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NWA-TNA: PPV Report – 19/11/03

NWA:TNA for November 19th opened with highlights and a recap of previous action. They also had interview clips from Lex Luger and Sting, with Luger saying Sting was trying to embarrass him last week, and Sting saying that no one would ever “one up” him. 

Scott Hudson interviewed Jeff Jarrett, Don Callis, Abyss and the Red Shirt Security (Legend, Kevin Northcutt, and Ryan Wilson).  Jarrett told the Red Shirts and Abyss he wanted them to take out AJ Styles and Raven tonight.  Jarrett then said he was begging Hulk Hogan to show up.

The TNA opening aired.

Clockwork Orange House Of Fun: Raven, Sandman & Erik Watts vs. Kevin Northcutt, Ryan Wilson & Legend.  As you would expect, an all out brawl with weapons being used.  Ryan Wilson and Legend were busted open inside a minute.  We saw that CM Punk and Julio Dinero were watching on a monitor in the back.  Raven used a plunger on Legend.  Watts used a trash can on Northcutt.  After early domination by Raven’s team, the Red Shirts got some offense.  Watts was busted open, and Sandman was powerbombed onto a stack of chairs. Raven was busted open.  Wilson went to handcuff  Watts to the ringpost, but Raven attacked and Wilson and Watts ended up handcuffed together.  Raven and Sandman took Legend and Northcutt down with chairshots as they discussed where the key is for the handcuffs.  Goldylocks showed up, with a key, and Wilson tried to choke her, but Watts pulled Wilson into the ringpost.  Mike Tenay explained that Goldy had a “universal” key.  Raven’s ream was in control, and Raven and Watts stretched out Wilson’s arm, while Sandman legdropped it with a chair from the top rope, “breaking” Wilson’s arm.  Watts gave Northcutt a jumpkick and Legend a chokeslam.  Sandman hit Legend and Northcutt with cane shots.  Raven DDT’d Wilson for the win at the eight minute mark. Winners: Raven, Erik Watts & Sandman.  

Mike Tenay & Don West welcomed us to the show.

A sit-down interview with Mike Tenay and AJ Styles aired.  Styles talked about how he has been told he “can’t compete” all his life, but he has proved all his doubters wrong. Styles said he was going to survive Abyss tonight, and go on to Jarrett.

Kid Kash vs. Shark Boy.  They exchanged holds early on, with neither man getting much of an advantage.  Kash got more aggressive, but Shark Boy hit him with a pescado after dodging a Kash baseball slide.  Shark Boy got a two count with a kneelift as Kash got back into the ring.  Kash was backdropped to the apron, and Kash yanked him throat first across the top rope.  Kash hit a top rope clothesline for two, but Shark Boy then rolled Kash up in a small package for two.  Kash hit a fisherman’s buster for two. Shark Boy came back with a rana off the top for two. Shark Boy hit a neckbreaker for a two count, and pounded Kash in a corner, then bit him.  Kash reversed a whip in the corner, but Shark came back with a bulldog for two.  Shark Boy went for a top rope rana, but Kash knocked him down with a low blow and hit a moonsault for two. A series of reversals ended with Kash hitting the Moneymaker (double underhook piledriver) for the pin at the six minute mark. Winner: Kid Kash.

Post match, Kash went for the mask of Shark Boy, but security stopped him.  Kash knocked down the two security men, but Don Harris ran out for the save. Kash slapped Harris, and Harris responded with some punches before Kash took off.  Harris chased Kash through the crowd.

Scott Hudson was interviewing Simon Diamond & Swinger, with Glen Gilberti when they were interrupted by David Young. Young said he had a match with Chris Sabin, while Diamond & Swinger were ticked off at having their time interrupted.  Kid Kash ran through the set, carrying his bags, and heading out the door.

CM Punk & Julio Dinero vs. Sonny Siaki & Ekmo Fatu, with Trinity. Dinero and Punk worked over Siaki early, making frequent tags, until Siaki hulked up and suplexed Punk and choked Dinero.  Ekmo tagged in and caught a Dinero bodypress and slammed him.  Ekmo hit a kneedrop, but Punk broke up the cover. Ekmo clotheslined Dinero after he floated over a slam attempt.  Ekmo headbutted Dinero to the mat, and tagged in Siaki for a double team chokeslam.  Siaki and Ekmo worked over Dinero, until Ekmo missed a second rope splash and made the hot tag to Punk.  Punk hit a Shining Wizard on Siaki, and a spinning DDT on Ekmo. Punk ducked a charging Ekmo, and Ekmo went over the top rope to the floor.  Punk and Dinero hit Siaki with a sideslam/elbowdrop combination for two.  Ekmo came back in and cleaned house on Punk and Dinero.  Siaki, on his hands and knees, told Trinity to get a chair, but the two argued.  Punk and Dinero dropkicked Ekmo, who tripped over Siaki, and Punk and Dinero ganged up on Ekmo for the pin at the five minute mark.  Winners: CM Punk & Julio Dinero.  Post match, Trinity walked off without Siaki & Ekmo.

Scott Hudson interviewed Don Callis and the Red Shirt Security.  Kevin Northcutt vowed to get Raven next week.  Callis said that AJ Styles was about to have his luck run out, as he faces Abyss tonight.

David Young, with Glen Gilberti, vs. Chris Sabin. Sabin jumped Young at the bell with a sunset flip and got the pin in four seconds. Winner: Chris Sabin.

Glen Gilberti said that he never heard the bell, then said the fans paid to see a good wrestling match, and if Sabin had any pride, he would get in the ring and give them their money’s worth.  Sabin agreed to another match.

David Young, with Glen Gilberti, vs. Chris Sabin.  Sabin was hit with a forearm on the apron, but came back with a springboard dropkick for two.  Young floated over a German suplex, and hit one of his own.  Young hit a lariat, and whipped Sabin hard into a corner.  Young snapmared Sabin and applied a chinlock. Sabin battled out with chops and forearms.  Young missed a charge in the corner, and Sabin pulled him throat first across the top rope.  On the floor, Sabin slugged Gilberti.  Sabin went for a sunset flip, and Gilberti grabbed Young’s arm to stop him from going over.  The referee broke that up, and Young fell into the sunset flip, allowing Sabin to get the pin in 2:20. Winners: Chris Sabin.

3 Live Kru were being interviewed, when America’s Most Wanted interrupted, saying they were the rightful number one contender’s to the World Tag Team Championship.  3 Live Kru got right back in their faces.

Mike Tenay introduced the clip of Jimmy Hart and Jeff Jarrett on the “The Big Show John Boy & Billy Show”, saying Jarrett was an embarrassment to TNA. Hart was on the show, and when the topic of Jarrett lying down at Bash At The Beach came up, Jarrett came in.  Jarrett said he had told Hart not to bring that topic up.  Jarrett ended up slapping Jeff Pillars, who I guess is part of the show, and punching him a few times. They showed a TV news clip that aired about the incident with Pillars saying Jarrett used to be a good friend of his, and that he didn’t know why Jarrett did it.  John Boy & Billy claimed that Clear Channel Entertainment were not happy about it, and that Jarrett was not allowed back on the show.

Back live, Mike Tenay brought out Jimmy Hart.  Hart said there may be a lawsuit for Jeff Jarrett for attacking Jeff Pillars. Hart said that Hogan was off crutches, and that there would be a major announcement in the near future regarding “Bound For Glory”.  Hart also said there was someone in the building with a “bombshell” for Jeff Jarrett.  Hart started to ask “why, why, why” Jarrett lied down at Bash at the Beach, and Jeff Jarrett came out. The fans chanted “Hogan”.  Jarrett said he wanted Hogan too. Jarrett said he wanted to know who the person is with a bombshell or he was going to whip Hart.  Jarrett chased after Hart with his belt, and Hart ran away.  Tenay asked Jarrett if he had done enough to embarrass TNA this week.  Jarrett threatened to get physical with Tenay when Hart ran back in and started whipping Jarrett with a belt.  Jarrett chased after Hart, but AJ Styles ran out and attacked Jarrett, hitting a springboard dropkick and a DDT.  Jarrett headed out, as Mike Tenay pointed out that Styles will get a title shot with Jarrett on December 3rd.

A video recap package showing Tracy joining Shane Douglas was shown. It also featured Shane Douglas talking to someone off camera about being the “new” Franchise.

The tale of the tape for the tag team title match was shown.

NWA World Tag Team Champions Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger, with Glen Gilberti, vs. Ron Killings & BG James, with Konnan.  Diamond worked on James’ arm early.  America’s Most Wanted were watching the match from the stage.  Swinger kept up the assault on James’ arm, but James came back with a boot to the face and tagged in Killings.  Killings hit a powerslam on Swinger and put him in an armwringer.  Killings and James stayed on offense, tagging in and out and working on Swinger until Diamond ran in and tossed James into a ringpost.  Diamond rammed James’ arm into the ringpost several times, then tagged in and continued to work on the arm.  Swinger and Diamond tagged in and out, working on the arm, while also goading Killings into the ring so they could double team.  Konnan managed to keep Gilberti from moving in for cheap shots.  Killings got the hot tag and cleaned house, hitting a flying forearm on Diamond.  James lifted Swinger for Killings’ side kick, and a top rope legdrop to the groin.  James and Diamond ended up fighting on the floor, while Killings hit an ax kick on Swinger.  Gilberti pulled the referee out of the ring on the cover, so Konnan attacked Gilberti. A second referee ran out, as Killings hit a German suplex on Swinger.  The original referee came in, and both referees counted the pin at the ten minute mark.  However, one referee said Swinger was pinned, while the other said Killings was pinned.  Head referee Rudy Charles came out, and took the tag belts to the back.  It was ruled that the belts were held up.   Winners: No one, match ends in a double pin.

The X Division Triple Chance tournament was recapped. 

Triple Chance Finals: X vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Sonjay Dutt. Daniels convinced Dutt to team up against X, then faked him out and let Dutt charge into X alone.  Daniels then convinced Dutt to do it again.  This time, Daniels ducked under a clothesline, while Dutt got plastered.  Daniels and Dutt did work together momentarily, then Daniels turned on Dutt and threw him into X.  Daniels also slammed and suplexed Dutt onto X, using him as a weapon against the bigger opponent.  Daniels tossed Dutt into X, and X caught him and threw him back at Daniels.  Chris Sabin was watching from a balcony.  X started to take over with power moves.  Shane Douglas and Tracy were watching from another balcony.  X backdropped Daniels and Dutt at the same time.  X hit avalanches on both men in opposite corners.  Daniels and Dutt worked together and tossed X to the floor.  Dutt went for a pescado, but X caught it and tossed him back in the ring.  Daniels hit a moonsault to the floor and took X down.  As X got back up, Dutt hit him with a springboard corkscrew plancha.  Daniels and Dutt went at it in the ring, and Dutt applied a version of the octopus out of a headscissor.  They tumbled from the ring to the floor.   X hit a slingshot senton from the ring to the floor on both opponents.  X tossed Daniels back in, and sat him on the top rope.  X hit a top rope rana, and followed with a pumphandle powerbomb, but Dutt broke up the pin.  Dutt went to the top rope, and Daniels tossed Dutt into X, who caught him, and Daniels dropkicked them both down. Daniels went for a sunset flip on X, and Dutt dropkicked X down into the move for two.  Michael Shane was watching from the stage.  X hit Dutt with a nasty powerbomb as a counter to a rana.  Daniels legsweeped X to the mat, then hit three moonsaults in a row for a two count.  Dutt hit a shooting star splash for a two count. X caught Dutt in a side slam.  X press slammed Dutt into the turnbuckle, and Daniels rolled up X from behind for two. X hit a chokeslam/spinebuster on Daniels for two.  X was setting Daniels up for a piledriver, when Dutt hit a springboard rana on X for the pin at the ten minute mark.  Winner: Sonjay Dutt. As Dutt left the ring, Michael Shane got in his face, telling him he would never win the title.

Raven interrupted Mike Tenay & Don West.  Raven said that since Kevin Northcutt was just a “road bump” put in front of him by Jeff Jarrett, Raven said he wanted to take care of both road bumps at once. He laid down the challenge to take on Northcutt and Legend next week in a handicap match.  Raven said he put the New Church out of wrestling, and broke the arm of the third Red Shirt tonight, and that he would eventually get Jeff Jarrett and his world title shot.  Raven, who had a bandaged forehead, had blood flowing from under it as he gave the interview.

A video package on the main event aired.

AJ Styles vs. Abyss, with Don Callis. Styles and Abyss went at it before the bell rang, with AJ sending Abyss to the floor, and hitting a somersault dive on him.  AJ attempted a Asai moonsault, but Abyss caught him and rammed him back first into the ring apron.  Abyss rammed Styles into the camera stand and the guardrail.  AJ came back with a rana from off the guardrail.  Back in the ring, Styles hit a dropkick, but Abyss powered out of the cover. Styles elbowed a charging Abyss, but Abyss came back with a press slam. Abyss avalanched Styles in the corner, and dominated him with power moves, including a face first powerbomb for two.  Abyss chopped Styles in the corner, but Styles came back with chops of his own, and went for a springboard, but Callis tripped him up, and Abyss knocked Styles off the apron into the guardrail.  Styles was busted open, and Abyss rammed him into the steps. Abyss continued his assault in the ring, but missed a second rope splash.  Styles reversed a powerbomb attempt into a faceplant, then hit a headscissors and an enzugiri.  Styles went for a top rope dropkick, but Abyss pulled the referee in the way, and the ref took the dropkick.  Styles booted a charging Abyss, dropkicked him in the corner, and hit a moonsault into a reverse DDT.  Styles hit a springboard 450 splash, but the referee was still down.  AJ checked on the ref, while Callis tossed Abyss a chair. Abyss blasted Styles with the chair, but the referee only counted two when he woke up. Abyss tossed the referee from the ring.  Abyss set Styles on the top rope and went for a superplex onto a chair, but Styles fought him on it.  Styles hit a sunset flip style powerbomb out of the corner onto the chair, and a second referee came down and counted two. Styles wedged the chair in a corner, and went to whip Abyss into it, but Abyss blocked it.  They went into a series of reversals, ending with Abyss catapulting Styles into the chair.  Abyss put Styles in a torture rack, then dropped to the mat.  Abyss covered Styles for a two count.  Abyss gave this referee the Black Hole Slam for not counting three.  Styles hit Abyss with a chairshot, but Abyss took the shot and grabbed Styles by the throat.  Abyss lifted Styles for the chokeslam, but Styles turned it into a cradle and got a three count at the fourteen minute mark. Winner: AJ Styles.

Post match, the Red Shirt Security ran in and attacked Styles, but Styles slid out of the ring and headed for the back.  Jeff Jarrett ran out and hit Styles with the belt.  Styles was dragged back into the ring, and Jarrett gave him the Stroke.  Raven ran in and cleaned house for a time, but was outnumbered.  Dusty Rhodes came out with Jimmy Hart, and Rhodes helped Raven clean house. As the heels retreated, Dusty announced that it was signed that he would face the “a******” (Jarrett) next week.  Rhodes said it would be the “Fan’s Revenge” match, in that there would be nine wrestlers, with leather straps in their hands, stationed at ringside as lumberjacks.  Rhodes also said that Jimmy Hart would be at ringside with a leather strap.

Next Week:
– Dusty Rhodes vs. Jeff Jarrett in a “Fan’s Revenge” match, in which nine wrestlers (and Jimmy Hart), selected by the fans, are positioned as lumberjacks with leather straps.
– Raven vs. Kevin Northcutt & Legend.
– X Division Champion Michael Shane vs. Sonjay Dutt.
– 3 Live Kru (Konnan, Ron Killings & BG James) vs. Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger & Glen Gilberti for the held up NWA World Tag Team Championship.
– Comments from Roddy Piper.