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WWE: Survivor Series Report

They have already moved the Tajiri vs. Jamie Noble cruiserweight title match to Heat and it will be starting momentarily.

This show has quite a few questions, most not having to do with match finishes, but how well a lot of characters get over.

Tajiri retained the title in your basic short Heat match with the kick to the side of the head. Both Sakoda (not Sakata any longer) and Akio (formerly Jimmy Yang) were out there for distraction.

The Smackdown Survivor Series match is opening. John Cena in his rap even said the card is ass backwards. Cena’s rap did not get the reaction you’d hope for. Wow, Angle and Lesnar are in the opener. Within the first minute, Holly was DQ’d for throwing down the ref, Bradshaw pinned A-Train and Show pinned Bradshaw. Angle pinned Morgan with an Angle slam and used an ankle lock on Jones, and then Lesnar gave Angle an F-5 so it’s Lesnar & Show vs. Cena & Benoit. Benoit used the crossface on Lesnar. Final fall was Cena hitting Show with a chain and the FU. The impact of Benoit making Lesnar submit meant almost nothing. Angle was very much protecting himself here. Morgan’s debut established him as nothing special. Match was okay, but not on the level you’d expect from a bout with Angle, Benoit or Lesnar.

Lita vs. Molly for the womens title is next. Molly kept the title after running Lita’s head into an exposed turnbuckle. Not much of a match.

Shane vs. Kane in the ambulance match is next. Kane won with a well protected tombstone on the floor and threw Shane into the ambulance. The match was pretty much all out of the ring bashing each other into the ambulance. Both guys took a hell of a beating here, but there was no wrestling.

Lesnar did a promo to get the people to chant “You tapped out.” They did the first Goldberg-Lesnar confrontation. The two champs shook hands. Goldberg laughed at him.

Next out is Coach with a neck brace. This wound up with Eric Bischoff confronting Mark Cuban, the Mavericks owner. Cuban shoved Bischoff down, but Orton gave Cuban an RKO. It will be interesting to see if they can get a Sports Center moment out of this and expose Orton mainstream.

Bashams vs. Guerreros for Smackdown belts are next. Bashams won when Danny switched with Doug after Chavo laid out Doug with a tornado DDT. Match was rushed but good while it lasted.

Team Austin vs. Team Bischoff is next. Booker pinned Steiner and Henry pinned Booker so far. 3-D and frog splash and Dudleys and RVD all pinned Henry. Orton pinned RVD with RKO. Michaels hasn’t tagged in yet, which probably plays into a story. Christian pinned Bubba with the unprettier. This leaves Michales with Orton, Jericho and Christian. Well, we know Shawn is pinning somebody soon. Superkick on Christian. Shawn is a bloody mess, and just cradled Michaels. This match is great. Bischoff interfered, leading to Austin giving Orton a stunner and running off Bischoff. Batista power bombed Michaels and Orton pinned him. Austin is gone. Too bad this just serves to make people think stips mean nothing since you know he’ll be back in a few.

They did a long farewell with Austin, saying he started in Dallas and ended in Dallas. Coach came out with some security guards. Austin laid them out and gave Coach a stunner. He left two beers in the middle of the ring and left.

There is not a lot of time left for the two matches left by PPV main event standards. Undertaker vs. Vince is next. Kane interfered leading to Vince winning. Undertaker was destroying Vince the entire match. Vince bled a sick amount, and that’s an understatement. Taker destroyed Vince’s ankle and groin and brought him to grave site. Taker was about to use a truck to shovel the dirt but there was an explosion and Kane came out.

Can you believe it? HHH vs. Goldberg doesn’t have that much time left. One would think Goldberg is going over because there have been so many heel wins so far. But we’ll see. They couldn’t have done more for Goldberg. On one leg, he laid out Flair, Orton, and Batista with HHH’s sledge hammer, then used the spear and jackhammer to pin HHH after throwing the sledge hammer out. It was as close to perfectly booked as you can get in trying to get Goldberg over.