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wZw Crash Landing Results

wZw – Crash Landings Results

Here are the quick results of todays show after the wZw training weekend…

Show lasted for 3hrs and featured 10 Matches..

Match 1 – Jodis bt Mojo

Iain Robinson came to the ring, called out Iceman. Micky L came out dressed up as Iceman and they and Commissioner Graham, took the piss out of the Ladder match to be held later on that evening. Iceman (The Real one) came out and made the match a handicap match against iain and micky. Iceman went to get out of the ring and as attacked by Micky and Iain. General Trent Steel came in and made the save. Iceman chased the commissioner backstage, all of a sudden the 7foot Giant Tron ran through the crowd and attacked GTS, slamming his shoulder into the ring post. He was thrown back in the ring, Micky placed a chair and opened it and placed GTS’s arm inside. Iain Robinson moonsaulted off the top rope and hit the chair, dislocating GTS’s shoulder. (GTS is currently waiting in our great NHS Waiting room).

Match 2 – Nattrass Boys Bt Team GPW in a 6 man tag team table match.

Match 3 – Highlander (BCW) Bt Big Ben Stone (wZw)

Match 4 – Alex Shane & Dangerous Damon Leigh Bt Paul Travell & Enigma in a Tag Team Match

Match 5 – Trainee Battle Royal was won by Marshall Law, who will face Micky L at the next FREE wZw Nu Breed Show.

Match 6 – Rapstok Bt “Fantastic” Phil Hyde

Match 7 – Iceman Bt Full Pack (Micky L & Iain “The Xpress” Robinson) in a Ladder Match for the wZw extreme Championship

Match 8 – ‘X’ & Paul Zantar(GPW) Bt (BY DQ) The Security (wZw) & Chris Patrick(BRAWL) in a 3 on 2 handicap match

Match 9 – AJ Anderson Bt Juvanile

Match 10 – Domino Bt “The Spitfire” Tony Warrior in a best out of 5 falls match, Traditional British Rules Match

Photo’s will be on the website in the next few days.