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WWE: Jericho speaks on Stu Hart, Creative Team and more…

 Chris Jericho appeared on Between the Ropes to talk about Survivor Series and his upcoming musical project with Fozzy.

Chris discussed the numerous nicknames that he has been labeled with throughout his career. He has become more driven to succeed in the business with the birth of his son. This year marks the first time that he has been in one of the Elimination Style matches, but he remembers watching past Survivor Series Elimination Matches. Chris believes that the Raw 10 man match is better than the Smackdown brand match.

The evolution of his tag team with fellow Canadian Christian was discussed and how it is refreshing to have a true heel tag team. He mentions that it is an art form to be a heel tag team instead of a cool heel tag team. Chris’s preference is to work singles matches, but he does not mind working in tag matches.

Talk moved on to the number of injuries in the business, and how Chris has avoided a major injury. He mentions how he is able to pull back if he feels something. The current style of wrestling where the bar is raised has affected the business as well causing the rash of injuries.

Chris talked about his 30-minute match with Shawn Michaels and how he was happy with the result, and how the shorter matches require more high spots. He would like to see more long matches to slow things down, and to do it for the hardcore wrestling fans.

Chris discussed the younger wrestlers starting in the business and how the current writing style might be hurt in building their characters since they were given more leeway in the past. Chris has gone from writing his own promos to working with a member of the writing team. Chris prefers how the business created individual characters, and that you need to try different catch phrases to succeed.

Chris talked about the passing of Stu Hart and how he was a big influence on his career. He did not train with Stu until he had been in the business for two years. He said that the true sign of a legend is having a wrestler being able to imitate their voice.

Chris says that Fozzy is working on their third album, with new material that should be released in the Summer of 2004. Chris ended the interview with a special message for ‘Dickinson’ who was unable to appear for the interview.

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