicting a huge amount of success for Knite in the near future, perhaps this tournament may be the making of the “Golden Boy”.

Jorge Castano hasn’t been seen in RBW since September of last year, where he wrestled and defeated his own brother Alex Castano. Castano has since become a wrestling trainer at the RBW Training Centre based in London, and that situation has led to his anticipated return to action. A strong favourite, Castano stands a strong chance of defeating almost all opponents he comes across.

Stixx vs Domino

London’s Stixx will do battle against Newcastle’s Domino. This will not be the first time the two heavyweights have done battle, having had numerous hard hitting contests in recent memory.

Both wrestlers possess exceptional strength, and are relatively new to the British wrestling scene. Fans have been very impressed with both wrestlers with their previous RBW and UKWA appearances.

It’s inevitable that one of these wrestlers will advance in the tournament after their match. After that, anything could happen.

Alan Kilby vs Andi Le Bon

The final tournament contest for the British Heavyweight Championship has been announced as UKWA’s former Tag Team Champion Andi Le Bon taking on wrestling legend and current British Commonwealth Champion Alan Kilby.

This match will mark a return to action for Kilby, who has been sidelined since July. Alan Kilby is still unbeaten on Revolution British Wrestling shows since entering the promotion a year ago in November 2002. Previously, Kilby had wrestled extensively for RBW predecessor G.N Promotions.

Andi Le Bon is another star gaining experience, with bookings coming in for various other promotions and the pride of being a former UKWA Tag Team Champion under him. The Liverpool-born wrestler is sure to give it his best shot against Kilby, and it will surely be a very interesting contest to watch.

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