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WWE: Byte This Report – 14/11/03

Bradshaw says that his article this week on is about Howard Dean, the Democratic nominee who wants to run for President who is pretty much a racist. Bradshaw then asks Josh about being a racist. Bradshaw then makes a joke a bout his divorce by asking, “Do you know why divorce costs so much? Because it’s worth it.”

(3:55)-Droz joins the show.

Bradshaw starts to tell a story of when Droz punched him in the head a few times, but the audio cut out on the show.

(4:50)-Tazz joins the show.

Bradshaw asks Tazz how Josh got a job at WWE. They all then joke about cursing on the internet and they all try to squeeze in the “S” word, then laugh about it. Josh then asks about everyone’s opinions on Survivor Series. They joke about how Vince probably doesn’t even know Josh works for WWE. Tazz says that he wanted it to be known that he picked Josh to win Tough Enough, but Al Snow wanted Maven to win. Bradshaw then jokes about Christopher Nowinski not winning, but still working for the company and how can they get rid of him. Everyone then picks Kurt Angle’s team to win the match this Sunday. They also all pick Undertaker to win the Buried Alive match. They also make other picks for the other matches on the card. This whole segment has as few “S” words, so be careful if you plan on listening to it.

(22:05)-Tazz and Droz leave the show.

(22:20)-Email from Kevin in Connecticut asks Bradshaw about opening up his own business like other superstars have. Bradshaw says he once had a travel agency, but didn’t like it, and would not like to open his own business.

(23:20)-Faarooq joins the show.

Faarooq starts right in about Bradshaw being from Texas saying that they will execute anyone down there for anything, and that is why Bradshaw’s clothesline is so hard. Bradshaw asks Faarooq what he is doing in “Hotlanta”, and Faarooq says, “Battling these demons” and they have a good laugh.

(25:25)-Josh asks Faarooq about being attacked a few weeks ago on SmackDown and being taken off of Kurt Angle’s team for the Survivor Series. He said he was attacked from behind and everyone saw it. They then make fun of Big Show’s weight.

(26:30)-Bradshaw brings up that he and Faarooq are going to Kuwait for Christmas. They said last time they didn’t have any beer, but this time they are taking a supply with them. The joke about who Faarooq is when he is there is hysterical.

(27:15)-Josh asks Faarooq about returning and watching Survivor Series. Faarooq sounded like he was angry that he was taken off of Angle’s team, but he it sounded like he was addressing that anger at the powers that be more than Lesnar and Big Show. Faarooq also said there is no excuse for what they did to him. Faarooq said he won’t be sober watching Survivor Series and Bradshaw said he won’t be sober wrestling. Faarooq said he won’t be sober, but he’ll try to keep a cross-eye vision on Bradshaw in the match.

(28:45)-Phone call from Nigel in GA who asks what the future is for Faarooq. Faarooq says the future holds nothing for him or for anybody but ‘you have to do what you have to do and do it day to day’. He said he plans on kicking ass for now.

(30:25)-Phone call from Matt in Staten Island who asks when the next bar room brawl will be. Bradshaw says ‘the next time they get together’ and Faarooq says to the caller, “The next time you have a party. When are you gonna have a party?” They then make bi-sexual jokes about Josh.

(32:25)-Email question from Jillian in England who asks why Faarooq changed his name from Ron Simmons back to Faarooq. Faarooq gets mad and says he never dropped or lost his name. He then asks, “Where’s England?”

(33:20)-Email asking how it feels to be the first African American World Heavyweight Champ. Faarooq gets mad and says it always comes back to being black. Then Bradshaw makes some more racist jokes about Josh and Faarooq says he is going to call Reverend Al Sharpton.

(33:15)-Josh asks an email question that asks ‘What’s the secret to career longevity’? Bradshaw asks “Because he’s black?” Faarooq says you have to surround yourself with people you like and can work with and he has been able to do that, especially with Bradshaw. Josh makes a joke about Faarooq’s old tag team Doom.

(37:00)-Faarooq leaves the show.

They show the clip from last weeks SmackDown about Holly returning for revenge and WWE superstars talking about how tough Holly is.

(40:50)- Bob “Hardcore” Holly joins the show.

Holly says he is “feelin’ good” being back. Josh asked about a match in OVW between Holly and Matt from Tough Enough. Holly said he had to go to the hospital to get Holly’s foot from Matt’s ass.

Josh asked about new guys. Holly said he doesn’t know a lot of the guys in the locker room. He says he doesn’t want to wrestle them because he will hurt them.

(43:35)-Josh asks about another season of TE. Holly says he has talking to Big John about it and the idea is being tossed around. Holly said that if he is not involved in anything, he would go back on the show. Bradshaw says that the internet went nuts with the Bob/Matt incident from TE. Holly said when he got into the business he was there to get the sh*t kicked out of him. Bradshaw and Holly laugh about how newer guys complain about small bumps. Holly jokes the show was called Tough Enough, not Motherly Love. Bradshaw says how people pay to see you wrestle, they don’t care if your back hurts, so you have to go out and perform because that is your job. Holly says that he doesn’t care what people thought about the incident; that ‘any publicity is good publicity.

(47:50)-Email from Ray in San Diego who asks about Hawk from TE being an Indy wrestler and if he will ever be ready to be in the WWE. Holly says “Shoot yeah! That guy is entertaining. He was ready form Day 1.” Josh then asks why hawk didn’t win. Holly says because Hawk quit.

Holly says he doesn’t care about the team, he just wants to get to Brock on Sunday. Bradshaw says that is fine, that they will take care of everyone else and Holly can have Lesnar.

Email from Brandon in Ontario who asks what the hardest part of rehab is. Hardcore says sitting around doing nothing is the hardest part.

Email from Sandra in Wilkes-Barre who asks Holly if he would like to be champ. Hardcore says that first he wants to get a hold of Brock, then he would like to go for the title.

Email from Dan in Chicago who asks if Holly will be given a chance to flourish on SD since he has returned. Holly says it is not up to him, it’s up to the powers that be.

Josh asks about the passing of Crash Holly. Bob says that it was sad, but if it is your time, then it is your time.

Josh asks about WMXX. Holly says he hopes he is in it. Bradshaw says he hopes Holly is in it and he hopes if Josh is fired by then. Holly says he would like to see Bradshaw clothesline Josh. Bradshaw agrees.

Josh asks about Angle’s surgery. Holly says he’s glad he had his surgery. He says that Angle took a shortcut but if it didn’t work he would still have to have the regular surgery. Bradshaw asks why he thinks these neck problems are happening to guys. Holly says that because it the human body is not supposed to deal with the pressure ands actions of what they do in the ring. Holly says that in the 90’s, it was easier to have simple wrestling matches. But now you have to do high-risk stuff to keep people’s attentions. Bradshaw jokes about how if you put someone in a headlock now, that people chant “boring”. Holly says that people don’t care about what you did the night before, but they want you to work your ass off for them that night.

Holly says that he would like to see Josh in the ring more than Brock on Sunday.

(58:50)-Hardcore Holly leaves the show.

Josh asks how Bradshaw got to be on “Fox & Friends.” Bradshaw just says that he is on it on Friday mornings at 8:30am.

Josh asks about Bradshaw living in NY now. Bradshaw says that he needs to be in NY to be on Fox on Fridays, so it is convenient for him.

Josh asks about feedback for his book. Bradshaw says that he read that someone said it was a ‘better book than the Bible.’ He says that he has seriously gotten good feedback on his book.

Josh asks about his hair color. Bradshaw says this is his natural hair color.

Josh asks about Dallas fans being electric. Bradshaw says, “IT’s THE BIG D!”

Email from Harold in NJ who asks what happened to Bradshaw’s BlackJack partner Barry Windham. Bradshaw says that Barry lives in South Georgia with his wife and is living well.

Email from Donovan from Syracuse who asks who Bradshaw thinks will main event WMXX. Bradshaw says it depends on a lot of things such as Austin wrestling, Rock returning, etc. Josh brings up how Josh Cena said he would be headlining WMXX. Bradshaw says that he’s a good guy but doesn’t think WMXX will be his time to headline.

Email from Joanne in Philly who asks what Bradshaw’s favorite city to go to is. Bradshaw says his favorite city is Dallas, TX. He says they have cowboy bars, cowboy girls, and beer.

Bradshaw said he is going to Iraq for Christmas along with other WWE superstars.

(1:10:00)-Josh asks about Bradshaw being a backstage ribber. Bradshaw says he heard from former employees that say he was mean to them. He says that if people don’t have enough talent in the business, they look for an excuse and look for people to point a finger at and blame them for their misfortune. He says that one person has a lawsuit pending so he can’t talk about that. He also said another person who he won’t name, but then subtly names Blue Meanie. He talks about Meanie being with porn star Jasmine St. Claire. He laughs about how she was on a video having sex with 500 guys. He laughs thinking that after having sex with 500 men, you would eventually run into people and say “Hi. Remember me? I was #298.” He goes on to say, “The son of a bitch is married to that and wants to say I picked on him? Good lord man, go to your local video store!”

Josh asks Bradshaw about being the Co-Chairman of the SmackDown Your Vote campaign. He says that they want to get many young voters to register. That they need to become involved because they are the future of the country.

Josh asks about P. Diddy running in the NY Marathon. Bradshaw says that Diddy raised $2 Million instead of the $1 Million which he said he wanted to raise.

Next week: Stevie Richards and Eddie Guerrero, but they are unconfirmed.

(1:12:45)-The show ends.

My Rundown: This is an absolutely hilarious show. Faarooq apparently being drunk is worth spending the time to listen to. Bradshaw picking on Josh the whole time was really funny. Even “Hardcore” Holly was a bit entertaining. I kid you not when I say to at least listen to this show over the weekend. Play some FreeCell on your computer and play the show in the background. It’s totally worth it.